6 Long Torso Swimsuits for Tall Women

Have you ever walked into a dressing room, went to try on a bathing suit top, and it doesn't seem to cover your entire torso? Maybe you’ve slipped into a one-piece swimsuit and it felt tight on your shoulders or bottom? If these two instances sound like you, then you probably have a long torso. 

There's nothing wrong with having a long torso, but sometimes it can be challenging when choosing a swimsuit for a summer vacation or even a cruise. The key to finding the right bathing suit for your body is to always search for a fit that is comfortable and supportive for your body. Depending on how active you are at the beach, you want to make sure that you also consider a bathing suit that compliments your style of 'beaching.' 

If you tend to lounge about and tan in the sun, your long torso would probably work well in a triangle bikini. However, if you like to play volleyball with friends or play along the seaside with your family, a high-waisted bottom and a cross-back top can serve as a more supportive fit for you. 



If you have a long torso it doesn't always mean that you have long legs. This is an important factor when choosing the right bathing suit for your body type. 

Consider a one-piece bathing suit that will maximize the support for your seaside adventures.   When choosing a one-piece bathing suit, you want to consider the straps and upper torso comfort you'll be receiving.   

Since you have a long torso you don't want straps that inhibit your range of motion. If you find that one-piece bathing suits are usually tight on your top or pulling up on your bottom, consider an off-the-shoulder one piece that gives the top of your torso a little breathing room. 


Bandeau one-pieces are also favorable for individuals with long torsos for the same reason.  Without any tight straps, bandeau and off-the-shoulder one-pieces are a great fit for individuals with long torsos. If you tend to find the straps on your one-piece suit leaving marks after an hour of wear, definitely consider a one-piece that allows the top of your torso free range of motion. 



A tankini top is another example of a bathing suit that works for a long torso individual. Without feeling uncomfortable tugging and pressure from straps up top, the tankini style is a top that works well for long torsos. What's great about the tankini style is that you can pair this look with boy shorts, high-waisted shorts, skirted shorts, and hipster shorts too. 


Working with a tankini style and various bottoms allows for a long torso individual to feel supported from top to bottom, while also proportioning out your body. It's not that a long torso is unflattering, but there are simple ways to trick the eye into making a long torso appear more proportional to the rest of your body (just like there are ways to make your long torso look longer). 


One way to elongate your already long torso would be to wear hipster or classic bikini bottoms and a triangle bikini top. With this pairing, the length of your torso will visually extend. It's like slipping into an old pair of low-rise denim from the 2000s.  

Since we're going for a more proportional route, wearing a tankini top with a styled bottom of your choice will help keep your torso proportional to your legs and the rest of your body. 


High-Waisted Bottoms

Another way to keep your long torso proportional is to consider high-waisted bikini bottoms. Visually, the bottom half of your long torso will be cut off and broken up into sections that will keep you looking proportional. What's great about wearing a high-waisted bikini bottom is the chance to pair it with any style top. 


With a high-waisted bikini bottom you'll be able to try out a halter top, a triangle top, and the cross-back style top, without the worry of your torso looking way longer than your legs. 

​​High-waisted bottoms also provide support to the bottom half of your torso so that you can have a more active experience on the beach, or in the pool. 

Board Shorts

Maybe you're looking for a more full coverage style; in that case, the board shorts that we have at La Blanca are a great compliment to a long torso. 

Our board shorts hit at the same spot as a lot of our high-waisted bottoms. They also separate your torso into two broken-up sections that allow for you to feel comforted at the beach or by the pool while still flattering your figure. Board shorts are also a great fit if you are an active surfer and need extra protection to avoid chafing and rashes. 



Triangle tops and mid-rise bikini bottoms are another great pairing for a long torso individual.  Once again, with this two-piece look, you will get the perfect visual spacing you need on your torso to break up its length into proportional pieces. The mid-rise bottom allows for your beautiful long torso to still be shown while keeping support and comfort in consideration.  

The truth is, you don't want to completely hide your long torso, and with the mid-rise style you don't have to. Especially if you're tanning in the sun, a mid-rise bottom will allow for you to get the clean tan you want, without awkward low or high torso tan lines. 

There is nothing wrong with having a long torso; in fact, your body is stunning no matter the length of your torso. However, you know yourself best and what makes you comfortable at the beach and around your family and friends. Depending on the kind of beachgoer you are, always consider comfort before style. 

There’s nothing worse than walking along a beach and worrying about your swimwear riding up or pinching at your shoulders, or jumping in the waves and your suit falling down.

Comfort Is Key

Comfort has to come before style when bathing suit shopping, which is why this list will guarantee you comfortable suits for your long torso. The styles suggested are obviously highly flattering for your long torso, but comfort always comes before style in any bathing suit purchase. Hopefully, you’ll always find a piece where comfort and style exist hand in hand.  

At La Blanca, we pride ourselves on providing comfortable fits for all body types. We also never let up on style. Part of finding comfort in a bathing suit is knowing that the style looks killer on your body. Confidence is key in feeling comfortable and ready to take on any beach moment- whether you’re accompanied by friends or family, or heading there alone. 


Only You Know You

For individuals with a long torso, a cover-up and wrap skirt is also a great way to transition from a bathing suit to a tropical outfit, while still staying in style. Consider more than a bathing suit when you head to the beach or pool, and always choose what’s best for you in any swimwear situation. 

Like we always say, only you know you, so let yourself decide what swimsuit works the best for your specific torso length and height, but consider these tips during your decision-making process. 




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