Trend Watch: One-Shoulder Swimsuit

Like any other type of clothing, different swimsuit trends tend to filter in and out of popular fashion — but some styles are here to stay. Do you want to rock swimwear that is timeless, chic, and will flatter your body? Look no further than one-shoulder swimsuits!

Plunging one-pieces, halter tops, and lingerie-style swimwear have been dominating the bathing suit fashion scene for the past couple of years. While each of those suits is sultry and stylish, it’s always fun to incorporate fresh looks in your rotation that you know will stay in style for decades. One-shoulder swimsuits are the perfect garment to try out this season. 

One-shoulder swimsuits take inspiration from high fashion trends and translate them into stylish, comfortable swimwear that compliments everyone’s body. This newest fad has a classic look that will never go out of style and still offers opportunities for you to express your own unique sense of style with different patterns and cuts. 

Read on to learn everything about the one-shoulder swimsuit, and be sure to dive headfirst into this stylish trend!

What Is a One-Shoulder Swimsuit?

Before doing a true deep dive into the stylish world of one-shoulder swimsuits, we need to first explain exactly what they are. Where most bathing suits have two straps or opt for a strapless neckline, one-shoulder swimsuits utilize one strap that crosses across the shoulder. 

These styled swimsuits have an asymmetrical cut due to the way the strap crosses across your chest and around your shoulder. It is a shape that can have a cool slanted appearance or even a wavey, s-shaped curve. 

One-shoulder swimsuits have an unconventional style that is reminiscent of high fashion trends. You will look prepared to walk the runway or even step out at a gala, despite just donning a swimsuit to rock at the pool or beach. 

Much like any other swimsuit cut, there are countless variations of one-shoulder swimsuits, so regardless of what your individual style looks like, you will be able to hop on this cool swimwear trend with ease. It is a beachy style that packs a punch. 

Are One-Shoulder Swimsuits Supportive?

Trying a new swimsuit style can be a real gamble if you are someone with a larger bust. Having some padding and extra support in the chest region is nonnegotiable for many women, which might make you hesitate to hop on fads that don’t incorporate two bra-like straps. You can rest assured that one-shoulder swimsuits will provide ample support, regardless of your bra size, since it is an inclusive swimwear style

Though there is only one strap holding your suit, they are designed to be stronger and more durable so that everything can be supported. Two straps are not necessary for you to feel comfortable — plus, your band is supposed to be doing most of the work anyway!

Unfortunately, all too often, we see fashion trends come and go that exclude women with curvier body types, but thankfully one-shoulder styles like the Eclectic Shore One-Shoulder Keyhole One Piece swimsuit are designed with curvy body types in mind!

These swimsuits are stylish, have removable cups depending on your comfort level and support needs, adjustable straps, and numerous cool patterns and shades to explore. You will feel supported and fashion-forward when you step out in a one-shoulder swimsuit this summer. 

Types of One-Shoulder Swimsuits

The one-shoulder swimsuit fad takes on many forms, so there is something for everyone’s individual sense of style. Read on to check out all the cool styles of one-shoulder swimsuits for you to explore and add to your summer wardrobe. 

One Piece Swimsuits

The most common style of one-shoulder swimsuit is a one-piece. Even within this category, there is plenty of variety in the shapes and styles to explore. One-piece swimsuits are extremely chic and will make you feel confident and sexy when you hit the pool next summer. 

One-piece swimsuits are always a great swimwear selection because of how they flatter each and every body type, curvy or thin. La Blanca one-piece swimsuits are designed with a shaping fit for tummy control, meaning the bathing suit will cling to you and hug your figure in all the right places. 

When it comes to one-piece one-shoulder swimsuits, there are a few different styles to consider rocking this year. 

Firstly, for a flashier style, consider giving cutout one-shoulder swimsuits. This style provides the same support that is offered in a regular one-piece but also allows you to show off more skin if that is more your style. The cutouts appear in the center of the back and torso and highlight that cool asymmetrical look. 

Other styles of one-piece one-shoulder swimsuits have more variety when it comes to straps. If you prefer the Y2K-reminiscent strappy swimsuit trend, grab a one-shoulder one-piece with lacey straps. You may also want to opt for something a little more covered-up but equally as chic with a wide, shirred strap. 

Whichever style you prefer, one-shoulder, one-piece swimsuits flatter every body type and will make you feel confident and cool.


For a two-piece style that still provides ample coverage, you should check out the one-shoulder tankini style. Tankinis are two-piece swimsuits that cover the entirety of the torso but are separate. This means that you can have the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit while still sporting the two-piece trend. 

Our favorite style is the Island Goddess One-Shoulder Keyhole Tankini. This cut is sleek and stylish, and it comes in a range of shades and patterns to explore. 


Of course, the final one-shoulder style for you to consider is the timeless bikini! 

Bikinis tend to cover your bust down to your ribcage. The one-shoulder bikinis have cool strappy backs, provide excellent chest support, and will make you feel confident on the beach! They are comfy and stylish, coming in numerous patterns and shades depending on your style preferences. 

La Blanca offers a cool reversible one-shoulder bikini top that allows you to rock two different shades and patterns and change which shoulder the strap rests on depending on your mood that day.

The beauty of all one-shoulder swimsuit styles is their versatility! Whether you want to wear them to the pool, the beach, or as a casual going out top, you are guaranteed to look fashion-forward and feel confident. 

One-Shoulder Swimsuits: Here to Stay!

With so many different styles, guaranteed support, and high fashion elements, it is safe to say that one-shoulder swimsuits are here to stay! So, hop on the stylish bandwagon and secure a one-shoulder bathing suit today!


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