How To Feel Confident in a Swimsuit: Get Inspired

Feeling confident in a bathing suit is sometimes a lifelong struggle. There are times when you feel bloated on the beach or you feel like basking out in the sun isn't a space where you feel comfortable for long periods of time. Here's the deal: every woman at one time or another has felt this way. You are not alone. Below are some inspiring tips and tricks to feel comfortable in a bathing suit wherever you are and whoever you're with. 

A Good Fit

When you're going to pick out a bathing suit, consider what's a good fit for you. Do you feel more comfortable in a one-piece? Do you love when your bathing suit is supportive and has a cross-back style? Or are you more into a high-waisted bathing suit that covers your tummy? 

There is a bathing suit for everyone, and there are bathing suits that will make you feel more comfortable at the beach or by the pool than some others. You want your vacation to feel relaxing and exciting. You should never have to worry about how you look or compare yourself to other women around you. 

Know Your Body Type

The way to figure out what kind of bathing suit style works for your body is by knowing your body type. Do you have more of an hourglass shape, a pear shape, a rounded figure, or an athletic build? 

If you have more of an hourglass figure, a bikini or tankini might be suitable for you.  

If your body is considered more of a strawberry or inverted triangle shape, consider a one-piece that will highlight the inverted V shave that naturally happens with your body. The key to a good bathing suit is to highlight your figure and the areas that you feel the most confident about. 

Do What's Comfortable for You

When choosing a new swimsuit, consider color.  Everyone has colors that look good on them and everyone has colors that are complimentary for their skin tone. Black is a hue that tends to look flattering on everyone and a tone that slim's everyone's bodies down. 

You can't really go wrong with black. However, when you want to wear a brighter color, light orange is not necessarily a color that looks good on everyone. Red is another color that is difficult for some people to wear because it can highlight red undertones in their skin. 

When you're considering a new bathing suit, also think about the accessories that you have to go with it. If you tend to wear a lot of bright colors, consider a bright pink bathing suit or a bathing suit that has a mix of bright colors in it.  

Bright colors are attractive, exciting, and they can highlight your body well. When in doubt go for black, but don't be afraid to go bold with brighter colors. 

Flattering Pattern

If you're more of a pattern girl and you love a floral look or a cheetah print, definitely consider a pattern bathing suit.  

Patterns are also really flattering and they help boost confidence because they're the ultimate illusion.  

If you're worried about certain parts of your body or areas that you're not that confident about, patterns are a great way to distract people's eyes to focus just on your bathing suit and less on your figure.  

Patterns are also a great way to attract attention, but not unwanted attention.  

In a crowd of people, if you're wearing patterns, people are definitely going to look your way! Wear your patterns confidently! You deserve the looks because you are unique and beautiful. 

You know that old saying, kill them with kindness? Well in this case…kill them with confidence!

Show Off Your Own Personal Style

And don't forget to show off your own personal style. What are you pairing your bathing suit with? Are you wearing a beautiful see-through floral wrap or are you wearing a see-through polka dot tunic that reveals your bathing suit? 

Just think about what makes you comfortable, confident, and calm, and you'll be all set to have a relaxing and enjoyable tropical vacation.

To play devil's advocate, it's also great to sometimes go out of your comfort zone and wear a bathing suit, accessory, or cover-up that you might not wear otherwise. 

The great thing about vacation is you might be surrounded by your family, but other than that you're around strangers. Vacation is a great time to try new things without feeling the judgment of others. 

If you usually don't wear a dress or aren't into kimonos, give it a shot on your tropical vacation. You might find that a high neck mini dress is suitable for your body type and comfortable for your figure. 

The good thing is you can always head back to your hotel and change. Or better yet bring a change of clothes in your beach bag or pool bag, and head to the restroom for a quick turnaround. 

Hair Removal Helps

A common concern that women feel when heading to a pool or the beach or anywhere on a tropical vacation where they're wearing a bathing suit is that their hair will show. Don't be ashamed of your hair; it's natural for all women to have. 

The best way to navigate your hair in unwanted places is to shave or wax before you head out on your vacation. And the key to feeling confident in your swimsuit is to maintain your hair throughout your stay on the island or cruise. 

Stop Focusing on the Negative

A key to staying confident on vacation is changing your attitude and outlook on life. If you're worried about what your bathing suit looks like on you,  then you won't enjoy your time on the beach. And if you don't enjoy your time on the beach, then what's the point of being there?  

If you're wearing a bathing suit that is supportive and comfortable for your body type and your own personal style, you have nothing to worry about.   

Have you ever watched someone walk into a room with an incredible amount of confidence?  There is an immediate feeling of respect for them that you probably felt. Here's the deal though: they may not feel as confident as they look.  

You can be the confident person walking in the room, except you're on a beach and in a swimsuit.  

You’re Not Alone

It's very common for women to feel insecure or anxious when wearing a bathing suit in a public space. But you're not alone. There is no single standard of how you should look in a bathing suit, and if there was, the world would be a very boring place.  

The beach is all about self-expression, relaxing, feeling free-spirited, and allowing yourself to have fun. 

If you want to wear a large floppy hat and a long billowing cheetah dress with a tight one-piece underneath, then go for it. If you're a mom of four and struggle with feeling sexy sometimes in a swimsuit, put on your patterned tankini and wedged sandals and just relax. 

Fake It Until You Make It

Always do what is comfortable for you. A key to finding a bathing suit that makes you feel confident is knowing your body type, knowing the kind of bathing suit that flatters your figure, and staying true to your own personal style. 

If you want to wear something more tight and supportive but you're afraid of showing off your body, that's okay; you can always wear a wrap or a cover-up

Wearing the right bathing suit is important. When it comes to confidence, people like to be around people who have a good heart and a fun personality, more than they care about the style of bathing suit you're wearing. 

Put on a bathing suit that feels right and comfortable for your body. Sometimes feeling confident is an active decision that you have to make. 


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