One Piece vs. Two Piece Swimsuit: A Guide

With so much variety out there, it can be hard to decipher which swimsuit styles are best suited to our unique fashion tastes. Thanks to the uptick in size inclusivity, all body types can rock any swimsuit style; what it really comes down to is personal preference!

One piece swimsuits and two piece swimsuits vary a lot in terms of style and coverage. But even within those categories, there is even more variety! When it comes to two pieces especially, there are countless options for you to choose from. 

Everyone has their own comfort level and sense of style when it comes to swimwear. We’re here to guide you through the different pieces to help you choose the best kind of bathing suit for you!

One Piece Swimsuits 

One Piece vs. Two Piece Swimsuit: A Guide

All one piece swimsuits have this in common: they’re one singular garment that covers the entire torso. Despite this similarity, there can be a lot of variety among one piece styles!

There are countless styles and cuts of one piece bathing suits available to choose from. Different kinds of one piece suits expose more or less skin, depending on what level of modesty you’re looking for. You’ll also find different necklines to choose from and different types of sleeves and straps, which can drastically affect the way it fits. 

Let’s break down some of the most popular one piece swimsuit types so you can see how much diversity exists within the one piece swimwear style. Continue reading to learn more about two piece swimsuits as well!

Plunge One Piece Swimsuits

Plunging one piece swimsuits are best sellers, and for good reason! This style is a one piece that covers the entirety of the torso and most of the back, while the neckline is the star of the show. The neckline creates a deep V and exposes a tasteful amount of cleavage. 

This is a one piece swimsuit for those who want to keep it mostly modest while still rocking a bold, sexy look. While some of your bust is exposed, the bathing suit looks flattering and isn’t excessively revealing. It’s the perfect marriage between sex appeal and class. 

Halter One Piece Swimsuits

Similar to the plunging neckline style, halter one piece swimsuits offer a lot of coverage. This style covers your torso, and the two straps connect around the neck to create the halter neckline. 

This bathing suit is stylish and conservative. It’ll make you look chic on the beach without exposing too much skin. 

Strapless and Off-The-Shoulder Options

This style is rather self-explanatory. They are one pieces that are either strapless or sit off the shoulder so that your upper chest, collarbones, and shoulders are the main attraction. 

This style keeps it mostly modest while showing off some skin in this one piece. If you want to have that glamorous beach look and show off those shoulders while still having support, an off-the-shoulder one piece swimsuit is a must! Either option is chic and stylish!

Lingerie Style One Piece Swimsuits

The lingerie style is the term for our top seller one piece swimsuit. It’s a bathing suit with a spaghetti strap neckline that covers the entire torso while perfectly hugging your figure to flaunt your curves. 

The bust has built-in underwire, so there’s plenty of support for your bust. It can offer hints of cleavage, depending on how tight you make the straps, so it can accommodate everyone’s modesty preferences. 

Two Piece Swimsuits

One Piece vs. Two Piece Swimsuit: A Guide

If you want to show off some skin and don’t want your whole body covered in a bathing suit, try a two piece swimsuit!

Two piece swimsuits are bathing suits that come in two pieces: a top and a bottom. There’s plenty of variation in the styles of bathing suit tops, depending on the amount of coverage you want out of your swimwear. Once you pinpoint your ideal top, finding a matching bottom is simple. Go for a standard bikini bottom, or spice up your style with a swim skirt!

The top of the swimsuit tends to be the star of your summer look, and with so much variety, we will break down the three main swimsuit top styles. 

Bikini Tops

Bikini tops provide the most skin exposure, so this is the style for you if you feel confident showing off your body!

These tops mainly cover just your bust and some of your shoulders, depending on your preferred style. 

Just like one piece swimsuits, bikini tops have a wide range of necklines to choose from. Hop on the tube top trend with a bandeau top, or try a strappy cross-back bikini top. With so much variety, you will find the perfect bikini top that will offer you the right amount of support and show off your assets! 

Midkini Tops

Midkinis offer a bit more coverage than bikini tops and more support if you have a larger bust while still showing off a tasteful amount of skin.

Most of your stomach will still be exposed when you rock a midkini top since they tend to cut off just around the waist and often even higher. Much like bikinis, you can rock any kind of neckline with this style. From halters to one-shoulder options, you can show off your cool style and your physique with a midkini top

Tankini Tops

Tankinis offer the most coverage of the three kinds of tops. They tend to cover most of the torso, with perhaps a pop of your midriff region showing. Or, you can go the full coverage, sun protection route with a rash guard!

This style provides comfort, coverage, and style, without confining you to a one piece garment!

Swimwear Chic

At the end of the day, there’s no real contest between one piece swimsuits and two piece swimsuits. Both styles are fashionable and comfortable options for any beach trip. 

What matters most is prioritizing your sense of style and comfort. What you wear has a tremendous impact on your confidence. Whether you prefer to keep it modest or enjoy showing some skin, we hope this guide to one piece vs. two piece swimsuits helps you better understand the two bathing suit types and makes it easier for you to select the best swimwear for you!


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