Women’s Plus Size Swimsuits To Show Off Curves

All too often, plus-size swim clothing is designed to look frumpy and unflattering. While you might get a stylish aqua or tie-dye pattern, the fit still needs to be right. No matter your body type, you deserve to wear garments that look incredible and make you feel even better. When you hit the beach this summer, we want to ensure that you feel like your most alluring, confident self. 

Your body is beautiful and should be shown off at the beach and the pool. Whether you want to rock a sultry plus-size swim dress or prefer donning a high-neck halter top and swim shorts, we have you covered with the best styles to try out for your next tropical vacation or sunny staycation. 

Plus-size swimwear comes in all manner of styles, so we have curated a list of some of our favorite tummy-control swimsuits that will hug your figure and show off your curves. Read on, choose between our favorite plus-size swimsuits, and prepare to show up at the beach in fashion. 

Plunge One-Piece

Nothing flatters a curvy figure quite like a plunge one-piece swimsuit, whether it’s a jumpsuit, romper, or any other style. One-piece swimsuits, in general, are excellent options since the thick spandex fabric hugs the body in all the right places. Even better, the plunge adds a sultry flair to this one-piece style. 

Plus-size plunge one-piece bathing suits have deep v-neck cuts down the center that show off your curves tastefully. It is a playfully sultry style because there are subtle pops of skin and cuts to highlight your curves while most of your torso gets full coverage that you wouldn’t get from a separate swim bottom and top.

You will feel like a goddess, and all of your assets will be highlighted. When you secure a plus-size plunge one piece, get ready to have all eyes on you.

Cross Back Bikini

Plus-size curves look immaculate in underwire bikini tops, which is especially true of cross-back bikinis with revealing cutouts. We recommend pairing your plus-size bikini top with a cute swim skirt or a pair of high-waisted boyshorts.

First and foremost, the cross-back bikini is extremely alluring because of how much skin is exposed. This swim top lets you put your gorgeous figure on full display. The excess straps also support your breasts, making them look perky and feel supported. 

Stringy bikinis are especially trendy and give you access to a timeless tantalizing style that will appeal to hipsters and purists alike. What makes them so sexy? There is very little fabric, the strappy style is playful and fun, and the cross-back trend adds a layer of fashion-forwardness, making it an all-around must-have for plus-size women. 


If you want to feel confident without bearing it all, try a plus-size midkini! The high-waisted midkini is the perfect compromise between a high-waisted bikini and a plus-size tankini top. It cuts off in the middle of your torso so that you still show skin without having the show too much. 

Plus-size midkinis are flattering because they hug your body and accentuate your figure like one-piece swimsuits do while providing a playful pop of midriff. 

This is another swimsuit that perfectly toes the line between modesty and appeal; though it will cover up much of your body, you get to show off your curves and have small areas that expose a tasteful amount of skin. 

Pair it with a cute bikini bottom or board shorts to create a stylish plus-size swimwear ensemble. 

Off-the-Shoulder Plus-Size One-Piece Swimsuit

Another take on the plus-size one-piece style that will continue to show off your curves is the off-the-shoulder one-piece swimsuit. Instead of having to pair a specific swimsuit bottom and top, you get your complete look from one garment.

As any other one-piece does, this off-the-shoulder bathing suit will complement your curves and figure in the best way. The fabric squeezes your body and accentuates your curves, showing off your flawless physique. Want to know the best part? The playful short sleeves, of course!

The style is self-explanatory: The sleeves rest off the shoulders so that only your upper chest, shoulders, and collarbones are exposed. It is a gorgeous body part that tends to get overlooked, so this swimsuit presents the perfect opportunity to show off that area of your figure!

La Blanca’s plus-size off-the-shoulder swimsuits are to die for because their shirred sleeves have ruffles that enhance the suit. A slight hint of cleavage peeks through at the top as well. It is the perfect one-piece for showing off your curvy figure. 


Strapless swimsuit top styles are making a massive comeback, and you can hop on the trend while showing off your curves when you rock this bestseller, the plus-size bandeau swimsuit. Bandeau tops can be worn with or without straps with a ruched sweetheart neckline. 

The semi-scoop neck compliments your chest and allows for the perfect amount of cleavage to be on display. If you are nervous about not having enough support with the strapless bandeau, you can instead add the optional thin straps that come with the style to create the right support to keep you perky and supported. 

The plus-size bandeau style comes in several different styles. If you prefer the figure-hugging nature of one-pieces, opt for a plus-size one-piece bandeau swimsuit! If you love a two-piece moment, go for a bandeau tankini swimsuit or bikini style, depending on how much skin you are comfortable showing. 

Bandeaus are flattering, and fun no matter your body type. With cute accessories like a tie front or cutout, they will accentuate your curves and compliment your body, guaranteeing a confident and glowing you.

Lingerie One-Piece

Lingerie is inherently sultry, and plus-size lingerie one-piece swimsuits are designed to flatter your body and flawlessly show off your curves more than a blouson or romper would. The square neck is just low enough to show a little bit of intrigue.

This kind of lingerie is not meant for the bedroom — it is meant to be seen! The plus-size lingerie style has plenty of support for the girls, so they will look and feel their best. The swimsuit teases a slight pop of cleavage, making it even more flattering. 

The lingerie style is designed to define your physique, so it will hug your figure and show off all your curves in a flattering, tasteful way. 

You will look and feel like a fashion model when you hit the pool in a plus-size lingerie one-piece swimsuit this summer!

Curvy, Confident Fashions

Your body is gorgeous, and you deserve to wear swimsuits that reflect your inner vixen. With our curated list of the best swimwear, you can finally rock bathing suits, long-sleeve swimsuit cover-ups, and more that show off your curves while boosting your confidence. 


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