The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Bathing Suit Tops

Find a Swimsuit Top That Can't Be Topped!

Triangles and underwires and push-ups… oh, my! With so many different types of swimsuit tops to choose from, how do you pick the one that’s most flattering for your figure? Forget the guesswork. With our helpful guide to swimsuit tops, choosing one that fits perfectly is no longer a game of chance!

Finding the perfect bathing suit top for your body type is achievable. In the past, you might have been wearing bandeau tops that didn't exactly complement your figure. Maybe in the past, you've also been wearing bathing suit tops and wondering why they don't compliment you like they do other women. 

That's because your body type might be different from the women that can pull off a bandeau bikini top. 

On the other hand, maybe the bandeau bikini top is exactly what you should be wearing, and you’ve yet to discover it!  

When bathing suit designers make their swimsuits, they consider the individual that will be wearing them.  There are bathing suits out there that are literally designed for your body, and finding the right bathing suit top is a great way to start your new collection of suits that are actually right for you.

Bandeau Bikini Tops

The bandeau swimsuit top is simple in construction but playful and chic in effect. This is the perfect, flirty choice for sunbathers looking to show their stomachs and get maximum sun. Notably (and thankfully!), there is a style of bandeau swimsuit for women of every bust size, but typically the bandeau top compliments and highlights women with rectangular body shapes. 

The bandeau bikini top is flattering on women that have an athletic figure or rectangular body shape. 

Garden Social Bandeau Top

For women with smaller busts, a strapless bandeau top with a sweetheart neckline, ruching, ruffles, or bold pattern can give the illusion of fuller curves. This style is simple and chic while drawing attention to and complementing the chest.

Island Goddess Bandeau Bikini Top

A bandeau top with straps is a better choice for women with larger busts. Styles that tie in the back and around the neck can provide lift and support, perfectly customized to your size.

Brushstroke Petals V Bandeau Bikini Top

For those looking for modern and high style, we recommend a V-neckline bandeau paired with a high-waisted bottom. The paintbrush pattern and accenting gold hardware elevate this strapless swim top.

Halter Bikini Tops

The halter top bikini style is a classic. With adjustable straps that tie around your neck and back, you’re able to tailor the lift according to your size and preference. Halter neck bikinis come in a variety of cuts and styles, from show-stopping deep v-necklines to elegant high neck halters. In other words, there’s a halter swimsuit for every body type! Here are some of our favorites this season. Halter Bikini tops are perfect for women who need a little extra support. Whether you sport a heavy chest, or simply want the support so you can remain active on the beach, this top is a great start to a bathing suit that compliments you. 

Island Goddess Cut Out Halter Bikini Top

It's modern, sexy, and also incredibly comfortable. The cut out halter top design of this bikini top is simple but also provides that extra something you've been looking for. It's banded and also has wider straps, so it actually provides extra comfort and support. We think you'll love it!

Flyaway Orchid Ruffle Halter Bikini Top

Sometimes you just want to feel girly. An ultra fem bikini can make you feel empowered. The Flyaway Orchid ruffle bikini top is a romantic and feminine choice in the greater swimsuit world of solid colors and harsh lines. This bathing suit top is complimentary for women with a more curvy body, but can also be helpful to bring out curves in women with a more rectangle-shaped figure!

Halter Bikini Tops in general are helpful for women who need support, whether that’s supporting what’s already there or supporting something into existence, is up to you.   

Tankini Tops

The beauty of the slimming tankini top is two-fold: it smoothes and conceals in the tummy area while simultaneously contouring your feminine curves. The tankini style is a perfect choice for the woman who wants the modest, sophisticated coverage of a one-piece, but the undeniable convenience of a two-piece.

Island Goddess Halter Tankini Top

If you’re searching for a swimsuit top that flatters your stomach, look for tankinis with an abundance of shirring, ruching, and textured details across the midsection. Also, consider a top that has an array of patterns and colors so that you can distract the eye from your figure and cater more to the beautiful bathing suit covering it!  

Triangle Bikini Tops

When we say the word “bikini,” does a triangle top come to mind? This traditional bikini top style made its first appearance in 1946 and has been in style ever since!

Triangle tops are typically flirty and playful, and a complementary fit for women who want to enhance their natural shape. Triangle-style bikini tops are often extremely customizable, with adjustable bust coverage and ties around the back to tailor fit and lift. The deep cut of triangle tops highlight the décolletage—one reason this style is a surefire way to turn heads from the boardwalk to the beach.

Triangle tops are flattering for women with larger busts, as they show off your chest in an appropriate and complementary way! 

The Idealist Banded Triangle Bikini Top

Spice things up a little in this tonal rose-colored geometric print triangle bikini top. It's banded for that extra support! This bikini top is great for women who need support and comfort on the beach. A banded top is one of the leading supportive tops on the market!

Island Goddess Halter Bikini Top

It's the classic, the best selling, the timeless. It's the Island Goddess Halter Top Bikini. The cups are ruched, the neck-straps are doubled. It's just right and it’s serving the right amount of style and support so that you can feel flattered and flirty throughout the day. 

Underwire & Push-Up Swim Tops

Mimosas, espresso, vacation! We all need a little pick-me-up now and then. Thankfully, the perfect swimsuit top with underwire does just that. With a thin wire running under each cup, underwire tops are structured to comfortably contain, lift, and support your bust. These wires lift your bust from below, and as a result, offer support that's similar to your favorite bra.

Underwire styles are ideal for women with larger busts, but they can also give a much-desired boost and structure to smaller busts. Opt for an underwire swim top to shape and maximize your assets to eye-catching perfection! So, no matter where the water takes you, you're ready.

Discover Your Perfect Swim Top

When your bathing suit top fits and flatters, you’re unstoppable. Lounge by the pool, suntan with friends, or snorkel with starfish—it’s up to you. Complete your look with the perfect swimsuit top today. Order two to try and enjoy free returns and shipping on orders over $75!


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