Best Swimsuits for Athletic Bodies

Do you have an athletic body type? Are you a runner and have very fit legs? Or do you tend to do a lot of yoga and have a fit and flexible physique? If any of this sounds like you, you might consider your body type to be athletic, or in the shape of a more square or inverted triangle look.  

It's possible that you also have a body shape that is very curvy but also athletic, based on possibly the number of squats you do, or how much you lift in the gym. 

Athletic Body Types

Depending on the kind of athlete you are, or the workouts that you do, there is a bathing suit for your kind of body.

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. For example, a woman who deadlifts 100 lbs is going to have a very different physique than a woman who strictly swims.  

This guide below is a way for you to figure out what kind of athletic body you have and what bathing suit will look the best for your particular physique.

Every Body Is Beautiful

Every body is unique and beautiful—no one has the same body as anyone else, and there is no standard of body that is better than any others.

There is also no typical body or average body that you should be striving for. If you have a curvier athletic figure or no curves at all, you are uniquely beautiful and there's not one thing you should change about yourself.

Sometimes we work out to change how we look, and other times we work out to increase our physical health, and sometimes we work out to see how far we can push our bodies to honestly see what we can do with the bodies we were given. 

For example, there are people that start as slightly long-distance runners and within two years they start running marathons, which is highly impressive. 

Breaking Boundaries

Historically, women's bodies have been described as being the perfect hourglass figure or resembling that of a diamond shape. But the truth is, women's bodies tend to look more like inverted triangles, triangles, pear shapes, and even rectangles. Not everyone looks like a doll,   and no one should strive to. Considering that it’s humanly possible and not realistic to try and look like a plastic doll.

Bathing Suits for Body Types

Let's talk about the different body types that are seen as athletic. First off, let's just remember that there isn't an exact science to these body type categories. 

It's very possible that your body can fall somewhere in between these body types. For example, you may have wide hips but very narrow shoulders or you may have extremely broad shoulders like that of an inverted triangle shape, but you could also have very broad hips. 

It's possible that you can collect different characteristics and features from multiple body shapes and combine them into one to make them your very own. These body shapes are just a general guideline to help you fit into a bathing suit that's right for you.

Rectangular and Athletic

Generally, if your hip and bust measurements are similar to that of your waist, and your hips are also the same width as your shoulders, your body type would be relatively considered a rectangle shape. 

With a rectangle body type, which can be seen as an athletic figure, you're going to want to consider off-the-shoulder ruffle one-pieces, bandeau bathing suits that are belted, or skirted bathing suit bottoms that give your hips a little flare.  

Depending on the areas that you want a compliment, you can either go for a skirted bottom or board shorts for comfort. If it's possible that you're going to be embarking on multiple water sports on your tropical vacation, consider board shorts or a type of one-piece so that your bathing suit won't ride up.

Complimenting Your Shape

If you're someone with a rectangle body shape or something close to it, consider a bathing suit that compliments your athletic figure and also keeps it comfortable throughout the day. 

If you tend to have a smaller bust, a triangle bikini top it's also a great option for your figure. 

High-waisted bottoms are also incredibly flattering on rectangular body shapes, for women with smaller hips and wider shoulders. 

For an athletic body type, also consider racerback bathing suit tops or bikini tops with thicker straps or cups to enhance your chest.

If you're not exactly wanting to highlight your broad shoulders you can consider the one-shoulder top which helps create an asymmetrical look on your figure and distract from your shoulders. 

Complimenting Your Features

An extremely comfortable and flattering bathing suit look for an athletic figure especially for women with narrow shoulders and a narrow waist is a plunging one piece. The shape of the plunging v-neck works with the shape of your figure and actually broadens your shoulders. This illusion allows for your body to have a more dynamic shape if that's what you're going for. A bandeau one-piece works for this look as well. 

Using Cut-Outs For Curves

An exciting style that looks incredible on all athletic body types is a cut-out one-piece.  

The dynamic shapes of any cut-out one-piece lends itself to a more interesting figure on the beach. If you want a more flirty look that highlights a better curve on your athletic figure, consider a high waist bikini with ruffles.   

The ruffles on your bikini will flare out and accentuate your hip area, giving you more curve in the places you want to highlight. 

Considering Height

If you’re above six feet, and your chest is fairly flat, consider a one-piece bathing suit with ruffles that flare out on each shoulder. If you're trying to give a little support to your chest and add a curve on your top half, consider a push-up bikini for a one-piece that brings shape up top. 

On the other end, if you're closer to five feet and have an athletic figure with curves, and you want to flatten out a little bit, consider a one-piece that sports a high neck. If you want to distract a bit from your athletic body, consider a bathing suit with a pattern to make it all about your bathing suit.

Highlight YOU

Women with athletic figures look incredible in two pieces, bikinis, tankinis, one-piece swimsuits, and boardshorts looks.  

You want to make sure that you're not trying to hide your body—the shape that you have is beautiful and what you're wearing at the beach should compliment who you are and what you do outside of the beach. 

If you're a runner, highlight that! If you're a weightlifter, highlight that your arms are strong and beautiful. You should never feel ashamed for being able to use your body in an athletic way.

Also, remember that athletic doesn't mean masculine. Women come in all shapes and sizes,  and having an hourglass figure should never be the goal for everyone.  

For some women it's natural and for other women, it's far from their body shape—and that's okay. 

Your Body Is Beautiful and Strong

If you know that you have an athletic body, stick to what is comfortable for you, supportive for beach activities, and still in style! 

You can either highlight your legs and curves and a high-cut bottom, accentuate your chest in a padded bikini top, or sport a sporty one-piece in a fun pattern.  

There are specific colors that will accentuate and bring out your body in different ways. 

If you're trying to slim down different areas, you can always wear a black bathing suit to minimize specific spots.  

If you're trying to draw attention to areas and round them out, wear colors like red and white.

If you have an athletic figure, you don't need to worry anymore about what bathing suit will compliment your body.  

When it comes down to it, all you have to do is find the right bathing suit for you and feel comfortable and confident walking on the beach. If your body is somewhere in between an athletic figure and an hourglass figure, or an inverted triangle shape, you don't have to stick to a bathing suit that falls right in one category. If you feel confident in it, where it.

And if you don’t feel confident, fake it until you make it! You deserve to feel proud of your athletic body! You are beautiful- allow your physical strength to push you toward a stronger mental place and keep you confident on your tropical vacation.  


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