Supportive Swimsuits You'll Feel Confident In

Shopping for swimsuits, like shopping for bras, can be challenging if you have a larger chest. Generally, it seems the swimsuit industry tends to be oriented toward smaller sizes but we know that those with a larger chest need a lot more support than others.

While it can be frustrating to find the best suits for you there are definitely some winning styles that will work better for those that need that extra support. These tend to be underwire, sporty, bandeau, and triangular style tops. Even within each of those types, you might have to be very particular about whether or not they're right for you to add them to your cart.

Of course, there are different types of activities you might have planned for your bathing suit but whether you’re just lounging on the beach or actually going for a swim you still deserve a swimsuit that will keep you supported, comfortable, and feeling confident. If you’re larger chested or are just looking for some gorgeous bathing suits to add to your pool collection that will keep you secured all day, then you’re in the right spot! Keep reading for all of our best suggestions.

Bikini Tops

woman in a bikini swimming in the pool

Underwire Tops

A bikini top with an underwire is the way to go if you want maximum breast support. This swimwear type has a similar silhouette to traditional bras, and many of them may be customized to fit your cup size.

If you purchase the appropriate size and style, an underwire bikini top can be one of the most flattering kinds. Because these designs sometimes run a little small, it's a good idea to get one size larger than you typically would. This way, you'll be sure you have ample coverage.

If you’re looking for a fun and sexy bikini top that stays put, our Island Goddess Wrap Underwire Push Up Top is the perfect sweetheart neckline swimsuit top that fits like a glove. The wrap-around straps knot in the back for a tight fit, while the over-the-shoulder straps adjust for a unique fit. The perfect amount of lift is provided by molded cups with underwire support.

Another fun option is our Tropics Of Tropez Underwire Over-The-Shoulder Top. This resort-ready bra bikini top relies on the brilliant hues of Saint-Tropez while adding a tropical twist, so you can channel your inner jet setter. It has comfortable underwire support and a daring V-plunge neckline with U-shaped gold hardware at the middle lifts and separates. The adjustable straps can be worn in two different ways for a unique style.

Bandeau Tops

A bandeau is often constructed from one piece of cloth that wraps securely around your chest, similar to a conventional tube top. Although this type is commonly used for persons with smaller busts, such as rectangle and pear body shapes, it all depends on the style you choose. There are definitely bandeau tops out there that ladies with larger chests can rock, and in some styles, underwire support is even available.

For a classic bandeau style go with our Eclectic Shore Bandeau Bikini Top. This colorful tropical print bandeau top is bursting with color and will instantly transport you to a tropical getaway. It can be worn with or without the shoulder strap, but no matter which option you choose, it will stay securely in place. The rear strap has tassels that offer a fun finishing touch.

For an option with a little more coverage and support, opt instead for the Mediterranean Breeze Bandeau Midkini Top. It features an artistic mosaic inspired by the Mediterranean's azure waves. With this sexy-sweet midkini bandeau top that enhances the bust with built-in molded cups, you can say goodbye to those unattractive tan lines. It can be worn with or without the shoulder strap, but no matter which way you wear it, it stays put.

Triangle Tops

Triangle bikinis are the most difficult to find, but that doesn't mean you shouldn’t try. These can be hit or miss depending on the person that’s wearing it since in general, this shape of swim top can create some discomfort around the neck. If you, however, enjoy this style and want to try it out, search for ones that can be adjusted on the string so that the cup size can be stretched.

Our colorful tropical pattern Eclectic Shore Halter Triangle Top is bursting with color and will transport you to a tropical paradise. A v-plunge neckline with delicate gathers under the bust and two halter straps create a more angular shoulder profile, which draws the eye upward while lengthening the arms. The neck and back straps have tassels for a fun finishing touch.

Halter Tops

Models with thicker straps, and halter tops, can also be quite helpful since they’ll help distribute the pressure a little bit more and avoid having a thin strap digging into your skin. Halter tops exist in a variety of styles, but they are always tied or clasped around the neck. This provides additional breast support and often results in more coverage, making the style ideal for hourglass and apple body shapes.

With the brilliant hues of Saint-Tropez and a tropical twist, our Tropics Of Tropez Banded Halter Triangle Top is a resort-ready halter bra bikini top. A deep V-plunge neckline with a band underneath, for support, and halter straps that drive the eye upward while balancing your shoulders give you all angles. Tassels end the adjustable straps that tie around the neck.

One-Shoulder Tops

This asymmetrical design adds interest to an otherwise plain bikini. It gives more support than the bandeau, yet it may still be insufficient for some. It's especially flattering on pear shapes since it draws emphasis to the upper body.

For a one-shoulder top, our In The Tropics Reversible One Shoulder Top is the way to go. With its reversible shape, this one-shoulder bra packs a lot of punch without taking up too much space in your suitcase. It's just another day in paradise with solid blue on one side and a tropical print on the other.

You can also go with the Moonlit Silhouette One Shoulder Midkini Top, our one-shoulder midkini that illustrates that opposites do attract with a striking black-and-white stylized flower motif. This one-shoulder midkini balances the neckline while lengthening your arms, making it ideal for every body type. The sash tie gives a bit more coverage to our version of this flattering classic along with providing extra support under the bust!


As you can see there are plenty of options that you can pick from to find your perfect supportive bikini top. While it can take some trial and error there’s no need to worry about that with La Blanca’s options! So get to ordering your favs and you’ll be summer-ready in no time.


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