6 Elongating Short Torso Swimsuits You’ll Love

Shopping for your figure can sometimes be a drag; it’s difficult to know which skirt or pants will be slimming. Combine that with keeping up with the season’s hottest trends, and it can feel like an overwhelming task to select an outfit that you will look and feel good in. 

If you are petite, then making these kinds of decisions can feel even more challenging because you’re not only concerned with style and flattering your figure, but you want your clothing to fit well. Selecting a bathing suit is no different; there are some shapes that just stand out above the rest. Keep reading for some of our suggestions on flattering, elongating, and stylish swimsuits that will elongate your torso and have you feeling as good as you look. 

Everybody Is Different 

You’re on the search for the perfect bathing suit, but it may feel difficult, especially when you aren’t sure of your figure. A flattering swimsuit will boost your confidence at the beach or poolside. Whether you're tall, petite, curvy, or just looking to try a new style of bathing suit, the priority is that you feel comfortable in your clothing. 

If you aren’t willing to compromise style for comfort, it just means that you'll have to do a little bit of extra research to make sure that whatever outfit you choose is the perfect fit for your figure.

The perfect swimsuit can often be a gamechanger. If you are looking to elongate your torso, you’ll want to find a swimsuit that is not only going to highlight your natural figure but lengthen your torso to appear as long and lean as possible. 

1. High-Cut For Longer Legs 

The 80s have been back in style for a while, but high-cut bathing suits are a timeless move if you're looking to elongate a short torso. A higher-cut bottom actually gives the appearance of longer legs (from both front and back) in addition to creating a lengthening line with the bathing suit bottom itself. 

Be mindful of how high cut your bathing suit bottom is. If you’re looking to elongate, not compress, your torso, it’s about finding that balance between too high-cut, and low-slung. Keep your bathing suit bottoms just below the hip bones for a gentle elongation of your legs and midsection. 

2. Say Yes to String Bikinis

String bikinis are a classic and for good reason. The top and bottoms are both adjustable by strings, which means they can be changed for different body types. Just like a high-cut bikini bottom, the ties on string bikinis can be adjusted to any height or length, giving you an opportunity to create a higher-cut bottom. 

String bikinis are also great because of their halter neck top. With the tie of the top being around the beck, the strings draw the eye upwards and in towards the neck, creating a delicate curvature between the torso and shoulders. 

Though there are many variations of string bikinis, this triangle halter top by La Blanca includes a flattering v-neck cut, and a neck and back tie for effortless adjustability and comfort. Whichever style of a string bikini you choose, prioritize one with a flattering neckline, all-over prints, and flexible adjustments. 

3. Elongate With a High Neck

High neck bathing suits never go out of style, especially if you’re looking to create a long and lean impression of a shorter torso. One of the best things about high-neck suit styles is that they can be found on almost any kind of bathing suit; from tankinis to two pieces, a high neck will always be flattering for petite figures. 

The reason why high necklines successfully elongate is that they draw the eye all the way up to the top of the suit. Paired with high-cut bottoms or a low-cut back, you’ll have an all-around elongating and flattering swimsuit. 

Whether you embrace a high neck swimsuit with a keyhole front or a more athletic cut for snorkeling and watersports, your suit will be doing the work for you as it elongates in all the right places, and flatters your figure. 

4. A Skirt for Every Activity

If you're looking to elongate your torso, one of the more effective ways to do it is like creating length in your legs. Consider a cute and stylish swim skirt. A skirt with patterns, layers, and ruffles can create elongation around your natural figure, while not breaking up the body into compressing segments. 

The Tropea Breeze Ruffle skirted bottom from La Blanca is figure-flattering from top to bottom, with a shirred skirt and ruffles. This bottom can be worn on the tennis court or while relaxing by the pool. Whatever activity you find yourself involved in, the skirt will be right there to keep you looking stylish, sophisticated, and ready for any activity. 


5. One Shoulder Is Enough

If the simplicity of string bikinis or one-pieces aren't appealing to you, and you'd rather create an elongated torso through another strategy, try asymmetry. An asymmetrical or one-shoulder top can be a really effective way to create length between your torso and shoulders in addition to drawing a visual line along the natural structure of your body. 

6. Play With Patterns 

Another elongating strategy to lengthen a short torso is through vibrant patterns and colors. Select a swimsuit with patterns like animal print or tropical minimalism for an exciting complement to flatter your figure. Embrace the warmth and vibrance of the summertime with a statement suit that will be sure to create length through energized patterns and prints.

Elongating Swimsuits for the Win

Whether you’re looking to keep it classic or make a statement with your swimsuit this season, the priority should always be to maximize comfort without compromising style. If you’re looking to elongate a petite figure, lengthen your legs, and draw attention upwards, consider one of these styles for short torsos. 

Bikinis and halter tops draw the eye up and in, while high necks and high-cut bottoms create length through visual contouring and flattering your natural form. Finding the perfect suit for your shape can feel like a challenge, but working to highlight and shape your natural figure will be a successful endeavor with the right suit. 

Prioritize comfort, style, and confidence with one of these short-torso swimsuits. Try out a number of styles, select the ones that you feel best in, and head to the pool. Everyone deserves to feel confident and supported in swimwear, so why not highlight your natural figure while you’re at it? 


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