Swimsuit Coverage: The Ultimate Guide

Not all swimsuits are not created equal. What’s comfortable to you might not be comfortable for your friend. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the different levels of coverage that swimsuits can provide to help narrow down your bathing suit search. 

Whether you prefer to keep your attire modest or want a more sultry look, our guide will lead you in the right direction. Reading up on the different levels of coverage will help you find your perfect swimsuit for this summer.

Keep reading to learn the breakdown of the five swimsuit coverage levels. 

Full Coverage

More conservative beachgoers will likely want to opt for swimsuits that provide full coverage. 

You don’t need to show off everything your momma gave you to look chic on the beach. Full coverage swimsuits primarily consist of one-pieces. If one-pieces are your style, you will want a suit that provides full bottom coverage with two straps to keep you secure on top. 

We recommend the Island Goddess Lingerie One Piece. Your entire bum and torso will be covered, but the swimsuit will compliment your natural curves while respecting your comfort levels. 

Still, full coverage doesn’t mean you need to opt-out of two-piece swimsuits entirely. Certain tankinis are long enough to cover your body, including your chest. When paired with high-waisted bottoms, you will experience full coverage without being confined to one swim silhouette. 

Medium-Full Coverage

Swimsuits with medium-full coverage will keep you modest while showing off a little more skin. One-piece swimsuits will be your best friend here, too. 

We recommend seeking out one-piece swimsuits with cutouts or off-the-shoulder sleeves. For instance, you can keep your bust covered up while still exposing more of your shoulders and collarbone. 

Enter: the Island Goddess Off Shoulder Ruffle One Piece. This swimsuit provides medium-full coverage with a playful twist, thanks to its ruffles and off-shoulder straps. 

Much like full-coverage swimsuits, you don’t have to limit yourself to one-piece swimwear if you don’t want to. In this case, you can again go for a tankini top, paired with some full coverage bottoms. 

Choose a tankini top that keeps you contained while teasing a little extra skin. The Prism Palm Bandeau Tankini will cover your figure, but it comes with removable straps. This gives you the option to go strapless, exposing your shoulders and adding a flirty element with the heart-shaped neckline. 

Medium Coverage

Medium coverage shows a little more stomach and bum than medium-full coverage. 

If you would like to opt for a two-piece swimsuit, there are plenty of bikinis that will cater to your needs and provide the perfect amount of coverage. 

This kind of coverage is more moderate than the previous options. Your bust will be covered and secure with the Island Goddess Shirred Strap Cross Back Top, but your stomach and back will be more exposed. 

This time around, you might also opt for bottoms that have more of a cheeky coverage than full coverage. This swimsuit coverage level is best for people who enjoy displaying parts of their figure but feel more comfortable leaving a little bit to the imagination. 

This style will not leave you fully exposed like other bikinis, but it will allow you to show off parts of your body that might typically be covered in other suits.

Slim-Medium Coverage

With slim-medium coverage, you can explore swimsuit styles that are cheekier and higher-cut to expose more bum and leg. This coverage level is more sultry than medium coverage, but it does still provide a moderate amount of coverage. 

Swimsuits with slim-medium coverage tend to have more risque cutouts and display more tasteful cleavage and bum. Often, swimsuits with this level of coverage are bikinis, though not always!

There are one-piece swimsuits out there with slim-medium coverage. For instance, the Changing Tides One Piece is the perfect combination of coverage and sass. The plunging neckline exposes your cleavage for an element of sultry appeal. The bottom is high-cut, exposing more bum and creating an illusion that will make your legs appear longer

Slim-medium coverage swimsuits allow you to show off your figure and reveal more skin without having to bare it all. 

Slim Coverage

Those who are confident wearing less and stand by the phrase “less is more” will be pulled towards swimsuits that provide slim coverage. 

Bikinis truly dominate this slim coverage level — especially string bikinis that leave little to the imagination. These swimsuit styles are inherently sultry, show off the most cleavage, and are paired with cheeky bottoms. 

For the best slim coverage experience, go for the Eclectic Shore Halter Triangle Top. The triangle shape of the bikini allows your cleavage to be the star of the show, and the thin, stringy straps that keep you secure expose nearly your entire back.

You will look and feel sultry lounging at the pool in a slim coverage swimsuit.


If you don’t know where to begin with your bathing suit search, the perfect place to start is this ultimate swimsuit coverage guide. 

There are many types of swimsuit coverage, and each provides its own level of comfort. We want you to look and feel your best at the beach or the pool this summer, and you deserve to feel confident (and comfortable) in the swimsuit of your choice. 

Whether you lean more conservatively with your swimwear or tend to look at swimsuits as an opportunity to show off your physique, you will have an easier time pinpointing the perfect bathing suit for your summer adventures with this quick guide to swimsuit coverage.



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