The Best Bathing Suit Tops for Small Chests

If you think busty cleavage is a must-have for rocking a bikini, think again. Just look at celebs like Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, and Katie Holmes—these lovely ladies have proven that you don’t need a big bust for big style. But we also know that a lot of members of the itty bitty titty committee have problems with having a small chest. 

If your main issue is the lack of volume that can actually be quite an easy problem to solve! With the right bikini tops that create the right illusions, you’ll be able to fool anyone about the true size of your chest. We’re going over what the best bikini tops for small chested gals are! Check out recommendations on top bikini tops for smaller chests to find your perfect swimsuit top. Then grab your sunglasses and get ready to hit the beach with confidence! 

Triangle & Halter Tops

There’s a reason the triangle-shaped bikini top is a classic! This swimsuit style has been around since the 1940s, and a modern version like the Island Goddess Halter Bra Top is a surefire way to enhance your sultry shape. With tons of color options, find the best one to flatter your skin tone and you’ll be a showstopper in the sun. 

A top like the Eclectic Shore Halter Triangle Top is the perfect printed option. With its adjustable capabilities you can tailor it to your body making it fit you exactly right. The bust-enhancing effect of a triangle top is amped up even more with the bold pattern in this colorful suit. Speaking of bold patterns, our Tropea Breeze Halter Triangle Top is another ideal example. Going for a padded halter neck bikini top is always a good choice. Besided the padded inserts and a supportive band under the bust that offer a little litft.

Bandeau Tops

With a small chest, bandeaus are a great option for you! They are amazing tanning tops and since you don’t need much support there aren’t any worries on that front! Look to our Eclectic Shore Bandeau Bikini Top for a bold and colorful padded bandeau option! The tropical pattern creates movement for the eye to follow and the extra padding will help you out in the volume department. Going for a twisted version, like our By The Sea Twist Bandeau Top, is another great option since the gathering and texture the twist creates will add to the illusion of volume and make your chest seem bigger.

Underwire Tops

Get the sexy look you want with a carefully designed underwire swimsuit top that flatters your chest in the best way possible. Our Island Goddess Wrap Underwire Push-Up Bra Top couldn’t be more perfect for small-busted ladies who just want that extra oomph! Gorgeous solid colors make it easy to find your favorite look, and the wrap detail adds a sexy surprise in the back, too. 

If you’re looking for a printed version, check out our By The Sea Underwire Over The Shoulder Top. The dark background flowery print is a great spin on the bold, all-over neon-colored options. With the added gold U-shaped detail in the middle and the gathering that it creates you have a super sexy printed underwire bikini top that’s ready for the beach!

The Sporty High Neckline Bikini Top

Sporty style bikini tops look great on smaller chested people! Our Petals in Bloom Reversible Banded High Neck Cross Back Top is a great, versatile, classic sporty style top. With a simple design, it couldn’t be more comfortable and the band under the bust that adds some small pleats helps out with volume. 

If you’re looking for a less sporty version, our In Full Bloom High Neck Midkini Top is a great place to start! Its adjustability is great to make sure it fits your chest perfectly and the ruching also helps with the lacking volume.

The Classic Print Bikini Top

A classic print is always a sure-fire way to go. Our Mod For Dot Twist Front Crossback Top is a great example of a good classic printed bikini top for people with a small chest. The black and white dot print creates an illusion of more depth helping out in the volume department. Besides this you also have the twisted style that also enhances the volume perception, making your boobs look bigger. The fact that the shoulder straps come from under the bust is another great detail to give them a little push-up effect.

The One-Shoulder Wonder

If you’re simply looking for a fuller coverage flattering bikini top you can’t go wrong with a one-shoulder style one! Take our Mod For Dot One Shoulder Top for example, with a great dotted print and added detail on the shoulder strap you’re sure to be turning heads. Another great option is our Moonlit Silhouette One Shoulder Midkini Top, the contrasting negative/positive pattern and the tie detail are a really good way to draw the eye upwards. 

The Detailed Bikini Top

Bikini tops with certain details are great if you have a smaller chest! Ruffles, ruching, and bows are amazing at creating volume and drawing attention to your chest! A great option is having shirred detailing in the center of your bikini top, this will be great at creating the illusion of volume. 

Our Belle Fiore Shirred Strap Cross Back Top is a great example of this style, with shirring in the middle it’ll enhance your chest perfectly! Another example of a detailed bikini top is our Tranquility Palm Bandeau Bikini Top. This patterned bandeau top has a bow on the front that will do a great job at drawing attention towards your chest.


As you can see, there are actually plenty of options and great solutions if you’re small chested! Remember to look for tops that have details that add volume and draw attention towards your chest. 

Don’t be afraid of going for a little padding, but make sure it doesn’t look excessive or it can look too obvious. Above all the most important factor when looking for a new top is how comfortable and confident you feel wearing it! We hope this advice comes in useful when shopping for your new suit! 



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