3 Ways High-Cut Swimsuits Are Flattering To Any Shape

As women, we are constantly being told how our bodies are supposed to look, how to obtain a “summer body,” and which swimsuits we should or shouldn’t wear based on our body types. Well, we think it’s about time to kick those toxic ideas to the curb!

Here at La Blanca, we’re working to change the rhetoric surrounding swimwear and provide women with options that will flatter all body types, all styles, and all shapes. 

Once summer rolls around, the pressure to find the perfect swimsuit can get intense. With so many cuts and styles to choose from, swimsuit shopping can seem to go on for ages. 

What if we told you there is a swimsuit style that will help you feel confident at the beach and pool all summer long, regardless of your body type? High-cut swimsuits are the style you’ve been searching for. Any shape or size can flawlessly pull off the high-cut style — and look awesome while doing it.

This high-cut style accentuates your figure and helps you flaunt what you’ve got. Continue reading to learn all of the ways high-cut swimsuits truly flatter every body type!

Legs Are the Star 

Any high-cut swimsuit style will make your legs the star of the show. Everyone deserves to flaunt their legs every once in a while, and high-cut swimsuits are the perfect opportunity to display those gams. 

The best part is that this cut truly accentuates everyone’s legs. The swimsuit is designed in a way that naturally shows off more hip and leg, giving the bottom half of your body some well-deserved attention. It naturally elongates your legs no matter their length.

This style is especially great for anyone who dreams of having long, model-esque legs — or anyone who loves their legs and wants to take them out on the town!

Perfect for Shorter Women

If you are a petite person, you will especially love this high-cut swimsuit style. 

Though your legs won’t actually grow, the style of the bathing suit will accentuate your figure and display your legs in a way that makes them appear longer than they actually are. Look stylish and show off your “long” legs with a high-cut suit. 

Great for Longer Torsos

If you have a longer torso and wish your legs could be longer, too, high-cut swimsuits are calling your name!

Since high-cut swimsuits have a higher-waisted v-shaped bottom, the bottoms will end higher up on your torso than regular swimsuits — making your legs look longer. It's a bit of a visual trick that will allow you to highlight a body part that sometimes gets overlooked because of your natural figure. 

Long torsos are gorgeous, but it can be fun to display your legs as well. High-cut swimsuits are the perfect opportunity to make your legs look long and steal the spotlight for once.

Enhance Your Womanly Shape

Many swimsuits can be unflattering and uncomfortable, especially if you have a curvier physique. Thankfully, high-cut swimsuits will hug your figure and enhance those gorgeous feminine curves. 

Curvy ladies can rejoice at the high-cut style because it will cling to your body in all the right places and show your natural shape. Even if you have a thinner frame, high-cut swimsuits will accentuate your body and your features, helping you achieve that oft-lauded hourglass figure.

High-cut swimsuits tend to have a triangular shape on the bottoms that show off some leg and create a curvy appearance on your torso. Whether you prefer two-piece swimsuits or tend to go for one-pieces, the high-cut style will look great. 

The v-cut shape of the bottom half of a one-piece suit will pull everything upwards to create a nice cinch around your waist. Then, the straps will keep everything in place to create a complete ensemble that really enhances all the beautiful curves on your body. 

If you are comfortable showing a little more skin, a tankini or bikini set with high-waisted, high-cut bottoms can also make your naturally gorgeous figure shine.

Ultimately, the high-cut swimsuit style is ideal for everyone. It is a style that celebrates curves and the natural features of the female body.

Compliments the Booty

Do you want to feel a little sexy when you step out in your swimwear? If so, definitely grab a high-cut swimsuit ASAP. We’ve already talked about how this swimsuit enhances your features, but it especially compliments your derrière. 

The high-cut shape of the swimsuit utilizes a v-shape style on the bottoms that pulls everything up and completely hugs every inch of your figure, including your booty. It is a great opportunity to get a bit cheeky while showing off your natural physique. 

If you prefer a more modest cut for your bottoms but still want to enhance your booty, high-cut one-pieces are made for you. A one-piece from La Blanca will ensure maximum coverage, so you can seek out a high-cut style that still keeps things classy on the bottom. 

Even if you get a suit that covers your booty, its high cut complements all your curves and will make your bum look fantastic from any angle. 

If you are on the smaller side, the high-cut style will still flatter your booty! The shape of the swimwear will cling to your body in a way that makes your bum look perky. 

Essentially, every body type (and booty type) can rock the high-cut style. 

Swimwear For Every Body

Swimsuits are constantly evolving, and now high-cut suits are all the rage — for good reason. High-cut swimsuits immediately proved that there is a style that can complement every body type. 

Whether you are tall or short, curvy or thin, or anything in-between, high-cut swimsuits will flatter your natural beauty. So, grab a high-cut swimsuit and show off your figure today. 


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