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Swimwear Separates: The Ultimate Styling Guide

When your favorite swimwear is so stylish, why would you only wear it at the pool? Swimwear separates are fashionable garments that can be styled in many ways at any time of the year. 

Have a bikini top you are obsessed with? Or does your go-to one-piece flatter your body just right? You can incorporate those bathing suits into your daily wardrobe with ease. All you need is a little guidance to help you figure out the best way to style your beloved swimwear separates. 

We’ve curated some of our favorite ways to dress up swimwear separates, so keep reading to learn new ways to style your swim garments for everyday use!

Triangle Bikini Tops

There is nothing as classic as a triangle bikini top. It’s a timeless style that looks great every single summer. But why only wear a triangle bikini to the pool when you can rock it as a streetwear top? 

Bikini tops are some of the easiest swimwear separates to style year-round because they are perfect for layering. Layering is the best way to get the most out of your clothes while still creating new and exciting looks. Regarding triangle bikini tops, your layering options are essentially limitless. 

Rock a triangle bikini underneath a sheer t-shirt or blouse for a flirty going-out look, or layer it underneath sweaters and oversized shirts for a casual style.

Triangle bikini tops are also great for layering underneath cute loungewear outfits. Pair it underneath an oversized tunic with a matching pair of sweat shorts. The pop of a bikini top under your tunic will add a fun, flirty, and laid-back element to the look, while the rest of the garments channel the ultimate cozy chic. 

You can also opt for the trendy bra top style with your triangle bikini top. Instead of wearing an actual bra, you can take the more comfortable but equally stylish route by pairing your bikini top with cool jeans, cargo pants, or even an oversized blazer. 

Bikini tops are the perfect versatile separate, so get to styling and rock your favorite triangle bikini top all year long. 

One-Piece Bodysuits

One-piece swimsuits are made from a combination of spandex and nylon, creating a skin-tight but durable fabric that hugs your figure in all the right places. If you’re struggling to find the perfect bodysuit, why not just repurpose your best one-piece swimsuit? 

Whether you are trying to curate an alluring evening outfit or just want flattering bodysuits to mix into your daily wardrobe, repurposing your one-piece swimwear separates as bodysuits is the way to go. 

When you wear a plunge one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit, we guarantee no one will be able to tell the difference between a garment made for a pool and one made for the club. Plunging one-piece swimsuits are the perfect garment for a girl’s night out since they hug your curves in all the right places and show off your curves. 

You can also use your go-to one-piece swimsuit to layer up with a cardigan and jeans. This is a classic casual look that will never go out of style. 

One-piece swimsuits are one of the best swimwear separates. Whether your style is bold or reserved, you can repurpose your best one-piece suits to create versatile, stylish outfits that can be worn year-round. 

Rash Guards'

With athleisure trends taking over the fashion industry, you can absolutely use your best rash guard as a swimwear separate to create a sporty chic outfit.

Rash guards are long sleeve, tight shirts made from spandex and typically worn as an alternative to a bathing suit top for aquatic sports like surfing. Instead of wearing the rash guard for practical purposes, you can utilize it in cute day-to-day outfits. 

The garment already has a sporty style, so if you want to mix and match it with athleisure pieces, you can pair a rash guard with a mini skirt, jacket, and sneakers. This will create a cool blend of styles to make one cohesive outfit. 

If you prefer to stick to an athletic style, pair the rash guard with some track pants or matching biker shorts and running shoes. You will look like a proper athlete with a stylish twist. 

Bandeau Tops

We all fondly remember the tube top craze of the early 2000s, and like countless other past trends, this style is again on trend. Instead of stocking up on strapless shirts and tube tops, you can repurpose your bandeau swimwear tops to hop on the bandwagon. 

Like the triangle bikini top, you can wear your bandeau bikini top in many layered styles. You will look sassy and stylish if you want to wear it as a stand-alone bra top, or go ahead and wear your bandeau under sweaters, oversized tops, or cutout shirts to show off your cool style. 

If you are more of a tankini person, why not rock your strapless bandeau tankini as a shirt with some jeans to master the Y2K style? Rock a bandeau on a night out, or use it to elevate your casual attire. Either way, it’s a flirty and surprising way to spice up any ‘fit.

Tankini Tops

Y2K trends are making a full comeback, and another way you can join the fad using swimwear separates is to transform your tankini top into a stylish cami tank top. Cami tops are everywhere these days, so repurpose those flattering tankini tops instead of wasting money on new clothes!

The tankini-turned-tank top style is awesome because of its versatility. Perfect for summer, winter, and any season in between, tank tops will never be out of style. 

Whether you want to dress your tankini up or wear it casually for a day of errands, you are guaranteed to look like a fashionista. 

Year-Long Style for Any Swimwear

Your swimwear separates deserve to have a life outside of beach trips and pool days. With bikini tops and plunging one-pieces that are flattering, you will have no trouble styling your separates into incredible outfits. 

Use our guide and turn your swimwear separates into wardrobe staples today!


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