The Best Swimsuits for Large Busts

Finding a bathing suit is already hard enough but when you have a large bust it makes the process of finding a flattering style all the more difficult.  

All you want is to pick a bathing suit from an online store and have it fit you perfectly.  Unfortunately, online bathing suit shopping doesn't always cater to individuals with large busts. 

The truth is, if you have a larger chest you are going to struggle with finding a bathing suit that will fit you. But have no fear- here's how we're going to make the process a little simpler for you. 


Sizing Can Vary

In general, bathing suit sizing shifts slightly from store to store. What stays the same is that the style of the bathing suit is going to generally fit in the same way.

For example, a halter bathing suit bikini top is going to fit similarly and create the same support for your body across the board. The same goes for a tankini. A lot of tankinis fit in a similar fashion and they have similar purposes to support your bust while giving your stomach some covering. So, let's get started in finding the most flattering bathing suits for individuals with large busts. 


Show It Off or Tone It Down?

Off the bat, decide if you’re more likely to show your larger bust or hide it away. Neither is wrong or right, but if you're interested in showing off your larger bust a great place to start is a padded push-up bikini top. 

There is zero shame in showing off what you got, and if you want to wear a push-up bikini with keyhole detailing- go for it.  

However, if you're an individual that would rather tone it down, a great option for a bikini top is a scoop top that has zero padding. A style like this tends to act like a sports bra. 

This kind of bikini with a scoop neck can still show off what you got but in a more natural way. Also, look out for bikinis that have removable cups because it gives you the option to decide what kind of look you’re going for based on the event or outing you're attending. 

Support Support Support

The general rule of thumb when you have a larger bust is to give yourself support no matter what kind of style you're wearing. You want to make sure that your chest is covered in a way that makes you the most comfortable — you never want to feel overexposed when you're at the beach, on a tropical vacation, on a cruise, or even at a pool party. Especially if you're lounging in the sun amongst family members or even on a work trip, you want to make sure that you are presentable and feel comfortable. 

Support is always the key to feeling like you’re wearing the right bathing suit. A great option that is always supportive and comfortable for individuals with a larger bust is a one-shouldered one-piece. The asymmetrical neckline allows for your curves to still show but it doesn’t reveal too much about your figure. 



One-pieces are extremely flattering for every body type because they tighten any problem areas that you're worried about, and provide total support. One-pieces tend to highlight all figures in a complimenting way. You'll see on the La Blanca site that the models represented in the one-piece style have several different body types.

One-pieces on La Blanca are also exciting because they come in several styles. There is not only the one-shoulder style, but there is also the halter, bandeau, off-the-shoulder, and high neck one-pieces available. 

Some one-pieces on La Blanca also have draping and extra fabric that allows for you to have a little wiggle room when hiding tummy areas that you're worried about. 


Are One-Pieces Boring? 

Sometimes individuals feel like one-pieces are a boring and more mature bathing suit style. The truth is, you can't really go wrong with a one-piece style at any age. 

They're definitely not childlike and they're definitely not for only elderly women. There is a real sense of freedom when wearing a one-piece at the beach and by the pool. One-pieces give you a chance to feel comfortable and supported when you're in a pool or in the ocean instead of that feeling you get when you're wearing a bikini and wondering if it's going to fall off in the waves.

If you have a larger bust, you're going to want to consider a one-piece from La Blanca that is either a high-neck keyhole one piece, an off-the-shoulder ruffle one-piece, or a v-neck ruffle style. 

It really depends on whether or not you want to show off what you got or tuck it away for extra support and comfort around your family and co-workers. 


Patterns and Cutouts

What's great about the one-pieces at La Blanca is that they come in various patterns, colors, and cut-out styles which allow you to highlight different areas of your figure without going over the top to show off your bust. 

If you really want to keep it conservative there are incredible options at La Blanca like the Island Goddess Lace Back one-shoulder one-piece which really details your shoulders and back, instead of your bust. 

