The Best Spas in the U.S. for Ultimate Relaxation

The past few years have been stressful to say the very least. Especially coming out of a pandemic, it is more important than ever to prioritize your health and wellness. One of the best ways to ensure you keep a sound mind and healthy body is to get rest and relaxation whenever you can, whether it be from full-body massage therapy, a dip in a hot spring, or a rejuvenating skincare procedure.

You deserve to splurge on luxurious, relaxing getaways, so why not travel to an acclaimed full-service spa in the U.S.

There are incredible hotel spas, boutique treatment rooms, and relaxation lounges all across the country. Whether you live on the west coast, in the midwest, or down south, there will be a relaxing spa within your general vicinity. No one in the country is excluded from luxury and relaxation. 

All you need to do is choose the best spa for you. Thankfully, we are here to list out all the best spas across the nation so that you can have an easy time selecting the best destination for you and your needs for all four seasons. Just read on to see our favorite spas across the U.S. and prepare to experience ultimate relaxation ASAP!

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

If you are located on the west coast, we recommend the Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa to unwind in style. This resort features private residences for those who want a secluded stay, in rooms that are opulent and glamorous. 

This resort is located in Southern California in Rancho Santa Fe. Rest up near the ocean, or enjoy the gorgeous gardens and olive groves that make up the premises. California is known for its vast greenery and groves, so you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to experience it while getting a full spa experience.

The services offered at the resort will leave you feeling refreshed and brand new. Get the traditional experience with hot stone massages, hydrotherapy pools, and saunas, and then take it the extra mile when you utilize their revitalizing essential oil aromatherapy and mineral treatments to detox your body. Their holistic approach to relaxation is one of a kind and truly works. 

You will leave your spa trip with soft skin, relaxed muscles, and a great perspective on life. It is a destination that you should absolutely consider visiting if you are located in SoCal.

Carneros Resort and Spa, Napa, CA

Go farther north and experience luxurious comfort at the Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa, California. Northern California’s wine country has a completely different vibe than the southern region but has just as much beauty. 

Napa Valley is well regarded for having the best vineyards in the country, so why not opt for a spa treatment somewhere where you can also indulge in some laidback wine tasting?

This resort is surrounded by vineyards, farmland, and the glorious countryside of Napa. You will be in awe of the stunning backdrop that accompanies you on this peaceful retreat. 

The Best Spas in the U.S. for Ultimate Relaxation

It is a private retreat, so you will not be interrupted or detoured by any hustle and bustle that exists in a city or regular hotel. Instead, you will get to experience individualized relaxation treatments. 

Engage your core and get in touch with your body by participating in yoga classes or checking out the on-site fitness center. It can be difficult to develop an exercise routine during our regular, busy lives, so reconnect with your athletic side and connect your body and mind with some fitness classes. 

When you aren’t engaging in mindful movement exercises, be sure to take advantage of the calming spa treatments offered every single day. 

Experience ultimate relaxation levels when you stay at the private Carneros Resort. 

Triple Creek Ranch, Darby, Montana

If you want a relaxing escape that is unique, you will love the Triple Creek Ranch located in Darby, Montana. Montana is a state that often gets taken for granted. It has vast, beautiful landscapes and mountain ranges that stand out from any other area in the country. 

Located at the heart of the Montana Rockies, experience some of the true natural wonders of the U.S. The views alone make this 2400-square-foot spa well worth visiting. With stunning mountains and gorgeous hiking trails, nature reserves, and landscapes with wildlife like moose and bison, you will feel like you’ve stepped foot in heaven. 

Aside from the glorious backdrop of the Rockies, the treatments that this rustic resort offers are out of this world. There are mountain wellness spa treatments that will allow you to get some much-needed relaxation, while also appreciating the natural beauty surrounding you. 

You will be offered relaxing massages, facial treatments like exfoliation and waxing, and pampering beyond measure. 

Your experience at the Triple Creek Ranch will leave you feeling relaxed, while simultaneously wanting more. You deserve to experience the lap of luxury, and with the rejuvenating treatments and stunning Montana backdrop, you are sure to get that at this unique resort. 

Ritz-Carlton Day Spa, Denver, CO

Located in the central part of the country and in desperate need of some R&R? Look no further than the Ritz-Carlton Day Spa in Denver, Colorado. 

This center of relaxation is “ritzy” and will leave you feeling well-pampered and refreshed. 

Denver is known for its high altitudes, which can often leave the skin feeling dehydrated and in need of some TLC. The Ritz-Carlton Spa has location-tailored treatments to target those common issues. Be sure to take advantage of the oxygen-rich facial treatments, which are made to hydrate your skin. 

This spa goes the full nine yards when it comes to one-of-a-kind experiences. Be sure to try out their body rituals that utilize craft beer to nourish the skin. Though it might seem outlandish to use beer as a rejuvenating skin treatment, it truly works, and it is very Denver. 

