Best Swim Coverups for Your Swimwear

The evolution of swimwear has come very far. If you’ve ever explored the history of swimsuits you’ll know that they started out as full outfits that covered about 90% of your body. And while it’s great not wearing full-on cotton dresses into the water on a hot summer's day, there are some benefits we could learn from the original swim garments. 

If we think about it, those outfits were actually the best protection against the sun you could get, and back then the UV rays didn’t pose half as much of a threat to people’s health as nowadays. Now, we’re not suggesting that we bring back those heavy and clunky outfits; we’re talking about the modern-day solution we can turn to to protect ourselves: swim cover-ups!

Swimsuit cover-ups are a great way of covering up from the sun without overheating. They are also an amazing option for simply throwing on to wear to the beach. We’re going over our favorite styles and how you can rock them!

The Kimono Style 

If you’re looking for an easy-breezy piece to throw on over your swimwear then the Kimono style cover-up is the one for you. It’s a great lightweight option that still lets you flaunt your cute swimsuit underneath. Our Mediterranean Breeze Kimono is a great example of a fun printed kimono-style cover-up. Wear it with a similar colored swimsuit for a stylish coordinated look. 

The Pareo Wrap

The pareo wrap style is a tried and true classic cover-up piece. Its versatility allows you to style it in multiple ways, from skirts to different styles of dresses. This is another lightweight option that will keep you protected but won’t overheat you in the sun. Check out our Apulia Mix Pareo Wrap. This piece has a generous size for your comfort and allows for different wrapping styles. Throw it on over your swimsuit as a skirt when heading to the beach and change it up during the day if you feel like it.  

The Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are another stylish way to cover up on your beach trip. Our Mod For Dot Convertible Shirt Dress is the perfect comfortable and versatile example of this style. With a cute see-through patterned fabric, it’s the ideal breezy shirt dress to go for on a hot summer day. The long sleeves also give you extra protection along your arms from any sunburn you could get!

The Trousers

A simple pair of loose trousers are sometimes overlooked as a cover-up option but we’re here to tell you that they can be a great and quick option to slip when heading to the beach. If you’re a fan of swimsuits and simply want an easy bottom to wear over it going to and from the beach then a pair of tie-front loose pants with an elasticated waist might just be the piece for you. 

The Capri Stripe Tie Front Slit Pant is a perfect example of this style of trouser. With a fun, summery classic print it will certainly match any solid swimsuit you have. If you want an extra layer for comfort, add on a flowy shirt that will keep you fresh and protected. 

The Midi Dress

The midi dress is another great easy cover up to sport to the beach. Its longer length allows for extra comfort and freedom when running around. It also allows for more coverage and can be a great breezy option for when the sun is extra strong. Check out our Draped Darling Strapless Midi Dress. With an off-the-shoulder neckline and cinched in silhouette, it can also take you from the beach to the restaurant with the simple addition of a couple of accessories. 

The Off the Shoulder Dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses are another summer staple that everyone should have in their closet. The off the shoulder neckline gives this style a feminine air along with the flowy skirt that falls from the cinched in waist. Our Prism Palm Off The Shoulder Cover-Up Dress is a cool black and neon option that juxtaposes the natural romantic silhouette of the dress and will certainly make a bang as soon as you hit the sand. 

The Tunic Cover-Up

The tunic cover-up is a great transitional summer vacation piece. The perfect option for those that are heading to the beach and straight to dinner afterward. Simply slip on a pair of jeans and some cute heels and you’re ready to go. The fact that it isn’t too see-through and it has a good length allows you to wear it both ways. Try out our In Full Bloom V-Neck Tunic for a bright and bold option that will have you turning heads from the boardwalk to the restaurant!

The Knit Cover-Up

If you tend to get annoyed by a colder breeze that goes by or simply are always somewhat cold no matter the weather a knit cover-up is a great option for you. The textured aspect of this style will give you an added sense of comfort, as well as help you with any chilly wind. If you’re thinking that this 100% applies to you we suggest giving our Beach Cozy Hooded Sweater Cover-Up Tunic a look. With a knitted fabric and the added hoodie, it’s a great option if you’re always struggling with the climate at the beach.

The Caftan

Last but not least we have another classic swimwear cover-up option. The caftan is an absolute quintessential summer piece to take with you on your beach vacation. It generally features a loose silhouette that keeps you cool and comfortable and is longer in length. That being said there are plenty of different versions, including ones with fun colorful prints that will have you feeling confident by the shore in no time! 

Take our Seaglass Shores V-Neck Caftan, this version is shorter and cinches at the waist for a more defined look. The fun and bright seaside-inspired print automatically gives it a summer feel to it. Finish the look with a big straw hat and your favorite flip flops and you’re set for a fun and flirty day by the sea.

Cover-Up in Style

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there for anyone that is looking for cute beach cover-ups for their next beach trip. From different styles to various prints you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for you. While they are certainly more revealing options than the first swimming outfits there are plenty of options for those that are looking for more modest pieces. 

Don’t forget that while these are a great source of protection from the sun they don’t excuse you from wearing your SPF and a hat. Making sure you combine these three elements will be a sure-fire way to avoid any nasty sunburns that can harm your skin. Hopefully, these get you inspired to start planning your next trip! 


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