Plan Your Escape: Miami Beach Trip Ideas

Miami Beach is the perfect destination for a quick and necessary escape from your daily routine. The sun is always shining on the oceanfront, the beaches are unbeatable, and you will feel like you are on an exotic adventure without even having to leave the country or pay too much for airfare. 

Florida is nicknamed the “Sunshine State” for a good reason, and the beach resorts of Miami are at the heart of all the action. 

Whether you are heading on an exciting girls' trip, enjoying a vacation package for a romantic getaway with your partner, or going on a quick little ocean drive to soak up the sun, there are countless places and activities that you can add to your itinerary. This will ensure you have the best vacation possible from check-in to check-out.

From fun nightclubs to museums and exhibits, we have an extensive list of all the best ideas to incorporate into your Miami Beach escape. 

If you need some inspiration for your upcoming trip, look no further! Keep on reading to discover the best gems Miami has to offer. 

Where Should You Stay in Miami? FAQs Answered


Your first priority for every trip should always be where you are going to stay after you arrive at Miami International Airport. Sometimes, finding the right hotel for you can be a long process. Sifting through the countless reviews, deals, and websites can be exhausting. Thankfully, we are here to make this process breezy so that you can get right to planning the exciting portions of your Miami escape.

From luxury resorts Like Eden Roc Miami Beach to Airbnb deals, we have got you covered with the best possible rooms and suites to stay in while you live it up and discover exactly why Miami is called the “magic city.”

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Sometimes all we want is to be pampered and treated to a luxurious experience. There are countless luxury resorts in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area for you to consider adding to your Miami beach vacation package.

For a truly glamorous experience, we recommend booking a stay at the gorgeous Acqualina Resorts & Residences on the beach. This destination is a mid-beach resort with countless accommodations that will make your Miami trip unforgettable. 

Located right on the beach, you’ll have sightseeing access and a beautiful ocean view. Recline on the resort-provided chairs, open a book, and sip on a piña colada as you soak up the sun and the incredible sights right outside your hotel room door. 

This luxury hotel also provides world-class dining options, a full spa for some much-needed R&R, and even educational programs for the kids. You’ll also have nearby access to car rentals and public transportation. If you are looking for a hands-off, luxurious experience instead of trying to find the lowest price in town, Acqualina is the perfect place for you. 

For a little more of a laid-back but still luxurious stay, we recommend checking out the Four Seasons Hotel Miami. Right in the heart of the city, this hotel provides gorgeous rooms, pools, great dining, and incredible views. You will be located right by the action of the city, while still being able to enjoy the luxurious accommodations of the hotel as well. 

Other luxury hotels in the area include Nobu Hotel Miami Beach and Fontainebleau Miami Beach, two of the swankiest spots in the whole city. Here, you’ll find lush decor, easy access to the South and North Beach areas, and a thriving nightlife scene to explore.

Airbnb Stays

You don’t need to pay the hotel premiums to have an incredible experience. The Airbnb scene in Miami is vast, with numerous beautiful options to choose from for your upcoming stay. 

Rent someone's beautiful Miami apartment for a fraction of the cost of a hotel. You won’t be provided with the same luxurious accommodations as the hotels in the area, but you will get an authentic taste of daily life in Miami in the stunning home of a local. Plus, you’ll often still get the free Wifi, complimentary coffee, and other perks that you’d expect from a hotel.

Countless listings are well within the liveliest parts of the city, so if you are looking for some party action, there is no better place to stay than right in the center of it all. 

If you are a friendly individual and want to actually meet and befriend locals, Airbnb is another great opportunity for you to make the most of your trip. Sometimes, the person listing the apartment will be providing you with a free companion and resource for all your Miami inquiries. Get a feel for the local scene, the best restaurant, and the greatest beaches to hang out on from your Airbnb host!

Miami is such a gorgeous, robust city, so you are guaranteed to have an excellent stay regardless of where you choose to reside for your trip. 

The Best Beaches 


The main appeal of Miami is the proximity to countless beaches. The hot weather lasts year-round, the water is blue and beautiful, and the atmosphere is happy. Get the most out of your not-so-exotic beach vacation, throw on your favorite bikini ensemble, and check out all the incredible beaches this city has to offer.

Different beaches across the city have significantly different vibes, however, so be sure to read our guide to the best beaches and choose according to the kind of experience you are eager to have.

Lummus Park Beach

If you are looking for a week of fun, thrills, and drinks, Lummus Park Beach is the spot for you. You will feel like you have been transported back to your spring break days when you step foot onto this exciting beach. 

Lummus Park Beach oozes with nostalgia, as throwbacks are constantly blasting and the views are reminiscent of every old episode of MTV Spring Break. Throw on a halter neck one-piece swimsuit, and take in the nostalgic energy. 

