How To Style Your Kimono Cover-Up

Kimonos are stylish, easy to wear, and make a big fashion statement. They complement all body shapes and give you the appearance of a longer profile. They're a little bit boho and highly trendy. If you've ever considered adding one to your collection, we're here to teach you how to style one and include it in your wardrobe.

There are a variety of ways you can wear a kimono throughout the year, whether it's day or night. It'll be one of your most adaptable items of apparel, giving you the dazzling style you've been searching for.

The History of the Kimono

 Kimonos are a traditional Japanese clothing piece dating back to the ninth century. The name "kimono" literally means "thing to wear." While the Japanese version of the garment is traditional and frequently worn as formal attire, the western version offers a combination of adaptability, comfort, and elegance. 

Boldly designed Western kimonos made of silk or breathable synthetic fabrics may give refinement to a casual ensemble or offer the finishing touch to a dressier look. They're also ideal for a hot summer evening when a heavy cardigan or jacket would be uncomfortable.

Why Is a Kimono a Good Wardrobe Addition?

To start off, there are multiple ways you could wear a kimono. For example, it's great to keep you protected from the cold on a chilly summer evening. You can also tighten it with a belt to make it appear like a flare dress. 

Another reason is that it can essentially be a form of wearable art that lets you express yourself through the form of a flowing kimono. Go for a delicate pattern to add interest to a casual ensemble, or go for an art-inspired design to reflect your personality. 

Due to their lightweight nature and taking up practically no room in a bag, Kimonos make packing a breeze. Since kimonos are one size fits all, you won't have to worry about purchasing the appropriate fit. This also makes it simple to trade kimonos with your pals to expand your wardrobe. 

Different Ways To Wear Your Kimono

Wear a Kimono Like a Shawl

The simplest way to add an immediate wow factor to your look is to drape a kimono wrap over your shoulders like a shawl. It will remain on your shoulders and glide gracefully.

Because kimono wraps are designed to flow and billow, we recommend wearing them with more fitting apparel, such as a sweater and leggings, a t-shirt and jeans, or a bodycon dress. Wear a belt over your kimono if you want a more defined form.

Wear a Kimono Like a Poncho

Another way to sport your kimono is to style it as a poncho. Start by first wearing it as a shawl and then tossing one end of the kimono across the other shoulder. To change up the look of the folds and angles, spin the kimono wrap around your body.

Wear a Kimono Like a Scarf

To use your kimono as a scarf, fold it in half on the long side to form a rectangle, fold it again to form an even skinnier rectangle, and wrap it around your neck like a standard scarf. It truly is that simple!

Another way to do it is by making a triangle shape out of the wrap's corners and wrapping it around your neck and shoulders. For different appearances and volumes, pull, twist, and/or tuck the ends. Wearing a kimono this way will undoubtedly keep you toasty. 

Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Bathing Suit Coverup

This way of styling your kimonos is quite a similar concept to our first suggestion, but it demonstrates how the kimono adapts across seasons and regions. Protect your shoulders from the heat while looking very fashionable by the pool or on the beach.

Wear a Kimono Wrap Like a Skirt or Sarong

You can also wear your kimono wrapped on your waist as a skirt or sarong at the beach or pool. All you have to do is wrap the kimono around your waist and knot the ends to fasten it. This is the ideal method to go around town fast, effortlessly, and tastefully after a day at the beach without feeling too exposed.

How To style a Kimono

With Jeans

A fantastic place to start when deciding what to wear with a kimono is jeans. Both of these pieces are incredibly adaptable, making the possibilities for different combos unlimited when they're put together. A common style is a long kimono worn with skinnier leg denim pants, although they can also be worn with classic or flared jeans.

Kimonos are often also utilized to provide contrast and color to ensembles. Wear a dainty kimono over a pair of faded jeans or a long kimono over a pair of jeans and platform boots to get this look. Kimonos are a great addition to looks with jeans since they give an already casual outfit a "thrown together" feel.

With a Skirt or Dress

Kimonos are most typically worn with jeans or swimming, but they may also be worn with skirts and dresses to give them a sense of flair. Short kimonos are normally worn open to accentuate pencil skirts or tightened at the waist to improve fit and flare dresses, while longer varieties can offer elegance and refinement to maxi dresses. A kimono has the ability to transform a daring dress or skirt into something more modest. You can accessorize with hats, shoes, and accessories for an extra stylish touch.

We suggest pairing our Draped Darling High Neck Mini Dress and our Mediterranean Breeze Kimono for a fun but muted combo that will definitely make you stand out! Add some sandals and a straw bag and you’re set! Throw on your favorite sunnies for an extra stylish touch.

With Swimwear

Another popular way to style kimonos is over swimwear. These are an extremely comfortable piece to wear at the beach or by a pool, since they're so simple to put on and take off, they are the ideal swimsuit cover-ups. Whether you’re rocking it at a backyard barbecue or a five-star resort it’ll always look just as good in one place or the other. 

Pair your kimono with a bikini or one-piece swimsuit and wear it after the sun sets if you’re heading out to grab a bite to eat. Mid-length kimonos go well with swimsuits and give you the option to be worn belted or open, depending on what you're feeling! 

Go for a bold look with our Tropics Of Tropez Kimono and our Twisted Bamboo Lingerie One Piece. The kimono has the same twisted bamboo motif as the swimwear but still adds plenty of other colors and icons to the look! 


A single kimono wrap is easily transformed into a variety of ensembles throughout the year. Experiment and have fun with anything from casual to formal, day to night, spring to fall.

Head to the La Blanca website, and explore all the options we have available for you. Try them on at home without the risk when you enjoy complimentary shipping and returns on all orders over $79. 



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