Resort Elegant Attire: The Ultimate Guide

There is no experience quite like staying at a resort. The rooms are lavish, the food is to die for, the amenities are elite, and best of all, you are likely visiting a glamorous destination. 

Tropical vacations require a lot of planning, and one of the factors you need to consider is your wardrobe. Packing can feel like an impossible task, especially when you are not clear on the unofficial vacation dress code. 

The problem of packing multiplies when you are traveling to a luxury resort. You will want to look and feel as luxurious as the environment you’ll be staying in. For this kind of trip, you should curate a wardrobe that screams resort elegance. 

The term might sound intimidating, but have no fear! We are here to guide you through the packing process so that you pack clothes that will make you feel cute and confident, while also displaying that “resort elegance.” Read on for a full guide on resort elegant attire and get ready to consciously pack your bags. 

What Is Resort Elegance? 

The term “resort elegance” might at first glance seem pretentious, or an unnecessary standard to live up to on your vacation — that could not be further from the truth. Try not to get stuck on the term itself. All resort elegant attire refers to making sure you pack the right clothes for yourself, taking into account the kind of excursions you will be taking. 

You might hear elegant and think that means you need to be prepared for a black-tie event. That could not be further from the case. You can look elegant in athleisure, swimwear, or even in sweats. 

When you pack for your resort experience, you will need to pack for a variety of experiences and activities. You should also feel sexy and confident in your vacation attire, so we are here to guide you through your packing experience to ensure you have curated a resort elegant wardrobe. 

Keep reading for a breakdown of the kind of garments you should consider packing for your resort trip.

Sundresses for Days Out 

You are sure to step out of your luxury resort at some point during the duration of your trip. Whether you are staying in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or even Mexico, you will want to do a little exploring. Why not explore in style?

For days spent checking out the cool architecture of the destination you are visiting, trying out food from an authentic restaurant, and just strolling the streets, you should consider packing a sundress. 

Sundresses are a simple way to achieve that resort elegant style, and the perfect garment to don for a day spent strolling and exploring. You won’t be doing anything too extraneous that you’ll need to wear athletic garb, and you also likely won’t be venturing into places that will require fancy attire, so we recommend taking the middle ground with a cute sundress. 

It requires very little effort to look cute and put together. And the best part? You will be extremely comfortable. If you are vacationing somewhere warm and tropical, you will want to wear garments that are loose and appropriate for excessive sun exposure. Sundresses are light and airy, flattering, and perfect for warm climates. 

This also is the perfect opportunity to express your individual style more. Choose a sundress with cool patterns, florals, or even vibrant colors. It is a moment for you to show off your fashion sense without having to put forth too much effort. 

You will absolutely want to have a sundress with you for your resort trip, so snoop through your closet and choose one or two of your favorites to bring along with you. 

Formal Dining Attire

The restaurants within resorts tend to be more upscale, which will require some slightly more formal attire. Wine and dine in style and be sure to select garments that will make you look well put together and classy. 

If you want to take the simple yet effective route, consider bringing a more formal dress along with you. You might consider a sleek, silk dress for a formal dinner. 

Silk is always a classy choice, as the fabric looks smooth and chic. It is a dress style that flatters any body type, and any style.

You do not need to wear a dress to look dressed up, however. You might instead opt for a pair of dressier palazzo pants and a chic blouse or tank top. Palazzo pants are wide and flowy. They are an excellent classier pant choice to bring with you to your resort, especially given their breathability. 

You should also consider bringing a maxi or midi skirt. Long skirts are extremely versatile. They are excellent for casual days, while also remaining appropriate for more formal occasions, like a fancy dinner. 

There are many options to consider when it comes to formal dining. Whatever your style is, as long as you are prepared with fancy garments for a nice resort dinner, you are well on your way to achieving that resort elegant attire.

Swimwear Chic

Resort Elegant Attire: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are staying at an oceanside resort or will be escaping to a destination with luxurious pools and hot tubs, you are going to need some stylish swimwear in your suitcase. 

When you consider the kind of swimwear you want to bring along with you, try to grab at least one swimsuit that is secure and comfortable for a day of swimming or enjoying the ocean waves. You should also bring at least one swimsuit that is more suitable for lounging and tanning (though, be sure to pack lots of sunscreen too). Finally, you will want to pack a cover-up garment. 

A sexy plunge one-piece swimsuit is a must-have for a well-curated resort elegant attire. Plunge one-piece swimsuits are flattering and comfortable, while also having a tasteful amount of cleavage exposed for a sexy flair. 

If you feel confident in a bikini, be sure to pack your favorites. For a swimming day, consider packing a halter top bikini. Halters tend to keep everything in place well and will be comfortable even after diving headfirst into the deep end of the resort pool. 

Express your style a bit when it comes to your coverup. You might opt for a snazzy kimono robe, with bright colors and fun patterns. You can also give a stylish caftan a try. Caftans are a little more conservative, but are very chic and will make you look glamorous by the poolside. 

No resort elegant attire is complete without a comprehensive selection of swimwear. So long as you feel sexy and confident in your swimsuit choices, you will fit right in at the resort pool. 


You do not need to be a particularly athletic or sporty person to rock a collection of athleisure. In fact, athleisure is currently dominating the fashion industry

That being said, a tropical resort escape is going to call for some stylish athletic wear. With countless hiking trails, fitness centers, and days spent walking around exploring new cities, you will want to be dressed comfortably. 

A pair of leggings is a resort elegant attire must-have. Pair it with a sports bra for a cheeky athletic style, or wear a compression tank top or rash guard to keep it comfortable and stylish. 

You will also want to be sure to pack a comfortable pair of sneakers or running shoes along with you. If you plan on doing any hiking, you will feel silly if you don’t have the appropriate shoes on hand. There is nothing chicer than feeling comfortable in your clothes, so a stylish, well-fitting pair of sneakers is a necessity. 

Athleisure is a relatively vague term, but as long as you pack some of your most comfortable and stylish leggings, shorts, and compression shirts, you will be ready for any adventure. 


The most important factor in your vacation wardrobe is loungewear. When staying in a resort, you will be engaging in a lot of relaxing activities. Whether that includes enjoying your suite, taking advantage of the spa treatments, or even hanging out by the resort’s fire pit, you will want to do that in your coziest garments. 

Pack matching knitwear sets to look chic and cozy all at the same time. Knit shorts with a knit sweater on top will make you look effortlessly cute and well put together, even when you are just relaxing. 

Be sure to pack your favorite gray sweats. Gray sweats match virtually everything and will be the perfect versatile bottom garment. Have a chill morning in your room, or sit on the balcony at night and enjoy the cool air in your gray sweats. 

Palazzo pants are another excellent option for loungewear. If you secure a pair that is more casual and made from cotton, you will feel cozy while looking well put together. 

You need some stylish loungewear to complete your curated resort elegant attire. Be sure to stick to monochrome sets and your coziest sweats, and you are sure to look and feel sexy and stylish. 

Vacation in Style 

There are many ways for you to curate the perfect resort elegant attire. Use our guide to break down the kind of activities you plan on engaging in on your next trip and be sure to pack the clothes that make you feel the most confident. 

As long as you feel sexy and confident in your vacation picks, you will have no problem acquiring the perfect resort elegant attire.



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