6 Cruise Outfits Ideas That Are Sure To Inspire You

Traveling is one of the most exciting ways to make memories. For many of us, however, the past year was filled with adventures that asked us to get creative in the comfort of our own homes. Maybe staying home gave you time to plan out your next trip to somewhere warm, a place you’ve never been to before. 

If you love to travel the world and want to bring some of those comforts of home with you, exploring the world on a cruise is a popular and exciting way to travel. Millions of travelers every year travel to destinations all over the globe and return for more because cruises are just as much about the journey as they are about the destination.

#1 Getting to the Cruise

The most important thing about embarking on a cruise is making sure that you have a comfortable and stylish outfit for your first moment aboard. Seasoned cruisers will know that it’s just as much about what outfits you packed as it is about how you packed them. If this is your first cruise, consider how long your trip is, research what kind of weather is expected, and pack light! Here are some quick tips to help you get started: 

  • Review the cruise itinerary, research which dining options are aboard, and plan out your outfits beforehand
  • Pack pieces that can be worn during the day and dressed up at night with accessories, heels, or switching from comfortable shorts to dressier pants. 
  • Prioritize comfortable, neutral footwear that can be worn on daily excursions and support you for your adventures aboard and at port. 
  • Start with the essentials, and build outfits from there. A pair of tan Bermuda shorts, a comfortable sundress, and a kimono cover-up are three pieces that can be mixed and matched and can go with infinite style combinations. And don’t forget your swimsuit!

Packing light for cruises is a must, which means that you need to think about which articles of clothing can be shifted from daytime outfits to nighttime outfits by simply switching shoes, pairing with a stylish cover-up, or adding some flair with accessories and jewelry. On embarkation day you'll be boarding the cruise and finding your home for the rest of your journey aboard, so you want to prioritize feeling comfortable and looking good so that you can navigate your way through the ship with ease. 

#2 First Day on the Cruise

Exploring the ship is part of the adventure on every cruise, and before the ship hits its first port destination, it’s all about acclimating to your new home and choosing a stylish and comfortable outfit to go with it. 

Pairing shorts with a cute, simple shirt is a classic cruising outfit that never fails. Lace-topped shirts can be doubled for an evening dining experience, while a striped shirt is perfectly nautical. Whether you’re lounging, exploring the ship, or enjoying the views, you can never go wrong with a cute shirt-and-shorts combo. Pairing it with slides, sneakers, or espadrilles will give you three different outfits to wear at different times of the day. 

If you’re looking for comfort and style, and don't want to wear a two-piece outfit, rompers are a popular choice for cruisers of all ages. Rompers come in a variety of styles and fabrics, allowing you to make an easy transition from a comfortable daytime outfit to a stylish evening statement. Pairing a romper with heels instantly elevates a daytime outfit for a dinner with the family, or a date night happy hour. 

Another outfit that never fails for the first day on the cruise is a simple sundress. Offered in infinite colors, patterns, and silhouettes, a sundress is a must-have classic for any vacation to warmer weather. Like a romper, you can pair a sundress with sneakers for an on-land excursion, or wear it with heels for a nighttime outfit. 

This Draped Darling Strapless Midi Dress from La Blanca is the perfect example of a sundress silhouette that can effortlessly be shifted from day to night. With a tie-it-yourself cinched waist and a flowing top and skirt, this classy cover-up is sure to turn heads while keeping you comfortable and cool. Pair it with a statement necklace, some black pumps, and an evening makeup look, and your day-to-night outfit is complete. 

#3 By the Pool

The nighttime is always the right time on a cruise, but nothing beats a poolside day on the ship. Cruises often offer several pools with accompanying culinary options, bars, and entertainment for the family. Whichever pool you choose, you’ll want to make sure that you're wearing a bathing suit that you feel comfortable lounging in but also moving about from deck to pool. 

With so many swimsuit silhouettes these days, it’s important for you to prioritize your shape, coverage level, and type of suit. Patterns and solid colors are two popular options, with patterns allowing you to show off your flair and style, and solid colors maintaining a classic look. 

La Blanca’s Island Goddess Lingerie One Piece, a simple and delicate one-piece swimsuit that comfortably highlights all the right areas while providing coverage. Constructed from slim, flexible fabric this suit is a classic shape for every body. With dozens of swimwear styles and coverups to match, La Blanca has stylish options for every body. 

Swimsuit cover-up dresses, kimonos, and sarongs have always been popular styles on cruises because they don’t take up much luggage space and can be worn across several cruise days. 

#4 Dinner With Your Family

After a relaxing day by the pool, it's always nice to freshen up and head to one of the many fabulous culinary options on the cruise. With so many dining experiences on cruises nowadays, dinner can range from casual family-style meals to a fine dining experience. A must-have when planning dinner outfits with the family is a cute top that can be paired with a skirt, a nice pair of pants, and worn During the day and dressed up at night. 

Another popular outfit for any dining experience is a stylish dress that is guaranteed to turn heads when paired with a beautiful pair of heels. Unlike the day excursions or when exploring the deck and comfort should be prioritized, you can wear heels to dinner or with the family or date night because you're not going to be wearing them for as long as you would when exploring during the day. A light wrap or sweater is always a good idea, especially when dining outside or taking an after-dinner stroll on deck with the family. 

#5 Sleep and Loungewear for Downtime

After a long day, you might be ready to head back to your cabin to get a full night's sleep for tomorrow’s excursion. Plan to pack a comfortable set of pajamas that can also double as loungewear for a cozy cabin morning. It's nice to have a matching set of loungewear in case you need to sneak out of your room to grab a cup of coffee or want to stylishly enjoy breakfast in bed. 

These Cozy Knit French Terry Sweat Shorts by La Blanca are a comfortable combination of chic and sleep. These shorts can be paired with La Blanca’s matching hoodie, or swapped out for joggers or culottes if you’re looking for more coverage. This terry outfit is breathable for warmer evenings but will keep you cozy when it gets chillier. 

#6 First Morning Excursion

Just like embarkation day, your first morning excursion is sure to be the start of a busy day where, once again, balancing comfort and style is key. There are a lot of factors to consider on your excursion; weather, excursion type, and temperature are all important. Touring nearby islands by boat requires different footwear and outfits than an all-day walking tour of a mountainous Mediterranean seaside town. 

Wherever your excursion takes you, comfortable footwear is a must-have. Pick a neutral sneaker and build your outfit from there. Remember, it’s likely to be cooler in the morning so packing a sweater or wrap is smart, especially since you're not likely to return to the ship until the evening when it might get a little chillier again. After the cruise ends, you want to look back on your photos and get excited about what you saw, but about the stylish outfits that you chose every day. 

Cruising With Class

For travelers of all ages, cruises offer a flexible and exciting way to see the world. Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids or enjoy some time away from the family, cruises give passengers the option to pick-their-own adventure.  

Across every journey, stylish and comfortable outfits are a must-have for every cruiser. Packing light, day-to-night outfits, and comfortable footwear are just some of the things to keep in mind. Whether you’re headed to the Bahamas for a few days or on a longer excursion to the Mediterranean this year, it’s never too early to plan your cruise outfits that will go from suitcase to star of the sea.


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