Bikini Too Small? Here's How It Should Fit

With this warm weather upon us, a lot of us will be revisiting old swimwear pieces for the summer season ahead. After years of sand, swim, and sun, some of your go-to bathing suits might not fit like they used to — or maybe they never fit right at all!

Whether you’re heading out in search of a new favorite swimsuit or trying to decide whether your old faithful has another year left, we’re going over how to tell whether your bikini is fitting the way it should.

If your swim closet is due for an overhaul, then keep reading! 

Six Signs of an Ill-Fitting Swimsuit

Saggy Bikini Bottom

As with all outfits, the most important accessory is confidence. Don’t let a saggy bikini bottomkeep you from feeling confident at the beach.

From making you look like you might not have gotten to the bathroom in time to making you feel uncomfortable with all that extra fabric hanging around to not feeling secure, a saggy bikini is the first sign of fit trouble.

The back of your bikini is usually the first to show its age, thanks to all of the surfaces you’ve sat on over the years. Of course, a saggy bikini bottom can also mean you need to size down — or it’s just been poorly designed. 

If it’s loose and doesn’t feel secure and supportive, then it’s time for a new pair of bottoms!

Falling Straps

Another thing to look out for are straps that don’t stay in place and constantly keep falling off your shoulders. These are both annoying and can run the risk of a wardrobe malfunction while swimming around. 

If your straps aren’t remaining in their place no matter how you tie them, then it’s probably time to give that top up. Most likely, the fabric has given all it had to give and is worn out and stretched to the point of no return. 

Digging Straps

On the other hand, a problem you might encounter while shopping is straps that are too tight and dig into your shoulders. These might not make you fall out of your top, but they’re sure to be uncomfortable because of the added pressure they put on your shoulders. 

If this is the case with any of your swim tops, it might be time to move on from these and get yourself some newer and comfier pieces.

Showing Too Much

While sometimes we want to go for more of a cheeky look, if your bottoms were once a full bottom bikini and now are more akin to a thong, then it might be time to re-evaluate this piece. 

If you want to show off more skin, we’re all for it. However, if the piece wasn’t designed for a cheekier style, it could cause discomfort. Instead of turning your full coverage suit into a skimpier style, it’s best to just buy a new cheeky bottom for the summer season.

Too Tight

Getting a swimsuit wedgie is probably something we’ve all gone through — and we can all agree that it’s pretty uncomfortable. Although it might be something plenty of us have experienced, it’s not supposed to be the norm. 

If you notice that you’re always scooping your bikini bottom out from a wedgie, then we’d recommend that you trade them in for a new pair. Most likely, the bottoms you have at the moment don’t fit all that well. We’re sure that getting some new bottoms will have you feeling amazing again in no time! 

Under and Side Boob

Just like the cheeky bottoms, we know that under boob and side boob can be an intentional look. Still, if your bikini wasn’t originally purchased with that style in mind, you’re probably sporting the wrong size top for your chest. 

Whether you’re discovering underboob or sideboob, it’s likely that the top you have is too small for you. This might be because the cups are too small, giving you an unintentional side boob look. If it’s too short in length, your underboob might be exposed instead. 

Neither situation feels comfortable — if you want to sport underboob or sideboob this year, you’re better off getting a top that was designed with this purpose in mind. 

Should I Size Up or Down for Swimsuits?

In general, we’d recommend sizing up on your swimwear if you find yourself between sizes. This way, you’ll be sure to be comfortable no matter what. 

To get the best fit, you can use our size guide chart and follow the measurements to get the best size for your body. You can find our size guide on our website and our sizing calculator on all of our product pages

How Do I Know If My Bikini Top Is Too Small?

When your bikini fits correctly, the bottom seam on your top will sit right against your underbust. There should be no cutting under the arm, side, or under bust, and the piece should lay smooth against your body. 

If you can fit your finger under the top, you’ll know the straps are snug but not too tight. If this isn’t the case or your chest doesn’t fully fit into the cups, it’s likely that your bikini top is too small. Any red marks when you take your bikini off will be the final confirmation that your top is too small.

What Bikini Top Style Is Best for My Bust?

Any bikini top should make you feel supported and confident. When shopping for a new top, you want the piece to fit nicely and comfortably around your chest, without any gaps (too big) or cutting into your skin (too small).

Since we each have different-sized busts, we have got some suggestions for which styles you can look for to find the best fit. 

Flattering Bikini Tops for A or B Cups

If you have a smaller chest, it’s easier to find bikinis with adequate support. Some great options are:

Bikini Tops for C or D Cups

For our larger-chested ladies, we know you generally need more support to feel comfortable and secure. Our best options for you include:

How Should Styles With Adjustable Strings Feel on My Body?

An adjustable string bikini is a classic piece in any swim collection. These are helpful because they provide the option for a customized fit for every wearer. 

Whether you need more slack around the bust or want to adjust the height of your bikini bottom, you can easily achieve this with string bikinis. Just keep in mind that these should be snug enough that they stay in place but not so snug that the strings are cutting into your skin. 


Now that you know how your favorite bikinis should fit, it might be time to say goodbye to some of your favorite pieces. While it can be hard to part ways with them, think about all the new options you’ll get to buy! 

With all the new stylish trends out there, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect replacements with the perfect fit in no time! 

Head to the La Blanca website, and explore all the options we have available for you. Try them on at home without the risk when you enjoy complimentary shipping and returns on all orders over $79. 



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