Resort vs. Hotel: Which Is Better for You?

Choosing between a chic downtown hotel or a relaxing Caribbean beach resort can be a difficult decision to make ahead of time.

It depends on a couple of factors, really; are you simply looking for a hotel near the downtown conference center? Or are you taking your family on a long-awaited vacation? Are you planning to spend most of your day exploring your destination? Or do you intend to spend your time at the pool relaxing and doing basically nothing?

The amenities are usually the key distinction between resorts and hotels. Hotels are normally geared towards travelers who require a place to stay for the night while resorts are often destinations in and of themselves. Resorts typically have a larger layout, providing guests with everything they require in one location.

We'll break down the resort vs. hotel debate in more detail below to help you determine which is best for your next vacation!

What Is a Hotel?

A hotel is an overnight spot that is created with travelers in mind. There are a wide variety of hotels, and their services differ from place to place. At most hotels, you'll find meals and other amenities for guests, such as access to a spa or gym on offer.

Some hotels cater to a specific demographic, such as business travelers. These might typically include conference rooms and special event rooms, although some of these have become more regular amenities at both hotels and resorts.

Because of the amount of space accessible to visitors, hotels are usually less private than resorts, however, this isn't always the case.

Sometimes hotels will be labeled as resorts, usually due to the addition of leisure-related amenities; however, these experiences will often differ from those of a full-fledged resort. In most situations, hotels don't provide everything you'll need for a vacation in one spot like a resort, so customers are forced to walk off property to find what they need.

This isn't an issue for some hotels because they're right in the midst of everything, so guests can get to what they need quickly. As a result, while picking a hotel to stay at, location is typically crucial.

What Is a Resort?

A resort tends to provide everything a hotel does plus more. Because of this, it’s generally considered a destination in and of itself since most resorts include all you need for your holiday in one location.

From food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, activities, or a spa, just ask about it and your resort has most probably planned for it. Staying at a resort can vary from establishment to establishment, and commonly they'll be themed. Many resort activities are dependent on the environment, such as ski resorts, resorts nestled away in the rainforest, or resorts situated on a magnificent white sand beach.

As opposed to hotels, resorts are usually located in remote areas, giving you a nice break from the city's daily hustle and bustle.

What Is an All-Inclusive Resort?

In general, all-inclusive resorts have the hotel, meals, drinks, gratuities, activities, and other amenities accounted for.

It's also common for all-inclusive resorts to offer sports, non-motorized water sports, and a variety of other activities. Families can enjoy resorts since they frequently provide something for everyone. A few family-friendly all-inclusive resorts, even have a waterpark that both children and parents can enjoy.

One of the most convenient things about all-inclusive resorts is that you don't need to bring your wallet once you arrive since your vacation is already paid for. That means no hassles throughout your stay and no unpleasant surprises when it comes to your bill! This is especially great for parents given that most all-inclusive resorts provide a limitless variety of food options, so you're sure to appreciate the all-inclusive resort experience if the little ones tag along.

Resorts vs. Hotels: Types of Travelers

Considering hotels and resorts typically provide a variety of packages, the types of travelers they attract are also diverse.

Hotels cater to all types of travelers. This can range from people visiting family and tourists, to those on business. It's safe to say that the regular hotel guest does not anticipate spending much time at their accommodation.

Vacationers are normally drawn to resorts. Many individuals book resorts in order to enjoy the experience that the facility has to offer. For some, a specific resort is a primary reason for scheduling a holiday in a specific location. Essentially, the resort is its own destination.

Although hotels and resorts may look alike at first glance, a closer examination reveals that each appeals to a specific type of customer.

Resorts vs. Hotels: Amenities

When it comes to facilities, resorts have it all, as experienced travelers know all too well. That's not always the case at hotels. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos, spas, and shopping are just a few of the amenities you can find at a resort.

Usually, resorts include a range of restaurants and (swim-up) bars on-site to cater to a diversity of cuisines while their guests are staying. The grounds of resorts are typically larger, with huge swimming pools, gorgeous gardens, and a long stretch of coastline. When it comes to amenities, resorts generally have more to offer.

This is beneficial for guests who would rather not venture off property to get the things they desire during their relaxing holiday, but it is a bit of a waste for all of those who plan to spend their days exploring the area and eating out every night.

Resorts vs. Hotels: Activities

Since most clients enjoy their time outside of the hotel, hotel activities are usually reduced to going to the gym. The most popular places, on the other hand, are located near busy major streets, airports, and other densely populated places, making it easy to find activities to do nearby. Many hotels give brochures in their lobbies to assist guests, with information about nearby local activities, malls, museums, amusement parks, as well as other attractions.

Alternatively, guests in resorts can participate in a variety of activities just moments away from their bedroom. Visitors are frequently given the opportunity to participate in activities ranging from mountain expeditions and accelerated eco-tours to beach relaxation and a variety of water sports. Many resorts provide ground activities such as tennis, basketball, (beach) volleyball, golf, and even bowling to their guests.

This is ideal for guests that enjoy some action during their overall relaxing vacation. All of these extras, however, are lost on those who come to enjoy the nearby environments.

Resorts vs. Hotels: Entertainment

The level of entertainment in hotels and resorts varies depending on the chain you choose to vacation with. Most hotels provide excellent entertainment and can also advise guests on where to go for even more entertaining activities in the immediate vicinity.

Entertainment at the resort is generally more extravagant, and it is typically a significant element of the overall resort experience. From live musical performances and talent showcases to themed events and cocktail parties, resorts generally always have some form or other of entertainment going on.

Resorts vs. Hotels: Packing 

As for packing for each of the two, this will depend on what exactly you’ll be getting up to while away on holiday. 

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If you’re resort bound and all you’re planning on doing is staying by the pool, taking part in water sports and other activities, and generally just chilling at the resort while enjoying the sun and the amazing weather, then you’ll be needing to bring a couple more things along with you. 

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Resorts vs. Hotels: Which Accommodation Is Right for You?

Whether a resort or a hotel is better for you is based on your purpose for traveling, the length of your stay, and the type of experience you seek.

A hotel is probably the best option for you if you're merely searching for a place to stay close to a city center or if you plan to spend most of your time exploring the immediate surroundings of where you're staying.

A resort will likely provide you with more if you're expecting a long-awaited trip with the family or would like to relax and prepare as little as you can.


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