5 Luxury Pool Bikini Styles To Consider

It’s only natural to want to show up to the pool in style. These days, with so many options out there and so many different ways to style your swimwear looks, it can feel overwhelming trying to perfect your summer swim style. 

You don’t have to resort to your old reliable bikini this summer, because we have broken down the best luxury pool bikini styles for your consideration. When you try out one of our five suggested styles, you will feel like a superstar when you show up at the local public pool this summer. 

You will feel as luxurious as you look when you rock any one of these following styles. Keep on reading, and learn all about our favorite luxury pool bikini styles to rock this year.

1. Cross Back Bikini


Do you want to feel like a glamorous model when you step foot onto the pool scene? Thankfully, with the cross-back bikini style, you’ll be a luxurious fashionista. 

The best part about this style? Everything will feel perfectly secure, and you will look sexy. The cross-back style adds some exciting elements to your swimwear, but the stringy ties are also perfect because they can ensure that your top is tied tightly. That way, your assets are secured in place if you decide to dive head first into the deep end. 

Another benefit of this style is that once you are done taking a dip in the pool and want to get your tan on, you can do so without having any stringy bikini lines on your back since you can simply untie the strings and leave the garment open while you lay on your stomach. Just make sure to apply some sunscreen to help avoid any burns. 

La Blanca’s Island Goddess Twist Front Cross Back bikini top is to die for and will make you look like a luxurious queen by the pool this summer season. This particular top comes in numerous shades, so you can pick the perfect bikini color for your individual style. If you like to keep it classic, rock the black top; for a playful, yet sexy style, go for the hot pink. 

The cross-back style is comfortable and adjustable and will make you look luxurious at the pool. 

2. Halter Bikini Tops

Sometimes, the best way to add an element of drama to your style is by choosing different necklines. So often our bikinis take the form of triangles or sweetheart necklines, which are two sexy, must-have styles, but an overlooked bikini top is the halter neckline. 

Halter bikini tops are absolute musts at the pool this year. The high neckline will make you feel glamorous, despite simply being by a swimming pool. 

It is also a style that is perfect for actually hopping in the pool and swimming around. Instead of two straps, the fabric will meet around your neck to secure your goods. Everything will stay in place, all while complementing your figure. 

Check out the Island Goddess Triangle Halter bikini top from La Blanca and watch yourself transform into a model at the pool. The cups of the top have that classic, triangular bikini shape that shows the perfect amount of cleavage. Then, the fabric is tied behind your neck, and when tied tightly and securely, will lift your breasts a bit to make you look picture perfect while gliding around the water. 

3. Bandeau Bikini Tops


Bandeaus are back in style, and for good reason. 

It is a bikini style that screams fashion. The tube top style of the swimwear is so reminiscent of important fashion eras, especially that of the 70s and 80s, and the iconic Studio 54 disco outfits

The bandeau style is perfect for a day at the pool because it is so versatile. It is a neckline that looks flattering on every body type and can be worn with or without straps. If you are concerned about going strapless while swimming in the pool, simply secure the straps on for that added support. 

Then, once you are done swimming and step out of the pool to lounge around and tan, you can remove the straps and look glorious with your exposed neckline and shoulders. 

The Eclectic Shore Bandeau Bikini Top comes in all manner of different shades and patterns so that you can rock the bikini style, regardless of your individual fashion sense. This particular swimsuit will hug your chest and compliment your figure, and comes with removable straps; so, regardless of your comfort level you can go with or without straps, and still look fabulous. 

4. Ruffled Bikini Top


If you want a bikini that is sexy, secure, and will make you feel luxurious by the pool this year, you should consider adding ruffled bikini tops to your shopping cart. 

Ruffles add a fun flair to your swimwear styles. It is a way to express your unique sense of style while ensuring that you look stunning in your bathing suit. The ruffles will add a girly, flirty, feminine element to your pool style that will make you the envy of everyone’s eye. 

The Island Goddess Ruffle Bandeau top is an ideal example of a ruffled bikini style. It comes in different solid shades. Rock a mature blue sapphire, or give your best Elle Woods impression with the bright, hot pink ruffled bikini top. 

This is another option that will allow you to experiment with straps or no straps, so whichever style makes you feel sexiest and most comfortable is guaranteed to make you look flawless at the pool. 

5. Rock a Kimono on Top

When you spend a day hanging around by a pool, you will want to have a cover-up handy to put on when you aren’t swimming and need a little reprieve from those bright, sunny rays. A kimono is a perfect cover-up to wear. 

Kimonos are light robes that originate from Japan and have now become loungewear and swimwear staple in cultures across the world. 

These robes look delicate and stylish on top of bikinis and are the perfect accessory to complete your luxury pool style. You will feel comfortable, and look effortlessly chic when you lounge about the local pool with a kimono across your body. 

Swim in Style

You deserve to look and feel like a goddess when you hit up your local pool. When you try out any of the above luxury bikini styles you will feel confident and comfortable. 

Dive into the pool, or lounge in the sunshine and look luxurious and sexy while doing it when you rock one of our favorite bikini styles. 



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