The Best Spas in the U.S. for Ultimate Relaxation

Outside of the treatments, you have plenty of opportunities to get your body moving. The resort has a 24/7 fitness room where you can get some exercise in. Or, if you want to hit the slopes in between your spa treatments, you are more than welcome to do that. 

It is a unique experience that will leave you feeling well-rested and well-taken care of. 

Topnotch Resort, Stowe, VT

Another great location for skiers, or anyone who appreciates the great outdoors is New England. We recommend checking out the Topnotch Resort located in Stowe, Vermont. 

Vermont is known for its vast mountains and trees, making it a destination that is worth visiting at any point in the year. Hit up the resort in the winter months and take a day trip to the ski slopes. Or, go during the fall and get some much-needed relaxation, while taking in the breathtaking foliage. 

Known for being a high-end resort, you will be treated like royalty. The private suites are beautiful, so be sure to bring your best loungewear for those cozy nights in your room. Though you are there primarily for treatments, the food offered at the resort is of the highest quality, and will only improve your overall experience. 

Get some deep massages in and work out those knots in your back. Enjoy the revitalizing facial and body treatments and watch your skin transform overnight. You can also soak up the rejuvenating heat in one of the many steam rooms.

Be sure to pack some swimsuits so you can take a dip in one of the pools and hot tubs that are within the facilities of the resort. Some are even heated, guaranteeing you a chill, relaxing time floating around in the pool water. 

The resort lives up to its name, “Topnotch.” From the exquisite foods, rooms with fireplaces and whirlpool tubs, and stunning backdrop, you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Canyon Ranch Lenox, MA

You should also consider venturing out further into New England and check out the stunning Canyon Ranch Lenox, located in Lenox, Massachusetts. It is in the heart of the Berkshires, a charming and beautiful area in western Mass. 

The resort itself is in an old mansion built in the 1800s, and it is the quintessential image of New England’s architecture. It is gorgeous and upscale and serves as the perfect backdrop for a truly luxurious spa treatment. 

Their luxe spa menu prioritizes health and wellness. With delicious cuisine that promotes health consciousness, fitness programs, and an abundance of hiking trails and ski slopes in the immediate area, you will have countless opportunities to connect with your mind and body and engage in meaningful movements. 

Aside from fitness and health programs, the spa treatments offered are to die for. Expect to be pampered to your heart's content at the Canyon Ranch. 

The lodging grounds are stunning, the activities are fun and engaging, and you will leave feeling as relaxed as humanly possible. This chic pampering experience is a must!

The Charleston Place, Charleston, SC

Are you located down south and in need of some boutique lodging and well-deserved R&R? The Charleston Place, located in Charleston, South Carolina is the spot for you. 

You will be able to experience a life of luxury, tranquility, and that incredible southern charm. You will be blown away by the hospitality, and even more impressed by how pampered and relaxed you feel upon leaving! 

This spa utilizes natural, holistic practices to rejuvenate and relax your skin and body. Holistic practices are typically extremely relaxing and spare you from accidentally putting any harmful chemicals into your skin. 

Give your face some pampering and utilize the hydrafacial treatments that the spa offers. It will make your face feel relaxed and revitalized. Our face is such a central yet sensitive part of the body and we need to treat it with care, so absolutely take advantage of this incredible treatment!

The Best Spas in the U.S. for Ultimate Relaxation

You can also enter a state of euphoria with the deep tissue massages offered, including couple’s massages. These massages and bodywork treatments are more in-depth than regular services and will make your body feel loose and relaxed. Get rid of the tension in your muscles and leave feeling anew. 

Like most spa facilities, you will also have ample opportunity to work out at the fitness center or take one of the fitness classes offered by Charleston Place. 

Charleston is a quaint, charming city and you will be able to appreciate that, while also receiving world-class spa treatments at the same time. Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience in the heart of the south. 

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, FL

Looking for a relaxing weekend somewhere more tropical and sunny? Why not head down to the sunshine state and enjoy the five-star Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Florida?

This resort provides you with the perfect opportunity to engage in some playful relaxation. You will be able to have fun, drink some cocktails, and soak up the sun, all while receiving luxurious spa treatments, manicures, and pedicures.

Hang out in the resort spa and receive some five-star, glamorous pampering that will make you feel like an A-lister. 

Head down to the scrub and polish bar to freshen up. Then, be sure to make use of the incredible massages and facial treatments using unique body scrubs and exfoliants that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and your body the most relaxed it’s ever been. 

The best part about this luxury resort and spa? It is located right alongside the ocean. After your treatments, you will be able to throw on your favorite sexy plunge one-piece swimsuit and step right outside onto the beach for an afternoon of lounging in the sun and enjoying the ocean breeze. 

It is an experience that will leave you refreshed and happy, so book your stay and enjoy your pampering session!

Ultimate Relaxation Here You Come

Wherever you are located in the U.S., you deserve to experience luxury pampering and spa treatments. The above spas are the very best of the best and will leave you feeling well taken care of and relaxed as ever. Plan your spa escape ASAP and prepare to experience the ultimate relaxation! 



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