5 Flattering Swimsuits for Moms: A Guide

Motherhood changes so much of our lives. Taking care of a child is a huge responsibility that requires attention and care, and sometimes your own needs get forgotten as your priorities change. 

Many moms struggle to find a swimsuit that makes them feel fabulous. 

Whether you’re having trouble finding stylish swimsuits that suit your new status as a mom or you don’t feel quite as comfortable in your old swimsuits after giving birth, we have got you covered!

La Blanca believes swimsuits are always supposed to flatter your body and make you feel confident. Finding the right style can be a challenge, but we are here to point you in the best direction for your swimwear needs. 

Nobody — and no body types — will be left behind in this guide. Keep reading to see our favorite picks for the most flattering swimsuits for moms, and you will feel like a hot momma on the beach in no time. 

Plunge One-Piece Swimsuits

It takes a strong, beautiful woman to raise a child, and you deserve to wear a swimsuit that reflects that! Plunge swimsuits are a cut that will highlight the best parts of your figure and make you feel like a goddess. 

Plunge swimsuits can range in terms of modesty. If you are confident showing off a little more of your mom figure, we recommend a plunging one piece that also has an open back, like the Changing Tides Plunge One Piece

This sexy swimsuit shows off the perfect amount of cleavage and has an open back that allows you to show off both sides of your physique. The pattern is chic and will make you feel like a sophisticated mom. 

The Plunge variations also come with more conservative cuts and playful patterns. For instance, the In Full Bloom Reversible Plunge swimsuit is more full-coverage with a hint of cleavage and has a delightful floral pattern. It is reversible, so you can reverse the suit and wear it as a sleek black one-piece that will flatter you perfectly. 

Whatever style you choose, plunge one-pieces are just modest enough with a hint of sultry appeal to make you feel comfortable and confident on the beach this summer. 

Bikinis With High-Waisted Bottoms

Your mom body is a bikini body — no workouts required. Whatever style bikini top you opt for, you will look flawless this summer. It’s really the bikini bottoms that can be a hassle, especially if you recently gave birth

That is where high-waisted bikini bottoms will be your lucky star. 

High-waisted bottoms do it all: They hug your figure, highlight your legs, and make you feel comfortable. Comfort is crucial in swimwear — and it’s especially essential if you are a mom. 

Emphasize your hourglass figure with the Island Goddess Crossover High Waist Bottoms. These bottoms crossover in the front and lift up on the sides to accentuate your curves. Plus, the high-rise cut will fall higher up on your waist, keeping you feeling confident and secure. 

High-waisted bottoms will give the perfect amount of coverage to make you feel comfortable while still showing off your figure and the right amount of skin for you. Paired with the right bikini top for you, you will look radiant on the beach this summer. 

All Black One-Piece

One-pieces are the epitome of comfortable swimwear, and black one-piece swimsuits will make you feel comfortable and look effortlessly sultry. 

It’s hard work being a mom, and you likely want swimwear that will look good without a lot of fuss. That’s where black one-piece swimsuits come in. 

One-piece swimsuits are extremely simple. Unlike some bikinis, which occasionally need to be tied and then re-tied in the back or adjusted constantly, one-piece swimsuits stay in place while emphasizing your figure. 

Black is a flattering and slimming shade. Your one-piece swimsuit is already clinging to your body and showing off your curves, and the black shade of the swimsuit will add to the sexy effect by making you look sleek, slim, and stunning. 

The Island Goddess Lingerie One-Piece in black is a wonderful option for moms. With a standard swimsuit cut, two straps keep everything secure. It is simple, feminine, and perfect for moms of all body types. 

Tankini Tops

Sometimes you want to feel the freedom of wearing a bikini without having to bare it all. Thankfully, tankini tops can provide you with the perfect amount of coverage while still rocking a two-piece swimsuit. 

Tankinis emerged in popular culture in the late 90s, demonstrating that swimwear can be more modest while still complimenting your natural shape. Though it fell out of popular fashion in the 2000s, this swimsuit style is finally making a comeback. It’s time moms reclaim it as a swimwear staple. 

Some two-piece swimsuits have a “va va voom” effect that gets old when you become a mom. The tankini will make you look sultry and curvy without having to expose more skin than you are comfortable showing off. 

The Island Goddess Halter Tankini is a great compromise from your bikini past. The halter neckline will lift your breasts up and provide you with support while showing off a tasteful amount of cleavage. 

The swimsuit top also comes in numerous shades, so you can opt for the flattering black shade or experiment with pretty colors like turquoise or coral. 

Sexy Swimwear for Moms All Over

Moms are the backbone of society and deserve to look as incredible as they are. 

Swimwear is meant to make women look and feel confident, and moms should not be excluded from that. There are so many swimsuit options that will flatter your body and make you the hottest mom at the pool. 

Whether you opt for a sultry plunge one piece or keep it modest but stylish with a black tankini, we’ve got moms covered. Whatever swimsuit you choose, it is guaranteed to flatter your figure and make you feel like the confident momma you are!



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