One-Piece Swimsuit Styles for Every Body and Every Style


Women have been donning one-piece swimsuits at the pool and beach for decades, but these suits are far from passé. Just ask Olivia Munn, the elegant and always-chic bombshell who prefers a one-piece suit over any other! She knows that a one-piece swimsuit can accentuate your body and enhance your curves in a way that a two-piece simply can’t. Explore the wide world of one-piece swimsuits to find a suit that’s empowering, flattering, and getaway-ready!

Find Your Best One-Piece Bathing Suit

Bandeau One-Piece

Lounge in sophisticated style in a signature La Blanca bandeau one piece. The modest cut is designed to flatter virtually any body type, contouring your bust and highlighting your shoulders. Choose a sweetheart neckline for a darling, pin-up feel, or pick a bandeau with a plunging slit to let loose your playful side. La Blanca bandeau suits come with versatile, removable straps for extra security for your waterfront adventures. Bandeau one-pieces create a beautiful illusion of curves, and they’re a favorite of women with smaller busts. Wearers love how a bandeau maximizes and accentuates curves with simplicity and style. Dress a bandeau down while sunbathing, then dress it up when you're ready to hit the city for dinner! 

The bandeau one-piece is also incredible for day and night beach experiences. There is a sexiness and also an elegance to a bandeau piece and you really can’t go wrong especially if you choose a bandeau one-piece in black. However, if you’re more interested in an eye-catching color, consider this silhouette in colorful palms. The bandeau one-piece is the sexiest of all the one-pieces because it shows off a little shoulder action and it allows for you to get the smooth tan you need without an awkward tan line. You can also keep it classy in any bandeau one-piece in white. You can never go wrong with a white bathing suit — it will highlight your tan and your figure. 

Island Goddess Bandeau One Piece

Cross-Back One Piece

La Blanca cross-back one-pieces are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. The crisscross straps create visual interest in the back, delicately highlighting your shoulders and flattering your waist. The cross-back straps hold the swimsuit securely, making this one piece a perfect fit for anyone with a larger bust who prefers added coverage and support. And if you’re more likely to spend your vacation diving into the pool than lounging under a cabana, a cross-back one-piece is one suit that can easily keep up.

This cross-back one piece is definitely more of a sporty style and look, and allows for you to look chic while still feeling supported throughout your beach day. This particular cross-back comes in an array of colors that are great for beach days, beach nights, and throughout your whole vacation. You can never go wrong with solid black, but this one-piece also comes in red, floral, palm print, and several other patterns that are fitting for the beach and beyond. In this cross-back you’ll be set to walk along the beach, play in the pool, and head to lunch all in the same bathing suit.   

Island Goddess Multi-Strap Cross-Back Mio

Hi-Neck One Piece

The hi-neckline one-piece is notably elegant, complementing your curves with sophisticated modesty. La Blanca’s hi-neck swimsuits come in a style for every body type and preference, from graceful halters to bold cross-backs. For added poolside sass, explore hi-neck one-pieces with lace-up fronts, peekaboo cutouts, and plunging keyhole details. The hi-neck one-piece is an excellent selection for sunbathers with larger chests who prefer a bit more coverage and a boost of support.

Hi-neckline pieces from La Blanca are also great one-pieces for walking around beach cities. These specific one-pieces can act as tops if needed, and sometimes with quick transitions on vacation from the beach to the city, there is comfort in knowing you’ll be appropriately dressed. The hi-neckline bathing suits available at La Blanca are beyond suitable for everyone and everybody. From geometric patterns to floral prints, to even a plain black look, there is a color for everyone to choose from. 

Don’t skip out on the opportunity to have a two-in-one moment here! You literally can wear this bathing suit to a cafe with shorts or a skirt and then head right to the beach. 

Mediterranean Breeze High Neck Keyhole One-Piece

One Shoulder & Off-the-Shoulder One-Pieces

Accentuate your sun-kissed shoulders in one of La Blanca’s one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder one-pieces. A ruffled off-the-shoulder swimsuit is flirty yet demure, perfect for playtime in paradise. A one-shoulder suit is on-trend but timeless, with a unique asymmetric neckline. 

A quick style note: you may want to avoid an off-the-shoulder swimsuit if you have broader shoulders and a big bust. Strapless and off-the-shoulder suits bring attention to the shoulders and can make them seem wider than they are. On the other hand, this style can be extremely versatile. Pair an off-the-shoulder or one shoulder one piece with a pair of denim shorts and black embellished sandals and you're ready for sun, surf, or exploring the city.

The color options for the one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder one-piece from La Blanca are incredibly beautiful and sophisticated. You can try classic polka dots, a sea glass-inspired look, or an aquamarine color that speaks to feelings of the ocean. There is a lot of beauty in one shoulder and off-the-shoulder one-pieces, especially if you’re looking to keep your one-piece interesting. 

If you’re looking for ruffle or no ruffle, La Blanca has one-shoulder pieces to choose from that are a more classic one-shoulder style, and then ruffled off-the-shoulder looks that are more flirty. There is support in both styles, but the one-shoulder look is definitely more supportive if you’re planning to hop into the pool or ocean. 

Island Goddess Off the Shoulder Ruffle Mio One Piece

Lingerie One Piece

La Blanca kept the beautiful silhouette of lingerie in mind while designing these luxe lingerie one-pieces. Sunbathe in a dreamy one-piece that complements your figure with lingerie-inspired embellishment. Features like adjustable straps and removable cups will remind you of your favorite, flawlessly fitting bra. Olivia Munn opts for lingerie-style one-pieces to show off and support her incredible figure with style and sophistication. Lingerie one-pieces are ideal for women who desire understated glamor and a smooth, perfectly-tailored fit.

Island Goddess Lingerie Mio One Piece

How Do You Know if You've Found "the Right" Fit?

There's more to finding the perfect fit than meets the eye. Try on your next one piece with these tips in mind to make sure you've found not only the best fit but also the best style.

  • Start by using the suit's ties and adjustable straps to fit the suit to your body. Once tied, lean forward and adjust until your bust is covered. If there's potential for spilling out of the top, try another size or a style with fuller coverage.

  • Take the suit for a test run. Walk around the house, do a few lunges, fold some towels, and sit down and stand up multiple times. Do the straps fall down? Are the legs riding up? Everything should stay in place. If not, consider a larger size or different style.

  • A one piece should feel tight and supportive, but not so tight that the straps dig into your shoulders or strain your neck. Adjust the straps, size up, or go with a suit that offers greater bust support if your one piece straps are pulling on your shoulders/neck.

  • Comb your closet for coordinating cover-ups, dresses, shorts, and high-waisted pants to try on with your one piece. Get any ideas for resort-ready outfits? Pick a one piece that takes your wardrobe to a whole new level!

In the end, you look your best when you feel most comfortable. Whether that’s in a hi-neck, deep-V, or ruffled off-the-shoulder one piece, you’ll find the right swim look at La Blanca. Just make sure to keep true to yourself and pick a style that is most flattering for your figure. You want to make sure that when you’re on vacation you’re wearing a one-piece that compliments your body. If you’re confused about what bathing suit works for you, consider reading through this simple blog article to get some ideas! Or if you already know what works for you, shop one-piece suits and pack your suitcase for sun, sand, and style.


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