Swimsuit Cover-Ups: How To Wear Them

Cover-ups come in countless shapes and styles. The trick to curating the perfect swimwear attire is learning how to best style the different cover-ups to match your fashion sense. 

Do you like to keep it feminine and chic with a dress? Do you want to stand out and display a more unique sense of style with a tunic or caftan? We are here to help guide you through the styling process. 

Read on to learn more about the different kinds of women’s swimsuit cover-ups and how to wear them this summer. 

Cover-Up Dresses

Do you want to remain chic and stylish on the beach when you aren’t going for a dip in the ocean? Cover-up dresses just became your new best friend. 

There is a lot of diversity among cover-up beach dresses. With options in varying styles and lengths, you’ll have access to the perfect swimsuit cover-up dress for your fashion needs. 

If you are looking for the right cover-up to wear during days lounging in the sun and afternoon walks on the beach, consider grabbing a midi cover-up dress. Sundresses are summertime staples that will make you look like a beachy goddess. 

Midi cover-up dresses or cover-up maxi dresses are breezy options for those summer days spent in the sun. For something a little sexier, try a strapless dress — you’re sure to feel comfortable and confident either way.

For a casual but stylish look, give a shirt dress a try! Cover-up shirt dresses make great swim cover-ups, especially for more laid-back beach days. This style looks great on all bodies. Whether you are petite or plus size, you’ll feel casually cool in a shirt dress.


Looking for something a bit classier and more versatile? You can still rock a cover-up dress.Off-the-shoulder cover-up dresses have mastered combining that summery essence with chic fashion. The off-the-shoulder sleeves elevate the dress and offer a high-fashion touch to the look. 

Keep It Classy

Cover-up dresses also come in numerous prints and patterns. Keep it classy and wear a solid black or gray cover-up dress like this Draped Darling Strapless Midi Dress. Otherwise, show off your spunky personality and fashion sense with a fun floral or tie-dye pattern. The pink flowers on this scarf hem midi dress pair perfectly with the teal accents for a cover-up that will accentuate your best features.

A cover-up dress does most of the work for you, so you’ll look incredible this summer regardless of your chosen style. 

Kimono Cover-Ups

Originating in ancient Japan, kimonos have been worn for layering purposes for thousands of years. Today in Western culture, we’ve adopted kimonos into our fashion, particularly as a swimwear staple. When you hit the pool or the beach this summer, you can cover up in style with a historic, timeless kimono robe.

Kimonos let you look effortlessly chic. The robe rests gracefully on the shoulders, with wide-cut bell sleeves and a length that reaches the mid-thighs. Regardless of the pattern you opt for, kimono robes make you look like a breezy, flowy fashionista. 

These garments move with the wind and complement all body types. Whether you rock a bikini, tankini, or one-piece swimsuit, you are guaranteed to look and feel stunning when you cover up with a kimono. 

For optimal styling, we recommend simply layering your kimono on top of your swimsuit, leaving it open to show off the garment’s flowy movement, and pairing it with your best pair of sandals. This style is perfect for some poolside lounging, a beach day, or even a spa trip.

Don’t want to part with your kimono after you take your swimsuit off? You don’t have to! You can (and absolutely should) try layering your day-to-day outfits with your favorite kimono cover-up. Pairing this stylish robe with a mini dress or evena monochromatic loungewear outfit can elevate your look and keep you warm and cozy at the same time. 

For an effortless and fashion-forward beach cover-up look, complete with tassels and a tie-front drawstring, we recommend securing a kimono to rock this summer.

Pareo Cover-Ups

The pareo is a lightweight, stylish garment similar to the sarong thatoriginates in ancient Tahiti and has been used as a cover-up ever since. Pareos are versatile and easy to wear, making them perfect bathing suit cover-up options. 

Pareos are similar to scarves in that they are both very long pieces of cloth that you can style at your discretion. You can tie your pareo however you’d like when you have a swimsuit, with more or less coverage as you see fit. 

One of the most popular ways to style a pareo is to wear it around your waist as a wrap skirt. This is a timeless, stylish take that looks fabulous whether you have a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit on, and the tie-front skirt method will make you look put together and cute on the beach. 

To accomplish the skirt style, you can wrap the garment around your bikini bottoms and then fold the ends into a knot at the edge of your waist. You can control the length of the cover-up skirt by folding the cloth more or less, depending on how long you’d like it to be. You can also tie the pareo into a dress (sleeveless or with sleeves) or a cover-up romper!


Your perfect pareo is waiting for you, whatever pattern you’re looking for. It’s easy to cover up in style when you wrap a flowy pareo on top of your bandeau bikini and board shorts.

Tunic Cover-Ups 

Another best seller garment that withstands the test of time, tunics have been used to cover up since Ancient Rome, and we still love them today.

Tunics are relatively simple in their structure and tend to be more conservative; however, they certainly don’t lack in style! Tunics are boxy and breezy and have a quiet elegance to them, and if you choose a v-neck shape, you’ll still get to show a little skin around the neckline. 

Look chic on the beach when you throw on a tunic over your swimsuit. The garment will hit around mid-thigh and keep your torso, shoulders, and arms covered, thanks to the long sleeves and length. If you’re looking for the ideal option for both sun protection and comfort, this is it.

Like many other cover-ups, tunic dresses are versatile. While they make for a great poolside or beachside staple, they can also be dressed up for an evening on the town. For instance, style a crochet cover-up tunic with a pair of jeans or white shorts and curate the perfect summertime outfit. 

Cover Up in Style

We all love to show off our snazzy swimsuits, but when the time comes to cover up, why not do so in style? Women’s cover-ups are necessary for all body types — from small to XXL!

With our guide to wearing bathing suit cover-ups, you are guaranteed to look like a beachy fashionista this summertime. Take advantage of all of our best sellers and new arrivals by checking out what La Blanca has to offer.


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