5 Reasons To Buy Winter Swimwear

When you think of swimwear, you probably imagine packed beaches, pool days, hot weather, and virtually anything else summer related. You probably don’t, on the other hand, imagine having any reason to buy winter swimwear — but think again!

Sure, summers are the perfect time to rock your one-pieces, bikinis, and coverups, but there are countless reasons why you should buy winter swimwear. 

If you are a summer lover through and through, what better way to prepare for your version of the most wonderful time of the year than by stocking up on swimwear necessities? Besides preparation purposes, you might find yourself in the dead of winter needing a fresh, new swimsuit for a girls' trip or a new hobby. 

Keep reading to discover all the worthwhile reasons to stock up on swimwear this winter. 

1. Take Advantage of Deals

Don’t procrastinate this upcoming season and get ahead of the curve by shopping for swimwear during those frigid winter months. We have all been there before: you swear you’re going to be fashionably prepared for the next season, but come summertime, you’ve yet to purchase a single beach towel, let alone a stylish bikini, and are left paying premium pricing.

A great way to avoid paying high prices for swimwear during the summer when the demand is especially high is to strike while the iron is hot during those winter months. 

Most retailers, especially those based in areas that experience authentic, freezing winters, are well aware that between December and March, hardly anyone is going to need a new swimsuit, so prices tend to be significantly lower. Instead of waiting until summer, you can take advantage of the winter and the lack of demand and stock up on the cutest swimwear at a fraction of the cost!

Sure, you might longingly stare at your swimwear while it sits in your closet, unused during those season changes, but come summertime, you will be stocked up and prepared with stylish looks to flaunt on the beach. 

Trust us when we say with those discounted prices, the wait will be worth it. 

2. Recreational Swimming

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to give up swimming for the next several months. 

We often associate recreational swimming with the summer. It makes sense; the weather is warm, local pools and beaches are open, and there is no better way to beat the heat than by diving head first into a refreshing pool. However, you do not need to be a professional athlete to make swimming a year-round activity. 

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, and with local gyms, YMCAs, and various athletic centers, you can find outlets to make swimming a full-time hobby, even during the winter season. 

Swimming is a great way to work out because it burns between 400-600 calories per hour. You will leave your local indoor pool feeling refreshed and motivated after swimming laps for a while. Besides the exercise you’ll get, swimming is also a fun way to stay in tune with your body. 

If you commit to recreational swimming as a year-long hobby, you will find it necessary to replenish your swimwear wardrobe come wintertime. Burn some calories and stock up on some cute and comfortable one-piece swimsuits this winter!

3. Tropical Vacation

It might get chilly where you reside over the winter months, but it always stays warm in tropical destinations like Bermuda, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. So, plan a luxurious escape and buy some new swimwear for your exciting vacation!

Winter is the perfect time to plan a warm, relaxing vacation somewhere tropical. The weather is unbearable, the days get darker and shorter, and we might find ourselves succumbing to the winter blues. Sometimes a brief escape to somewhere sunny and warm is all we need to restore us until summer comes back around. 

There are countless health benefits to sunshine exposure, most notoriously the vitamin D it provides us all. Vitamin D will help boost your energy — something many of us struggle with during winter. 

With a tropical vacation afoot, you will need some fresh swimwear to take along with you on your journey. There’s another reason why you should buy winter swimwear. 

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take exotic trips every winter season, but if you find yourself with an exciting vacation to somewhere warm coming up, you will absolutely need to purchase some swimwear. 

4. Hot Tub Season

Winter is all about finding ways to stay warm at all costs. Space heaters, electric blankets, and cozy loungewear are all great methods of finding some much-needed warmth during those frigid months. Nothing can compare to the bliss of submerging yourself in a steamy hot tub in the dead of winter. 

We all have that one friend who happens to have a hot tub, or perhaps you have a fun weekend planned at an Airbnb with a sweet hot tub situation. Whatever your personal scenario is, we’re sure that if you can find access to a hot tub when it is cold out, you are going to take full advantage. 

You shouldn’t have to soak in a hot tub in your worn-out summer swimwear. Instead, stock up on some winter swimsuits and feel fresh and sexy while you rest inside a simmering hot tub. 

Keep your torso protected from the winter weather by rocking a plunging one-piece swimsuit to the hot tub this winter!

5. Stock Up on Your Favorite Swimsuit Styles or Experiment

You know what you like and what flatters your body the most. Don’t sit around and wait for the summertime to find a new batch of bathing suits to rock at the beach. Instead, stock up on the garments you love most in the winter, and be prepared to strut around in all your favorite styles once summer arrives. 

Conversely, the winter can be a perfect time for some experimentation. You can stock up on your favorites while making room for some new swimwear styles to enter your upcoming summer rotation. 

For instance, if you are addicted to the plunging neckline style and know you rock it, grab a sexy one-piece over the winter in preparation for the summer. You can also switch up your style and prepare to show off some old classics and some exciting new swimwear looks this summer by trying a halter neckline swimsuit

The winter is the perfect time to start accumulating and curating the best summer looks, and you can do so by stocking up on swimwear during that cold season. 

Year-Round Swimwear

Swimwear is so often associated with summertime exclusively when you can rock a flattering swimsuit at any point in the year. Don’t wait to buy your swimsuits; stock up on your favorite styles, plan a vacation, and get ahead of deals by purchasing winter swimwear this year! 



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