This beach is beautiful but is also extremely fun and lively. There are countless people to meet, delicious beverages to sip on, and a great party atmosphere, if that is what you’re seeking from your Miami Beach trip. 

46th-63rd Street

Miami Beach stretches all throughout the city, and there are areas that provide different kinds of experiences. This area is towards the middle of the beach and is perfect for a family trip or a quieter day. 

This area of town is much less crowded than other areas. It is a spot made for a quiet and pleasant day on the sand. With playgrounds around, your kids have a place to play while you lounge around in your most flattering swimsuit for moms

No matter where you go, the ocean is always going to be refreshing and fun, so if you also want to splash around in the waves for a bit before retiring to your beach towel for a relaxing day in the sun, this is a great place to do that. 

Bal Harbour 

Bal Harbour is an area that is located in the wealthier parts of Miami, and the beaches here reflect that. If you want a slice of luxury and exclusivity, you should definitely check this area out. 

Aside from being in a pristine, wealthy area, Bal Harbour is also just a great place to spend a day walking around and lounging on the beach. There are numerous cute shops, restaurants, and ice cream parlors to indulge in. And if you just want to relax in the sun and dip your toes in the ocean, the beach is right there for you to do that. 

Bal Harbour is a perfect beach for a fun day exploring one of the iconic areas of the city while also getting some sunshine. 

With countless boardwalks, mini towns, and quiet escapes, there are numerous beaches all over the city that will target your specific needs. Wherever you end up, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant day while experiencing Miami life. 

Art Deco District

Art Deco District

One of the Miami Beach requirements is to check out the historic art deco district of the city. This is an area of the city notorious for its buildings filled with bright pops of color, beautiful fountains, and sleek architecture. 

Art deco was an architectural style and movement of the 1920s and 30s. Though it is commonly associated with New York, Miami’s art deco district has preserved the beautiful buildings of that area, with walking tours showing off the over 800 registered historic buildings. 

This is a cultural hub that cannot be skipped. You will find countless art exhibits and beautiful sights, as well as restaurants and bars to check out in the area as well. You can experience some of the incredible history and culture of Miami when you venture into the art deco district. 


Miami Beach has a nightlife that can’t be beaten. If you are not a fan of clubs or drinking, we recommend skipping this section since we are going to make you privy to all the best spots to get your party on. 

Grab a sexy pair of heels, rock your bikini as a going-out top, and have the night of your life at Club Space, STORY, or LIV Miami. All these clubs are going to have incredible DJs pumping loud music, party-goers from all over the world dancing and having fun, and great drinks pouring all night long. 

Miami clubs are known for their celebrity sightings, so keep your eyes peeled for big names like Drake, the Kardashians, and even the queen herself, Jennifer Lopez. 

If you still want to enjoy some adult beverages and have fun without the loud noises, crowds, and dancing, have no fear; there are countless other bars and breweries in the area that are perfect for a more laid-back night on the town. 

Bars like Lost Boy, Mama Tried, and WXYZ Bar will provide you with a more chill and reserved atmosphere with great food and delicious drinks. You don’t need to go wild to have a blast in Miami. 

The nightlife has a reputation for being rowdy and wild, but if that isn’t your style, you can still find spots with low energy and great vibes. Miami Beach is a diverse area that will target all of your vacation requirements, whatever they look like. 

Museums To Check Out

Since it is a major city with a rather dense population and a fascinating history, it is also a hub for some incredible museums. Make the most of your time in Miami Beach and explore the wonderful cultural aspects of the city. 

For modern art lovers, check out the Institute of Contemporary Art. At this museum, you can find incredible pieces of modern art that make political statements, as well as crazy and unique avant-garde art. 

HistoryMiami Museum is an underrated yet excellent way to spend an afternoon in the city. Get a feel of the history of the city and enjoy the interesting and interactive exhibits throughout the building. 

For all science enthusiasts, you should definitely explore the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Not only can you learn all about different scientific ventures and check out the cool exhibitions, such as the coral statues, but you can also venture into the aquarium and planetarium that the museum offers. 

There is a museum in Miami for every kind of enthusiast. Whether you are an art lover or a science nerd, there are endless museums for you to explore and enjoy. 

Miami Beach: The Destination To Beat

You deserve a fun-filled, luxurious vacation, and Miami Beach is the place for you!

From beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, cultural hubs, and exciting nightlife, Miami provides something for every kind of explorer. No matter what you hope to get out of your vacation, Miami is going to provide you with a flawless experience. 

Use our guide to plan your exciting escape to the gorgeous beaches of Miami, and hop on a plane ASAP to soak up the sun and have fun on your next great adventure. 



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