4 Sexy Plunge One-Piece Swimsuits You’ll Love

Bathing suits are a great opportunity to show off your sense of style and display your gorgeous figure. Though bikinis are often associated with being the go-to sexy swimwear, one-piece swimsuits are underrated. 

One-piece swimsuits cling to your body and make your curves the main point of attraction, while also being a little more conservative than bikinis or two-piece swimsuits. The ultimate sexy one-piece style, however, is the plunge cut. 

Plunge one-pieces have all the desirable elements of regular one-piece swimsuits, but with an even sexier factor of the low-cut neckline. The best part about plunging bathing suits? There are many different kinds of plunge swimsuits to choose from!

You can put your figure on display, and show off your individual sense of style when you choose from one of the many styles of plunge one-piece swimsuits. 

There is a lot of variety out there, so we have narrowed down the best looks to make your plunge one-piece search quicker and easier. Read on to learn about our four favorite sexy plunge one-piece swimsuits that we know you’ll love. 

1. Ruffled Plunge


You are already guaranteed to look sexy with a plunging neckline, but the ruffled style will add a playful element that is to die for. As Steve Carrell puts it best in the iconic romcom Crazy, Stupid, Love,you will look like the perfect combination of sexy and cute when you rock a ruffled plunge one-piece swimsuit. 

There is something inherently girly and feminine about a ruffled moment, and you will look and feel like a goddess when you convert to the ruffled plunge lifestyle. The ruffles add a stylish, flirty flair to an already attractive swimsuit style. 

Essentially, the sleeves of the swimsuit all the way down to the cutoff of the neckline will outline the garment with ruffles while the rest of the suit hugs your curves. It is a tasteful fashion choice. It does not overpower the sensual cutout of the neckline, but instead enhances the overall look of the swimsuit. 

The Island Goddess Over The Shoulder Ruffle Plunge One Piece from La Blanca is a perfect example of the plunge style and ruffle style collaborating to create a perfect, sexy swimsuit. The ruffles outline the sleeves and neckline and add a pretty detail to the suit. There are straps that pull together at the bust which gives your breasts a little lift, making you look like a beach model. 

This swimsuit style is flattering, sassy, and so sexy. You will be the main attraction by the pool this year if you rock a ruffled plunge one-piece swimsuit. 

2. Low Back Plunge


The plunging neckline is already so flattering in the front, so what could possibly make a plunging one-piece even sexier? The answer is a low, plunging back. 

You already have a revealing tease with the low-cut neckline in the front of the swimsuit, and you can look absolutely irresistible when that plunging swimsuit also has a low-cut back. This way, you can show off your back and gorgeous neckline, all while wearing a figure-hugging swimsuit to make your curves pop. 

The low-back plunging one-piece swimsuit is the perfect opportunity to wear something a little provocative without having to bear more than you are comfortable with. Your stomach will be tucked away, unlike with a bikini, but the tight fabric of the bathing suit will keep your physique looking tight and sexy. Whatever your body type is, you will look and feel sexy wearing this style. 

Give the Changing Tides Plunge One Piece a try to put your neckline and back on full display. This swimsuit comes in a variety of different patterns, so it will be easy for you to find something that matches your own sense of fashion. Plus, the straps are thick and secure, so your goods will lift slightly and be kept in place, all while your lower back is exposed. 

Show off your back and look sexy in the low-back plunge one-piece. 

3. Cross Back Plunge


If you admire the stringy bikini style but do not want to have to commit to a two-piece swimsuit, look no further! Cross-back plunge one-piece swimsuits allow you to wear something a little more in your comfort zone while providing those cute stringy straps. 

Possibly the best perk of the cross-back style is how adjustable they tend to be. This style of swimsuit is pretty self-explanatory: There are straps that form an x-like cross shape across your back. However, the straps are thin, stringy, and typically adaptable, so you can tighten, loosen, or change the shape as you desire. 

The Terra Italia Plunge One Piece Swimsuit is the ideal stringy, plunging swimwear. The variety of patterns is stylish and colorful, with the perfect style for everyone’s fashion sense. The neckline shows a tasteful amount of cleavage, and the back side has the cross-back style, with strings that tie so that you can adjust to your liking. 

It is a style that truly flatters all body types. La Blanca especially prides itself on body positivity, and this style (and any other plunge one-piece, for that matter) is guaranteed to hug you in all the right places and make you look and feel like your sexiest self.

4. Striped Plunge


The fit and cut of your swimsuit are crucial aspects to consider when picking the right gear, but the pattern of the bathing suit is just as important. Stripes on a plunging swimsuit are an amazing, flattering look that you should consider rocking. 

Stripes are an extra special pattern to wear, considering the cool history of stripes in swimwear. Probably the most iconic image that comes to mind is the sailor-style swimsuits of the early 1900s. Swimwear has evolved a lot over the past century, but stripes remain a staple. 

With the Capri Stripe Plunge One Piece suit, you can pay homage to the trends of swimwear past, while still making a sexy statement. The swimsuit itself is very reminiscent of the sailor style, but with a revealing twist with the low neckline. 

Flaunt your sexy physique and rock the timeless striped pattern that has defined swimwear trends for decades when you rock a striped plunging one-piece. 

Take the Plunge

Plunging one piece swimsuits come in so many different styles, but the options listed above are our favorite pieces that will compliment your figure and make you look sexy when you next hit the beach. 

Take the plunge and grab a plunge one piece ASAP!



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