Mix & Match Swimwear: The Dos & Don’ts

If you're looking to mix and match your swimwear and you're unsure where to start, consider working with color, pattern, and texture. Mixing and matching bathing suits is totally acceptable as long as you're able to find the right colors to pair with each other, as well as styles that go together. 

What you don't want to do is wear a bathing suit that is an entirely different texture from top to bottom. You also want to make sure you avoid mixing patterns that are highly distracting.


If you're not used to mixing and matching bathing suits, consider starting with solid colors that are simple to mix and match without any confusion. The solid colors of black, white, blue, red, and pink are always easy to mix and match across all styles.  

Sometimes it's difficult to match colors like yellow or orange. When the hues are slightly off with this palette, it’s obvious and not always flattering. 

If you're new to the whole mix and matching bathing suits lifestyle, start with blacks and whites. Blacks and whites are easy to mix together to make a new swimwear match. Black and white is always the rule of thumb when pairing any bathing suit style or even clothing style together. 

Other solid color combinations that are simple to start out with are brown and white, blue and white, and red and black. 



If you start with mixing colors, what you have to think about next is the style of the bathing suit  top and bottoms that you’re matching. This part is fairly simple and pretty self-explanatory.  

You're not going to mix and match a tankini top with a boy short bottom; rather you want to work with tops and bottoms that go together.  

If you have a black bikini top in a triangle style and a traditional black bikini bottom with side ties, consider this a perfect mix and match combo. What you want to do is always work with your body type, too. If you know that you look good in halter tops and high-waisted bottoms,  pair the two in a color of your choice.  

You just want to make sure when paring solid colors that you do have the same exact colors chosen. Unless it's a stylistic choice, you probably don't want to pair a stark white and an eggshell white for your top and bottom.  



The combination of having slightly different hues for the top and bottom can make it obvious that you're wearing two different bathing suits. The point of mixing and matching top and bottom is to look like you have a whole new selection of bathing suits to choose from.  

You don't want to make it obvious that you're mixing and matching. The best way to do that with solid colors is to ensure that the tones you're choosing are exactly the same. In the case that you're going for a stylistic choice to have different hues of the same color,  consider going bold in your selection.  

What we mean by this is to make a statement out of the fact that you are choosing to wear a top that is, for example, in navy blue and a bottom that is in sky blue. It's not a bad choice to do this considering that there are bathing suits on the market that are made with these combo patterns. 

You just want to consider that your choices are always intentional, so that you don't walk along the beach looking like you put the wrong bathing suit bottom on. 



When it comes to patterns, you really want to make sure that you're not mixing and matching.  There are cases in which mixing patterns from top to bottom work, like matching polka dots with stripes.  

Other than that, there aren't really cases in which mixing patterns work. If you're on a cruise with your family walking along the beach you probably don't want to be wearing multiple different patterns in your bathing suit. Mixing and matching patterns makes for a messy and confusing bathing suit look. When it comes to patterns, keep it simple and stick to one. 


Always consider texture when mixing and matching between the tops and bottoms for your swimwear. Consider the textures you're using, and make sure they’re similar to each other.  Sometimes there are cases in which a classic swimsuit texture on top and a terry-cloth bottom can work.  But whenever you're mixing textures it's usually a statement. Like patterns and colors, you want to make sure that your choices are always intentional.  

If you do like to mix your bathing suit textures, also consider the colors that you're working with too. You don't want too much going on with mixing and matching textures and colors with your bathing suits; it will start looking obvious that you’re working with two different bathing suits. The key is to disguise the fact that you're wearing a top from one suit and a bottom from another.  


That's why it's great to shop from one bathing suit company so that you can mix and match the bathing suits that they have.  At La Blanca, it's easy to mix and match your bathing suit textures patterns and colors because they’re similar across the board. We have a selection of high-waisted bikini bottoms, one-shoulder tops, and halter tops that are all able to be mixed and matched together due to their similar patterns and similar colors.

It's great to be able to mix and match from one company's bathing suit line because then you feel like you're buying multiple bathing suits, for the price of one or two.  

What's exciting about the line with La Blanca is that we also have wraps and poolside outfits that you can wear that match with your bathing suits. 

When mixing and matching swimsuit tops and bottoms, you always want to consider the style that you’re going for. If you like a one-piece bathing suit and you want even more coverage you can wear a boy short over it. 

There are options at La Blanca that allow for you to pick out a one-piece that pairs with a boy short. If you're more inclined to show off your curves, you can pick a bikini bottom at La Blanca that matches with a bandeau top to complement each other for a duo style.  


Create New Looks

When it comes to mixing and matching bathing suits, consider working with solid colors first and then moving towards textures that compliment each other. Be careful with mixing and matching patterns as combinations can get confusing.  

When mixing bathing suit tops and bottoms, you want to make sure that you're staying focused on creating a new look that feels intentional and is flattering for the beach and a day by the pool.  

You don't want to be walking along the beach feeling like your top is entirely different from your bottom. The point of mixing and matching is to bring together the best of both worlds. When in doubt, consider solid colors of black and white to mix and match together for a totally new bathing suit style.


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