5 Insta-Worthy Mix and Match Swimsuits

Is there any feeling quite as rewarding as stepping on the beach knowing you look like a swimwear fashionista? What makes that feeling even more special is when you look stylish in a mix-and-match swimsuit combination that you created. 

Swimsuits tend to come in matching sets, with a top and bottom that share the same pattern or color. While there’s nothing wrong with rocking a cohesive, matching set, it can start to get old. Why not instead try to play around with your style by mixing and matching swimwear separates? 

Play around with different patterns and shades and make unlikely combinations that end up looking worthy of a full Instagram photoshoot! Keep reading to learn about our favorite mix-and-match swimsuit styles, and curate unique Insta-worthy beach outfits of your own today! 

Quick Tips for Mixing Swim Pieces

Before we dive headfirst into the amazing mix-and-match swimsuit styles, we first have some tips for you to keep in mind when you create your own looks. 

First, don’t let anyone question your style! Many of the potential swimwear styles you’ll learn about today are a bit more zany and unique, which is out of some peoples’ comfort zone. You are doing something bold and fashionable, so ignore anyone who suggests sticking to the conventional style of matching sets. Both looks are stylish, and it’s all about what makes you feel the most comfortable and cool.

Second, don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Combining patterns has often been regarded as somewhat of a fashion faux pas, but these days, mixing patterns is trendy — and swimwear is a great way to dip your toes into this new style. Step out of your comfort zone and create trendy, playful pattern combinations. 

We definitely recommend mixing solid colors, too. Color blocking is extremely in right now and is a great way to create stylish, unique outfits. Try to stay away from shades that are too similar, but definitely experiment with very different colors and see what cool styles you can rock this summer. 

Finally, solids and patterns belong together! Try your hand at mixing and matching solid swimwear with patterned swimwear; you’ll be surprised at the cohesive styles you can create! 

Mixing and matching patterns requires a little bit of creativity and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone to explore fun yet stylish swimwear combinations. We’re here to help you dip your toes in the vast pool of swimwear mixing and matching, so keep reading to check out five of our favorite Insta-worthy styles!

1. Mediterranean Breeze Pattern Top With Striped Bottoms

Want to show off your playful and stylish side? You’ll be the apple of all your followers’ eyes when you rock a Mediterranean Breeze halter bikini top alongside a pair of striped bikini bottoms.

The flashy, paisley-like pattern is already eye-catching on its own, but when you match it with a pair of striped bottoms, the whole outfit will come together in a loud and fashionable way. None of the shades need to necessarily match for this to be a cool look. The two patterns will add so much depth to your swimwear look and make you stand out from the crowd. 

With maximalist fashion on the rise, you will look trendy yet unique when you splice two patterns together. Say goodbye to the traditional swimwear looks, and create visually appealing, vibrant styles that will earn you plenty of likes and adoration on your Insta feed! 

2. Abstract Pattern Bandeau Top With Black Skirt Bottom

Sometimes the chicest swimwear looks involve mixing and matching patterns with solids, like this abstract Eclectic Shore Bandeau Bikini Top and a pair of black skirt bottoms.

The bright and vibrant pattern of the bandeau top corresponds perfectly with its feminine, a-line neckline. It is an excellent marriage between chaos and pretty, which creates a unique, stylish top. Then, pairing it with an all-black skirt bottom creates even more cohesion within the look. 

Black matches everything perfectly, especially whacky patterns like that featured on the abstract pattern bandeau top. The skirt adds another flowy, girlish flare that complements the rest of the look. 

You will look stylish and put together when you rock this combination of swimwear separates! 

3. Cherry Red Top With White Bottoms

Try your hand at color blocking by combining two drastically different but complementary shades. White is soft and neutral, while cherry red is more harsh and dramatic. When you combine the two together, you create a balanced, eye-catching swimwear style. 

You can really make waves if you choose a red tankini top since the entry of your torso will be covered. While you could stick to a black bottom to achieve this color-blocking style, white is more effective here (and commands more attention). 

Another benefit is that these two shades are a more romantic color combination, so you are sure to look flirty and fashion-forward in this Insta-worthy mix-and-match swimwear style. 

4. Contrasting Florals

Another way to experiment with mixing patterns while keeping your style feminine and soft is by combining two contrasting floral patterns! There is no shortage of floral patterned swimsuits out there, so you will have an easy time finding the perfect separates to combine together. 

For instance, combine a swimsuit top adorned with tropical flowers and plants, like palm trees and plumerias, and then pair that top with spring floral patterned bottoms. You will look like a walking garden in the best way possible! 

You will still give off that maximalist, striking vibe with contrasting patterns while still having a cohesive sense of style. The different patterns will attract plenty of attention, but the consistency of florals will keep you on theme and well-coordinated. 

Look like a botanist’s dream when you contrast floral patterns with your swimwear separates this summer! 

5. Triangle Bikini Top with Boardshort Bottoms

An underrated method of mixing and matching swimwear separates is by playing around with different silhouettes. In terms of shape and how these garments sit on your body, triangle-shaped bikinis and board shorts could not be more opposite. Somehow, the combination of the two makes for cool, Insta-worthy styles!

Triangle tops are one of the more revealing bikini shapes out there, as they tend to cover the chest and then come together in the back with a stringy strap. Meanwhile, boardshorts are the Bermuda shorts of swimwear; they are boxy and can be as long as the top of your knees. 

Mixing the two silhouettes is a unique way of styling your swimwear, and it creates a nice, well-put-together look. Party on top and business on the bottom; it’s a perfect combination of modesty and free-spiritedness. 

Your Insta feed will love this clever swimwear separates combination, and you will feel like a beachy rockstar while wearing it! 

Mixing and Matching Has Never Looked so Good

Expand your poolside style when you mix and match your swimwear separates. From contrasting patterns to cool color-blocking opportunities, you will love how you look in these fun mix-and-match swimwear styles. Give some of our suggestions a try and elevate your swimwear fashion today!


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