Best Swimsuits for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

Inverted triangle, cone, strawberry, whatever you call this body shape, it’s much more common than you might think! Knowing the best swimsuit styles and cuts for your figure can make swimsuit shopping much faster, easier, and more rewarding. So, if you have an inverted triangle body type, find out how to pick a swimsuit that defines your waist, balances out your body’s proportions, and shows off your gorgeous legs.

Do You Have an Inverted Triangle Body Type?

What does it mean to have an inverted triangle body shape, anyway? Well, this body type usually has shoulders that are wider than the hips. Inverted triangle body types don’t have a defined waist, but don’t worry—these body types typically have great legs and a fuller bust to make up for those less defined curves in the middle of the torso. Inverted triangle body types tend to lean toward being athletically built, with the shoulders drawing the most visual attention.

  • Shoulders wider than hips

  • Minimally defined waist

  • Longer legs

  • A fuller bust

  • Possible athletic build

Inverted Triangle

Since your body’s proportions have more width and fullness at the top of your torso, a great rule of thumb when choosing a swimsuit is to accentuate your hips and lower body. For ladies with an inverted triangle body shape, it’s also important to look for swimsuits that can add definition to your waistline and enhance your natural curves.

The Best Bikinis for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

Looking for the most flattering two-piece swimsuits for an inverted triangle body type? Take a few hints and some swimsuit inspiration from broad-shouldered celebs like Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, or Naomi Campbell. Here are a few things to look for when you’re shopping for bikini bottoms for your body type:

  • Ties at the hips: Try a simple bikini bottom style with side ties like our Island Goddess Adjustable Loop Hipster Pant. The high-cut leg openings and peek-a-boo details show some extra skin at your hips, and the metallic tie accents will accentuate your waist even more.

  • Side shirring details: If you’d rather have more coverage, go with a mid- or low-rise style that features fabric shirring at the hips. Our Island Goddess Side Shirred Hipster gives you a modest but still sophisticated look while drawing the attention down to your waist and hips rather than your shoulders or bust. All eyes will be on your fabulous legs—and that’s certainly not a bad thing!

What about bikini tops? For Inverted triangle body shapes, avoid styles that give the illusion of a wider bust and shoulder area, like strapless bandeau tops (these tops won’t give your bust the support it needs, anyway!). Instead, opt for swimsuit tops that have these features:

  • Sweetheart necklines and thicker straps: Classic sweetheart necklines flatter your bust without drawing too much attention to it, and tops like our Island Goddess Tankini Top provide extra support with built-in cups and thick straps.

  • Midriff coverage: A surefire way to define your waist is to choose a two-piece swimsuit that covers all or most of your midriff. Styles with shirring or ruching around the midsection of your body will help to visually carve out your waistline, creating a curvy look. Plus, coverage on your upper body draws the eye down to your hips and legs to create more visual balance.

  • Adjustable halter bras: If you’re looking to show some skin, choose a classic triangle bikini that has adjustable bust coverage, like our Island Goddess Halter Bra. The adjustable halter bra in this top allows you to widen the triangles to achieve a proportionate, balanced look. When choosing triangle tops, be careful to avoid any large or loud embellishments at the bust like ties or metallic accents, as these will only draw the attention away from where you want it (aka, your hips!).

Find Flattering One Piece Bathing Suits for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Think a one-piece swimsuit will only make your body proportions look off-balance? Think again! One piece swimsuits are an excellent option for inverted triangle body types. If you’re shopping for a one-piece bathing suit for your body shape, look for these features and styles:

  • High-cut leg openings: Showing more skin in a swimsuit like our Island Goddess Ruffle Mio One Piece is an easy way to balance out your bust and shoulders. The ruffles at the shoulders help to downplay your shoulders so that your legs can take center stage.

  • Over-the-shoulder styles: Thick straps that spill over the edges of the shoulders can make your shoulders and bust look more proportionate to the rest of your body. Try a style like our Island Goddess Convertible Over the Shoulder One Piece for a versatile swimsuit that uses waistline detail and strategically designed fabric textures to further accentuate your hips.

Shop Swimsuits for Inverted Triangle Body Type at La Blanca

Not sure where to find the perfect bathing suit for your inverted triangle body shape? Fortunately, La Blanca has already done the hard work for you. Shop La Blanca to find the best fitting swimsuit for your body and enjoy your shopping experience even more with complimentary shipping and returns on orders over $75.