Another option from La Blanca that is highly flattering for individuals with larger busts is the Eclectic Shore One Shoulder Keyhole one-piece. This option really highlights your waist area and your torso because of the tie cut-out feature on this bathing suit. 



Moving on from one-pieces, there are several other options that are incredible for individuals with larger busts. If you're looking to support your large bust in the most flattering way, consider a cross-back bikini top that isn't stuffed with padding. The cross-back feature gives you the support that you need because of its straps. There is a mechanism here in play. If you pull the cross-back tie, you can adjust the amount of support that you're getting from your top. 

Another top that is definitely the best for a larger bust, is the halter look. There is a huge sense of support in this style of bikini and what's exciting about the La Blanca halters is that they’re reversible! 

Yes to Tankinis, No to Bandeaus

Another style to definitely consider for a larger bust is a tankini. Tankinis are incredibly flattering for everybody, but they're specifically helpful for individuals that have larger busts. 

Tankinis give a sense of support and they also hide tummy areas that might feel like a problem. Although your body is beautiful no matter what you look like, when you're wearing a bathing suit you can feel kind of exposed. 

If you consider a tankini and you have a larger bust, try a halter tankini top like the Apulia from La Blanca, or the Eclectic Shore Halter Tankini top that comes in an incredible pattern that helps distract from possible problem areas or too much exposure. 

A style to avoid with a larger bust is usually a bandeau tankini. Support is always most helpful with a top that has straps that you can adjust. If you tend to fit into a larger bra size, you're going to want to have straps holding up your bathing suit too. 

Although bandeaus are great for avoiding tan lines, a tankini, in general, isn't the best suit style to tan in, so chances are you're probably not sitting out in the sun for hours in this kind of bathing suit anyway. Avoid bandeaus if you have a larger bust, you won’t get the support you’re looking for with this style. 


Tankinis Provide Support and Coverage

The Island Goddess Keyhole tankini top is an incredible choice for an individual with a larger bust. The reason behind this is that the support leans over to one shoulder and connects around to a double strap system in the back. You're still able to expose certain areas of your figure, but you’ll get the support you need.

There is a sporty sense to this tankini that is highly flattering and slims you right down. 

For an individual with a larger bust, the Moonlit Silhouette Twist Tieback tankini is absolutely incredible because it gives the most support on both sides of your bust. What's helpful about this tankini is that it complements your body and allows for adjustments in the back to be made with the tie and movable straps. 


The Best Style for You

You want to make sure that you always find the right fit and style that's going to be compatible with how you like to feel at the beach. If you're really comfortable with your body, wearing a v-neck bikini top is definitely an option that you can consider as long as there's enough support for you. Have we said ‘support’ enough? 

Don’t skip out on support if you have a larger bust — it’s the most important feature to look for in a bathing suit. It’s important for you to walk onto a pool deck or walk along the beach and feel confident in your bathing suit. The key to having a successful cruise, pool day, or beach day with family, is understanding the level of support you need from your bathing suit top and bottoms. 

If you're =shy about your body, just went through a weight change with pregnancy, or recently came out of many winter months of not exercising, consider a tankini that slims you down and covers you up where you want to be covered. Always choose the style that is right for your body and the headspace you’re in. Trying to squeeze into a small bikini is never helpful if you’re not comfortable. It’s your body, and you need to make the rules with what works and what doesn’t.

What Makes YOU Comfortable?

The truth is, you know your body better than anyone else, and if a style feels right for you — go for it! If a cross-back bikini, an off-the-shoulder, or one-piece fits your comfort level, then purchase what is right for you.

What's great about La Blanca is that we have a 30-day trial period that allows you to try on as many new bathing suits as you want and return what isn't working for you within 30 days. 

If you're trying out a bathing suit style for the first time, make sure to wear it around people you're already comfortable with. If you're heading to a pool party around a bunch of people you don't know, it's probably not the best time to try out a one-piece.  

However, if you're having a girls' day by the pool, definitely consider trying on all your bathing suits for them and getting a second opinion. When it comes down to it though, you should always wear what feels supportive for you because you know your body and your comfort zone.


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