5 Tips for Beach-Ready Make-Up

Summer has arrived, which means countless beach days spent reading and resting along the beautiful blue ocean. But summer beach days can entail some beauty challenges. If you want to wear makeup at the beach, it can be difficult as you splash in the waves and lay in the summer sun. Your makeup will probably fade and melt rapidly and visibly while you're at the beach.

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear any make-up to the beach. There are plenty of products and tips and tricks you can use to make sure your makeup looks flawless all day!

1. Avoid Liquid Products

When heading to the beach you'll want to avoid liquid products as much as you can when doing your makeup. Even if your favorite foundation is a liquid foundation and you just think of it as a member of your family, you'll be better off if you substitute it for some powder options. 

When you're spending a day at the beach, it's likely that your makeup will end up melting away, becoming patchy or creased in a matter of hours. This is where powder foundation is better; it does not sweat off as quickly as liquid makeup and will probably keep your face matte all day rather than accumulating an oily shine.

Any liquid product you regularly use, like foundation, eyeliner, blush, and bronzer, can easily be replaced with a good-quality powder substitute. Generally, the most popular items used in a liquid form are foundation and mascara.

Although it might take some adjusting to powder makeup products, even if it's just for the day, you'll be happy when you're enjoying a fun-filled beach day without feeling like your face is slipping off and then it'll all be worth it.

2. Minimize Eye Makeup

During a day at the beach, your eye makeup is the element of your look that can smudge the most quickly and visibly. Your eyeliner and mascara will smudge despite your best efforts, especially if you go swimming or spend a lot of time sunbathing in the sun.

You can avoid the fading and smudging of your eye makeup from becoming too noticeable and ruining your entire makeup look by limiting the quantity of eye makeup you apply. On beach days, avoid wearing mascara. It'll almost certainly be pouring down your cheeks the moment a splash of ocean water strikes it. 

Instead, curl your lashes completely to add volume and length without the use of mascara. If you want extra volume and for your lashes to stay curled for longer, warm up your eyelash roller with your hair dryer.

Applying eyeliner exclusively to the inner rim of your eyelid and your waterline is a fantastic technique to avoid unwanted smearing during your day at the beach. If you simply use eyeliner in these places, it will not be as noticeable when it smudges throughout the day, and you will have a touch of natural darkening definition all day. Before applying eyeliner to the inner eyelid rim and waterline, use a powder eyeshadow to assist the liner to last longer without fading or washing away.

3. Waterproof Everything

If you don't intend to swim you don’t really need to worry about it. But when you head to the beach you'll want to make sure that your makeup is as waterproof as you can. Even if you don't venture into the ocean, even simply walking along the humid coastline close to the waves might cause moisture to tunnel through your makeup.

Wearing waterproof makeup creates a barrier between your makeup and the moisture, which helps to prevent water and moisture from ruining your look. Whatever eye makeup you use, including mascara and eyeliner, should be waterproof. Wearing waterproof skin cosmetics, such as waterproof foundation, blush, and bronzer is recommended. 

4. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

There are plenty of questions surrounding wearing sunscreen and makeup together that can lead to plenty of confusion. How much protection factor is needed? When should you apply it during your routine? Do you need to reapply it? All these worries can lead one to get a bit unsure about what to do, but we’ll be answering all those questions! 

Physical sunscreens are also commonly known as mineral or natural sunscreens. These generally don't soak into the skin and instead just sit on top of it, blocking and protecting against UV light. If they are broad-spectrum, it means they'll protect you against UVA and UVB rays, and mineral filters like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide make them effective. A specific type of zinc oxide is worn on the nose by lifesavers and surfers, although there are many other types available with a finer consistency.

There are several compelling reasons to use this type of sunscreen. Since it is usually white, you can see where you've applied it and identify any areas of skin you've missed. People with sensitive skin, as well as kids, should use physical sunscreens due to their mineral base.

If you want to wear physical sunscreen under your makeup, do your homework and look for products with an ultra-fine consistency and good blending results that don't leave a white cast. 

Always Reapply

To reapply your sunscreen over your makeup it's best to apply it over your makeup and dab it softly over your face with a dry sponge or a brush. To avoid smudging your makeup, try to be delicate and keep in mind that certain physical sunscreens may be fairly thick, so those with oily or acne-prone skin should completely remove it after usage to avoid clogging pores.

A big question when picking out sunscreen is how much protection factor do you actually need? When it comes to sun protection, always choose SPF 30 (or greater) to keep your skin safe. Anything less will not provide you with the necessary coverage.

Another key question that is often asked is when you should apply sunscreen when doing your makeup. It's critical to apply sunscreen as the penultimate step in your skincare process since you want skin-nourishing elements closest to your face. You'll want to end your beauty regime by lathering a thick amount of SPF over your entire face, ears, and neck region and allowing it to soak in then you can apply makeup on top of it.

It is also common to question whether it is sufficient to use a moisturizer or foundation that contains SPF. While some will say that it's sufficient to use a daily moisturizer that already contains sunscreen to save time, in reality, it doesn't provide enough coverage. To make application simpler, combine your preferred moisturizer with sunscreen before applying it. 

This also applies to picking a sunscreen foundation. It's crucial to remember that makeup is notoriously inconsistent when it comes to the degree of protection it provides. So simply choose a foundation that you like regardless of the SPF level, and consider sun protection as a bonus.

5. Go Nude

A day at the beach isn't the greatest time to try out all of the crazy and weird makeup trends you've been wanting to try. Alternatively, go for a more neutral makeup look. In an atmosphere like the beach, if your makeup is overly dramatic, it will look out of place and exaggerated. Choose hues that closely resemble the skin you'll be applying them on. Choose a lipstick or gloss that matches your natural lip color, use neutral eyeshadow, and avoid heavy contouring.

If you do want to add a little pop, try switching out your black eyeliner for a bright color. Perhaps even matching it to your swimsuit can add some fun to your makeup look if fully natural isn’t for you! You can also always match it to your cover-up so that if you have plans after your beach day you already have the makeup look to go with your outfit; simply touch up and go! 


​​As you can see, beach days don't have to be makeup-free or riddled with anxiety about whether or not your makeup will melt away. You can get a good coverage beach makeup that looks natural, stays on all day without fading, and feels light and easy to wear the whole time you're at the beach! 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident at the beach. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, it should always be about how you feel and what makes you happy! 

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