6 Rules for Washing & Caring for Your Designer Swimwear

Swimwear requires cleaning just like the rest of your clothes, but not in the same way. If you tend to throw your swimsuit in the washing machine and forget about it… please read this! Your favorite bikini is literally begging you to stop. Learn how to wash your swimsuit by following these six rules for caring for and washing your designer swimwear to keep it looking pristine and fitting beautifully from season to season.

#1: Rinse your swimsuit ASAP after swimming.

When you take your swimsuit off after a day of aquatic fun, get in the habit of immediately rinsing it in cold to lukewarm water. You can do this quickly in the sink or bathtub, and then come back later to give your suit the handwashing it deserves. (Yes, we said handwashing!) Chlorine, salt, sunscreen, and other chemicals can damage the fabric and fit of your suit, so it’s best to rinse it off with tap water as soon as you can.

#2: Don’t put your swimsuit in the washing machine.

Please, just don’t. It might seem like a convenient time saver, but you’ll end up buying a new bathing suit much sooner than you’d like if you constantly turn to the washing machine for swimsuit care. Instead, wash your swimsuit by hand in cold to lukewarm water. Use a delicate cleaner or soft detergent every three washes, like Forever New Delicate Fabric Wash. It's organic, biodegradable, and super safe for swimwear. You can find it online or at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Bergdorf Goodman. Wash your bathing suit with a little extra TLC and it will continue to look brand new for years to come.

#3: Don’t wring out a wet suit or put it in the dryer.

So, you've just hand washed your suit. (Insert applause here!) What do you do next? Whatever you do, don’t wring out a wet swimsuit like you’d wring out a wet washcloth – this will stretch and damage the fabric. Instead, carefully squeeze out excess moisture and then hang or lay the suit out flat to dry. And forget about the dryer. The high heat can alter the suit's color, shape, and fit, so it's best to air dry whenever possible.

#4: Don’t dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight.

When you lay your swimsuit out to air dry, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight. Your swimsuit will still dry in the shade. Bright, direct sunlight can cause the suit's beautiful colors to fade, making your suit look dingy and worn-out. You want to keep your swimsuit looking as vibrant as the woman wearing it!

#5: Try to avoid getting lotion or oil on the fabric.

This is easier said than done, but the less sunscreen or suntan oil that gets on your swimsuit, the better. Certain chemicals in these products can actually break down the elastic in your suit. No one wants a distorted, stretched out bikini! If possible, apply your lotion or oil before putting on your swimsuit. Wash your hands, give the lotion a few minutes to soak in, and then put on your swimsuit.

#6: Watch out for rough surfaces.

The telltale sign of an old swimsuit is pilling fabric. Those ugly little bobbles of fuzz are so unsightly! The easiest way to avoid pilling is to be careful around rough surfaces, like boardwalk benches, concrete pool ledges, and the like. Surfaces like these can pull at the fabric and cause it to pill or even tear. Lay down a towel or put on your cover-up before sitting on any surface that isn’t smooth, and be careful not to brush up against coarse walls. You want to keep your swimsuit looking flawless, just like you! Caring for your designer swimwear may take few extra minutes, but it's totally worth it when you look and feel your best at the beach and beyond. If you haven’t taken the best care of your old swimsuits, or perhaps you just want a fresh start from bikini top to bottom, then turn to La Blanca. We can help you refresh your look with a trendy new swimsuit!

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