What Swimsuit Colors are Best for My Skin Tone?

Choosing a swimsuit is always a hard task. Sometimes a vacation comes out of nowhere and you have to find a suit mid-winter! Other times, your weight fluctuates, and finding what now fits you is a whole ordeal. Then, there’s the classic case where your top fits but your bottoms don’t. Don’t fall victim to the struggle that is finding a bathing suit — especially when it comes to the swimsuit that is best for your skin tone.   

There are many factors that you must take into account when purchasing a swimsuit: fit, coverage, support, etc. But one of the most important factors to take into consideration is choosing the right color of swimsuit that complements your skin. You want to do yourself a favor and first acknowledge that the swimsuit that is always best for you is the one you feel the most confident in. A bathing suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident is a swimsuit you should always choose to wear, regardless of whether it’s the perfect one for your skin tone. 

This article is simply a guideline to tell you about the swimsuits that are typically the most suitable and complementary for your skin tone. If you find a bathing suit that is a color that’s different from the guide, and you like it, don’t worry and go for it!   

Best Swimsuit Colors by Skin Tone

Fair Skin

For those with fair skin, pastels and muted colors are great options! The softer color palette adds a feminine touch while not being overly bright. Opt for colors such as Seafoam and Light Coral that will be sure to turn heads.

In general, but not always, individuals with fair skin, tend to look incredible in pastels and swimsuits that are in more muted hues. People with fair skin also look incredibly beautiful in black, white, and red. 

Have you ever seen someone with fair skin on the red carpet sporting red lipstick and a black dress? That’s what we’re talking about. A black bathing suit for an individual with fair skin is entirely gorgeous and should not be overlooked.    

Also, if your skin is fair, opt for colors such as aquamarine and light coral that will be sure to turn heads and complement your skin at the beach. Pastels, muted hues, black, white, and red, and great choices for individuals with fair skin. Remember, whatever you feel confident in is what you should purchase!


Medium Skin

There are endless options for this skin tone, but berry-colored suits like magenta, deep blues, and multi-colored prints look best. Solid colors will make you look more tan while the multi-colored prints are super flattering.

Black and white are going to look incredible too; however, berry-colored suits like magenta, blues, and prints are actually going to highlight your medium skin tone very well. Solid colors will make your medium skin tone look more tan, and the multi-colored prints will breathe a bit of life and variety into the colors you’re wearing. 

Consider a pop of color, and even bright hues with a medium skin tone — you definitely have options to play around and try on a bunch for swimsuits. And remember, if you find a swimsuit color that isn’t suggested here, and you feel incredibly comfortable in it, go for it! 



Olive Skin

For individuals with olive skin, consider a swimsuit in deep greens, deep blues, whites, browns, and blacks. Olive skin is one of the trickiest skin tones to find a bathing suit for, so it’s really about trying a lot of options and feeling out what works for your skin. With an olive skin tone, there is always a range of what shade of olive you are. This is the same with every skin tone, but for some reason, olive gets a little tricky. 

For this skin tone, consider deep blues and deep greens first, and when in doubt go for a black bathing suit. Deep blue, such as midnight and green tones, like hunter green enhance the neutral undertones in your olive skin tone. 



Tan Skin

For individuals with a golden tan skin tone, consider bold prints and bright colors to bring out the bronzed, golden tones in your skin. Think cheetah prints, floral prints, tie-dye, and even tropical patterns. Colors such as hot pink, teal, and cobalt are winners and white is also a great option for a skin tone with golden undertones. When in doubt, always go for black and white, but with this golden skin tone, you can definitely dip into bright colors and exciting patterns. 



Dark Skin

For dark skin, always choose what you feel the most confident in. However, as a general guideline, colors such as black and white will complement darker skin tones. Brighter colors such as red, hot pink, and yellow also stand out from the crowd. 

Magenta, dark blue, purple, and patterns of any sort are also incredible for individuals with dark skin. If you have a dark skin tone, you have pretty much free range with the swimsuit colors you choose. Dark skin tones tend to look beautiful in every hue. 



Whatever You Feel Comfortable In

Your skin tone never has to determine the kind of bathing suit you want to be wearing. If you find a bathing suit that is in a bright color but you have a more fair skin tone, wear it anyway! Whatever you feel the most confident and comfortable in is always the right bathing suit for your body and if you tend to tan easily in the sun then you'll find that your skin tone will adjust anyway. 

This blog is simply a guideline that will direct you to colors that you can try on for starters. In general, every skin tone looks incredible in white colors and black colors, so if you need to grab a bathing suit quickly these are two palette options that you can choose from.

Try on Everything

What's great about the La Blanca try-on policy is that you can pick any bathing suits that pique your interest on our website and think about them for a 30 day trial period. 

During this time you can try on the bathing suits and consider whether or not they are the right colors for you. There are not many places that allow you to try on their products and return them after 30 days — especially with bathing suits — but at La Blanca, we understand that there has to be flexibility when it comes to working with our clients and they're different bodies, skin tones, and personal bathing suit preferences.  

After reading this blog, if you're still unsure as to what swimsuit colors will best work for your skin tone, something that helps is to look at the models' skin tones on the La Blanca website. You can try to match your skin tone to theirs! You might not see your skin color perfectly represented on the La Blanca website but whatever skin tone feels closest to yours can help guide you in choosing the right bathing suit. 


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