How To Pack Bathing Suits the Right Way

You’re heading on your first cruise in a couple of years and all you can think about is packing. You have your shoes in order, your sundresses chosen, and now all there is to do is think about your bathing suits. 

Since you're packing for a tropical getaway, you want to consider bathing suits with exciting colors, but do you have room for the bright ones and the more sophisticated looks? You don’t want to pack your bathing suits and scrunch up their shape! And you definitely don’t want to leave any of your favorite bathing suits out. 

Packing your suitcase for a tropical getaway can feel like a game of Tetris. How can you fit everything perfectly into your bag, all without damaging things en route? Should you fold your one piece and scrunch up your bikini bottoms? (Psst! Please don’t do either!) Check out these luggage packing tips and learn how to pack your favorite swimsuits like a pro.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a short list of tricks for packing bathing suits the right way. 

Bring Along More Than One

If you’re lucky enough to have a drawer full of gorgeous swimsuits, why not bring all of your options on vacation? You never know if you’ll be in a strappy bikini, floral tankini, or sassy one-piece mood, so pack plenty of choices for your future self. 

You’ll be glad you did! Fashion moods aside, packing multiple swimsuits is practical, too. Have you ever had to shimmy into a wet swimsuit? "Comfortable" isn't the first word that comes to mind. 

When you pack several swimsuits, you can hang your daytime beach suit out to dry and don another suit for moonlight hot-tubbing. Genius! 

If you feel like you don’t have enough room in your suitcase for all of the gorgeous bathing suits you want to pack, always pack one away in your carry-on and your tote for the beach in case you need to change. Don’t skip out on bringing all of your bathing suits on your tropical vacation just because you can’t ‘fit’ them. 

You’re going to want all of your cute bathing suits once you’re laying on the pool deck, so consider packing as many bathing suits as you can. 

Yes, it’s definitely because a floral one-piece and a tiny black bikini aren’t enough for your entire vacation. However, it’s also because sandy swimsuits or chlorine-smelling swimsuits are not ideal to wear, and you’ll definitely run into this issue if you don’t pack enough. 

What if you’re walking from your room on the cruise to a beachside location off the boat and you’re wearing a sandy bikini? Don’t run into avoidable issues. 

Also, by the off chance your luggage gets lost, you’ll want an extra bathing suit, or two, in your carry-on. 

One Simple, One Sophisticated, One Fun

When you’re packing for a tropical vacation, the right way to pack is to consider the different activities you’ll be doing on your trip. If you’re more of a water sports person, consider packing a bathing suit for total coverage and support. 

Also, always pack one sophisticated bathing suit for photos with your partner and family or friends, one simple bathing suit for mixing and matching with other tops and bottoms, and one fun bathing suit for a hot tub night with your friends.

Consider all the activities and adventures you’ll be embarking on during your tropical vacation, and pack accordingly! 

Make the Most of Your Space

Now that you’re getting the green light on packing more bathing suits than you’ll possibly need, let’s talk about how to make the most of your space. 

When packing your bathing suits, definitely pack one in your carry-on, and try to nicely stack the others. If there are top cups in your bathing suits, remember to keep those flat. 

Top cups easily fold and bend, without returning to their original form, so you want to make sure they’re not squished or scrunched for hours in your suitcase. Molded cups provide extra support and accentuate your bust, so it’s important to maintain their structure for the duration of your travels. Stack swimsuit tops with molded cups on top of one another to help prevent them from getting crushed in your suitcase. Plus, packing them this way will conserve space—and who doesn’t want more space for coverups, shoes, and accessories?

You can also utilize the space in your suitcase by rolling your bathing suits into other pieces of clothing, like hats or even shoes. In a sense, you can treat bathing suit bottoms like underwear and roll them up to maximize space.  

Store the Wet Ones

If you’re heading on a tropical vacation, a smart way to keep your bathing suits in tip-top shape is separating the wet ones from the dry ones. 

After you're done dipping into the water for the last time on your tropical cruise trip, have a Ziploc bag ready. Stay prepared with a wet bathing suit storage so that you can float in the water one last time before hopping on the plane back home. 

While you don’t want to deprive yourself of a last-minute swim before you hit the sky for home, you also don't want to shove a sopping wet swimsuit in between your everyday clothes. 

Stash a few gallon-sized plastic bags in your luggage to transport wet swimsuits without getting saltwater or chlorine on the rest of your clothing. Just make sure you unpack these plastic bags quickly when you get home—you don’t want your swimsuits to get musty or moldy!

The more bathing suits you bring on your tropical journey, the more exciting your vacation will be. It doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared for every fashion situation, and for less wet bathing suits you have to re-wear.  

Pack a Travel-Size Delicate or Lingerie Soap for Cleaning Your Suits

Your swimsuits will experience everything over the course of your vacation: chlorine, saltwater, sand, sunscreen, and maybe even a splash of spilled pineapple margarita (hey, no judgment here). Don’t wait until you’re home to clean your beloved swimsuits! 

Pack a small bottle of delicate wash or lingerie soap so that you can freshen up your suits by hand in the hotel room. The longer those liquids and chemicals sit on your suit, the more damage they can do to the elastic, color, and fabric.

Bring Pieces You Can Mix and Match

​​Are you short on luggage space? If you can’t bring every swimsuit your heart desires, bring pieces you can mix and match. For example, black bikini bottoms can be paired with an endless variety of bikini and tankini tops, both printed and solid-colored. A stylish one-piece can double as a bodysuit for an evening out. 

Swim shorts can also work as hiking shorts. Think creatively and pack strategically! With these luggage packing tips and a little practice, you’ll be packing swimsuits like the most experienced jet-setters. Now it's time to unleash your wanderlust. Start your next vacation with a beautiful new swimsuit and a fresh look. Shop La Blanca’s latest swimwear styles today!


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