12 Bikini Poses To Show Off Your Swimwear

You love your swimwear and look flawless in your favorite bikini, so why not show it off? 

The best way to flex your bikini and put your confidence on full display is with a mini photoshoot. Spam your Instagram and Facebook feed with your bikini pics to show yourself and your style off. 

The only hard part is figuring out the right poses. Getting your pictures taken can feel awkward, but we are here to help you navigate the process and perfect your poses. Below we’ve listed all of our favorite bikini poses for you to try out. 

Read our list of pose ideas to show off your swimwear and look as chic as a celebrity!

1. Edge of the Pool Pose

Start off your bikini photoshoot session with something simple: Sit on the edge of the pool! If you have access to a pool for your pics, definitely take advantage of it, and utilize it as a prop. This pose is a great first candidate because you can get several flattering angles. 

Sit on the side of your pool, put your feet in the water, place your arms on the ground by your sides, and lean back slightly. This pose is simple but very effective. 

Leaning back and slightly arching your back will allow you to emphasize your assets. So, if you take a picture from behind, you can make your bottom look picture-perfect while also showing off your bikini. You can also have your designated photographer friend pick your good side and take shots of your side profile. That way, you can highlight your torso and backside. 

This pose is perfect for showing off your swimsuit while displaying your sassy, picturesque personality. So, go take a seat on the edge of the pool and let this pose work its magic. 

2. The Plandid

Another simple but effective pose is what we like to call the plandid pr “planned candid.” This is a strategic pose that will make you look caught off guard and effortlessly photogenic. Everyone loves a faux-candid picture moment, so your notifications will blow up when you utilize this clever pose. 

For this pose, you can improvise a bit, but we recommend standing with your legs one in front of the other like you are walking towards the camera, looking to the side, and laughing. You can run a hand through your hair or even just position your arms by your sides in a walking stance. 

This pose will put your stylish bikini on full display, while showing off your photogenic side. It’s a foolproof way to show off your swimwear with ease. 

3. Hands to the Sky

The hands-to-the-sky pose is a classic stance that will flatter your figure and put your swimwear on display!

To achieve this pose, simply stand up and stretch your arms above your head like you are reaching toward the sky. Then, either position your head to look up to the sky along with your arms or tilt your head upwards and rest it on one of your arms.

Stretching your arms upward like that will make your torso look longer, and your bust will look extra perky. You will look and feel sultry when you try out this pose — and your entire swimsuit will be seen so that you can also flex your fashion-forward sense of style. 

4. Kneeling Pose

Kneeling is another classic swimsuit pose, and it is a great way to show off your curves while also showing the world your cute bikini. 

For this pose, you will kneel on the ground (ideally on sand if you are taking beach pics) and sit on the back of your feet. You should then lean forward, slightly arching your back, and rest your arms flat on your thighs. You will look like a beachy goddess, we promise.

5. Pop the Hip

This pose is rather self-explanatory, but it gets the job done. 

All you need to do is stand up, put a bit of space in between your legs, then put one arm on your waist while the other rests by your side, and pop the corresponding hip. This stance will make your body look curvy and does a stellar job showing off your bikini. 

It's a classic stance for a reason, so try it out and watch the magic happen!

6. Three-Quarter Turn

The three-quarter turn pose is another way to show off your backside and your side profile at the same time. 

Stand up and face away from the camera, but turn your torso and head three-quarters of the way so that your head is facing the camera. This way, you can let your gorgeous body be the main attraction while also showing off your stunning face!

This pose makes you look casual but picturesque, all while allowing you to flex your sexy bikini or stylish one-piece bathing suit

7. Lay Down and Arch Back

This pose will make you look like you were cut out of a Sports Illustrated magazine.

Master this pose and put that bikini of yours on display but laying down on your back, put your arms by either side and lift your torso up slightly, arching your back at the same time. To add some drama to the photo, consider bending your knees slightly and looking upwards. 

This pose will make your body look flawless, display your swimwear, and allow you to highlight all of your best features at once.

8. Walk Away

This is yet another “candid” style pose, and it will make you look like an effortless beach goddess. 

Turn away from the camera, walk away with one foot in front of the other slightly, subtly arch your back some, and run your hands through your hair. This will make you look unknowingly glamorous and present a great opportunity to pop your booty. 

This pose is a must-have for your beachy Instagram photo dump and will perfectly display both your figure and your swimwear. 

9. Hands on the Hips

This pose displays your swimwear and your confidence. 

Stand up, separate your feet by a few inches, then put both of your hands on your hips. Your entire body will be laid out in this picture, so it presents the perfect opportunity to show off your hot body and your hot swimwear!

For an extra tip, we recommend having your photographer couch down and take this photo from below at an upward-facing angle. That way, your torso will look long and model-like, and your bikini truly gets to be the star of the show. 

10. Lay on Your Stomach

This is another simple pose to try: Just lay on your stomach, kick your feet in the air, and rest your head on your hands. You can arch your back slightly to make your bum stick out and look extra photogenic. Flash your best smile and take pride in this pose's ability to show off your bikini and your amazing picture-taking skills. 

11. Sit Down and Lean Back

Choose any surface to sit down on. From there, you can either stretch your legs out to put them on full display or even opt for a more playful criss-cross position. 

Then, you should place your arms on either side of you and lean back slightly. This pose stretches out your torso and gives you that model-like appearance that will earn you much praise on your social media accounts. 

Your swimsuit will be on full display, and your body will look long and sexy—the ideal bikini pose!

12. Lie on Your Side

Finally, consider taking a casual but sultry approach to your next Insta post. 

For this pose, you will lay down on your side, stretch your legs out, and rest one arm casually on your side while the other arm holds your head up. You will look relaxed and cool as you show off your stunning body and stylish swimwear. 

It is a pose that can be best described as casually cool, just like you.

Strike a Pose!

Any of the above poses are sure to make you look and feel confident and sexy, all while putting your stylish swimwear on full display. Pick your favorite and stick to it, or treat yourself to a whole photo shoot and give each pose a try. Whichever pose you try, we guarantee it will perfectly flaunt your bikini, so strike a pose!


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