What Are Palazzo Pants & How To Style Them

Fashion trends are always changing and evolving, but we often see trends from the past resurface into modern fads. That is exactly the case with palazzo pants — and for good reason!

If you have left your house at all over the past year, you have probably seen palazzo pants being worn just about everywhere. Wide-leg pants are all the rage these days, and palazzo trousers have the perfect combination of fashion and comfort that have made them a wardrobe staple in recent months. 

It can be intimidating to hop on certain fashion bandwagons, but once we break down all the clever, stylish ways to dress up your palazzo pants, you’ll never look back!

Keep reading to learn more about what palazzo pants are and the best ways you can style them. 

What Are Palazzo Pants?

What Are Palazzo Pants & How To Style Them

Before you commit to a pair of palazzo pants, you should learn a little bit about the garment and its fashion origins. 

Palazzo pants are long and loose-fitting with a wide flare at the bottom. They are airy and breezy, making them a perfect summertime staple, but they can also be styled for any season. They are roomy and breathable, making them extremely comfortable while also looking chic. 

These trousers first made their way into mainstream fashion in the 1920s when icons like Coco Chanel wore them. Then, the pants really blew up in the 60s and 70s, becoming a wardrobe staple for women across the world. 

Fashion always ebbs and flows, so as the 80s emerged, the palazzo pant trend took a backseat for the better part of the next three decades. Since styles come and go in cycles, palazzo pants are finally back and better than ever. 

With so many creative fashion trends out there, you can style palazzo pants in countless ways. Perhaps even more importantly, it is a garment that is inherently size-inclusive. 

Perfect for All Bodies

Myths have been circulating for decades claiming that palazzo pants aren’t flattering on curvier or shorter bodies, but that simply isn’t the case! So long as you purchase pants in the proper size and style them to your liking, you are guaranteed to look stunning in your new palazzo pants, regardless of your shape or size. 

Unfortunately, the rhetoric surrounding many fashion fads has often been wrought with non-inclusive sentiments. Still, as the palazzo pants trend resurfaces and a better collective attitude towards body positivity and inclusivity is shared, it’s clear that this style is suitable for everyone.

Palazzo pants come in numerous styles and patterns, so the perfect pair of pants is for everyone to enjoy. 

Shorter women might want to opt for less flowy palazzo trousers. Excessive fabric and too much flow might make it harder to walk around since the pants might be too long if you have shorter legs. Instead, go for palazzo pants that are snugger to ensure the fit is perfect.

Curvy women will look drop-dead gorgeous in palazzo pants as well! The fabric will hug your curves up top and flatter your figure flawlessly. Then, as the pants approach the bottoms, they become more flowy and breathable. 

There is no “right” body for palazzo pants. They are a garment that compliments all figures! Now that inclusivity has been established, keep reading to learn all about the best ways to style palazzo pants. 

Cozy Loungewear

Even if you are planning to have a relaxing day in, you should still be able to rock clothes that make you feel stylish and cozy. Palazzo pants are the perfect garment to throw on when you want to feel put together while enjoying a relaxing day inside. 

Loungewear is also the perfect style to don when you know you have loads of errands to run, and palazzo pants will keep you looking chic and comfy while you check off that to-do list. 

To achieve that effortless, cozy but cute style, you might want to give palazzo pants made out of sweatpant material a try. The elastic waist will make you feel nice and snug while still having the chic flare at the bottom of the pants. 

We suggest pairing your cozy palazzo trousers with a basic baby tee or even a sweatshirt, depending on the weather. That way, you will be ready to tackle some errands if that is on your schedule, or you can enjoy a lazy day of lounging on the couch. 

Whatever your plans for the day are, you can rock a cozy loungewear style with a pair of comfy palazzo pants. 

Sophisticated Professional

The versatility of palazzo pants is unmatched. While they are a great cozy day garment, they are also easy to dress up and wear around the office or for any other dressier occasion. 

If you have a business casual dress code at work or have a fancy event to attend, you can show up in style when you rock a pair of palazzo pants. 

For professional settings, seek out pleated palazzo trousers or pants that come in neutral shades, like black, gray, or beige. These pants pair perfectly with blazers and heels or flats to create the perfect professional look. You don’t have to wear a dress or commit to a pantsuit to look polished. Palazzo pants will make you stand out in the office while still adhering to your business dress code. 

If you have a dressy occasion coming up and you don’t want to compromise your sense of style — don’t! You can still dress formally with a pair of palazzos. 

For formal wear, we suggest rocking a pair of black palazzo pants, matched with a white silk tank top or short-sleeved shirt. A pair of heels is a great opportunity to add a fun pop of color. Then, top off the look with some jewelry. You will look gorgeous, well put together, and appropriate for the occasion.

Palazzo pants make it easy to look sophisticated and chic without having to commit to a formal dress or suit. The pants are flowy and stylish and pair perfectly with other professional staple pieces. Plus, they are easy to dress up with a nice pair of shoes and accessories. 

Beachy Chic


Do you have a tropical vacation planned? Are you looking for the right coverup to wear to the beach this summer? Or are you just looking for clothes that give off a beachy chic vibe? Palazzo pants are the perfect garment to make you look like a beach goddess. 

For hot summer days spent out on the beach, palazzo pants can serve as the perfect coverup. We recommend going for a white pair of pants. The white will keep you cool in the sun and is the perfect shade to contrast the blue ocean waves. Then, pair your trousers with your bikini top to create an effortlessly stylish beach outfit. 

Generally, palazzo pants are perfect for all summer activities. They fit loosely, are extremely breathable, and flow with the ocean breeze and wind. When paired with a tank top, swimsuit, or bodysuit, palazzo pants create an outfit that screams summer. Add a pair of sandals to really bring the fit together. 

Summertime is also the perfect season to experiment with bright colors and spunky patterns. Try rocking a patterned pair of palazzos to show off your playful, sunny side.

You will feel breezy and cozy in your palazzo pants and look perfectly beachy chic when you rock a pair this summer. 

Athleisure Fashion

These days, fashion is defined by the athleisure trends that dominate nearly every avenue. If you are unfamiliar, athleisure is essentially the fashion movement of athletic garments and loungewear being worn both for athletic purposes or in any other daily setting. 

Athleisure is the fashion norm these days, and if this is a style you are particularly fond of, you can easily incorporate palazzo pants into your daily wardrobe. Palazzo pants themselves are not inherently athletic, but when paired with the right athleisure garments, they can create a perfect fashion blend. 

When it comes to creating an athleisure outfit out of palazzo pants, it’s all about the shoes and accessories. Pair your wide, flowy pants with a pair of Jordans or running shoes and crew socks, and perhaps slick your hair back in a ponytail. That way, you will look athletic and casual while adding a chic element to the outfit with your palazzo pants. 

Palazzo pants also pair very well with graphic t-shirts, sports bras, and compression long-sleeves. All of those tops are athleisure fashion staples that match extremely well alongside a solid pair of palazzos. 

Palazzos Are Here To Stay

The 70s and 60s fashion is making a huge comeback, and one of the best garments to come from those decades are palazzo pants. They have quickly become a must-have style to incorporate into your wardrobe. 

Regardless of your body type and sense of style, palazzo pants will look fabulous on you and are here to stay. They are versatile and stylish; whether you are headed into a work meeting or want to look beachy chic, palazzo pants are the perfect garment to add to your outfit roundup. 



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