Find Your Style: Swimsuit Print Guide

The world of swimwear fashion is so vast that it can start to be overwhelming. It can already be tough choosing between different styles of one-pieces and bikinis; choosing the right print is a whole other ball game. 

From animal prints to florals to solids, there is the right style for everyone. The hard part is deciding which look suits you and your sense of fashion best!

We want to ensure you look and feel your best on your next beach trip or pool day, so we are here to help guide you through the world of swimsuit prints. Keep reading to get a more in-depth breakdown of the different print styles and find the perfect pattern for you!


Find Your Style: Swimsuit Print Guide

Are you uninterested in prints? No worries! There is nothing wrong with sticking to a chic solid shade for your next swimsuit. 

Solids are a classic and reliable swimwear option. Certain styles do ebb and flow in terms of trendiness, so if you are afraid of wearing off-trend styles, a solid-colored swimsuit will never lead you astray. 

Rocking a solid swimsuit is also a way to keep your swimwear style cool and chic. A solid black bikini is versatile, perfect for any season, and flattering on all body types. 

Or, if you want to go for a more sexy approach, try a solid red one-piece swimsuit. The all-red swimsuit look will be reminiscent of Baywatch and boldly show off your figure. 

It’s always a good day to keep it classy and stylish with a solid printed swimsuit!


If you are obsessed with all things vintage and historical, you should give striped swimsuits a go. 

Stripes were all the rage back in the early half of the 1900s when casual swimwear was still in its premature stages. Most swimsuits were long one-pieces with blue and white or black and white stripes. 

Stripes have transcended time and fashion trends and remain an excellent swimwear print option. Coming in numerous different colors and cuts, you are bound to find the perfect stripe-printed swimsuit for your needs. 

Pay homage to the original swimwear style with a cute, modern twist when you rock striped swimwear. 

Animal Print

An animal print might be the perfect style for you if you have a big personality or just tend to find yourself drawn to loud, playful garments. 

Animal print can be very alluring and shows off your fun side. Animal prints are always stylish and rarely overpowering — and there are so many styles to choose from! Go for the classic leopard or cheetah print styles, or spice up your swimwear wardrobe with zebra print, tiger print, snakeskin print, or even cow print!

Whichever animal print you choose from, you will show off your awesome personality and great sense of style when you rock an animal print swimsuit. 


Find Your Style: Swimsuit Print Guide

Floral prints are always in style and can be a great way to diversify your swimwear with some pretty, feminine patterns. 

Swimsuits are mostly associated with the summertime, so floral bathing suits are perfect if you like to wear clothes that are more reflective of the seasons! Flowers, bright colors, and greenery are classic summertime symbols, and you can show off your love for the season by rocking them on your swimwear. 

There are many different floral prints to choose from. Whether pink flowers and feminine styles are your things, or tropical plants and palm trees are more your vibes, you will find the perfect swimsuit for your print needs. 

Show off your cute sense of style and rock a floral printed swimsuit today. 


If you prefer less mainstream and more mature patterns, paisley printed swimsuits are a great style to choose from. 

Paisley is another timeless pattern that can be worn in so many different ways. Most paisley printed swimsuits vary in style, and you can always choose different shades to express yourself even more. 

For instance, if you prefer darker tones, but love the paisley pattern, get a paisley swimsuit in black! Or, show off your bright and vibrant personality with a yellow paisley swimsuit or even a red one. 

You’ll stand out in style when you opt for a paisley patterned ‘fit.


Are you obsessed with the retro style? Or does your fashion sense lean more on the twee side? You can display your quirky but cute sense of fashion when you rock polka-dot printed swimsuits. 

Get a polka-dot bikini and feel like the main character, thanks to the Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie track

The style is genuinely timeless and can make you look sexy and unique. Not many people wear polka-dot swimsuits these days, so you can stand out and look retro and cool when you opt for the cute printed style. 

Just like any other print, polka-dot swimsuits can come in any color, so regardless of your shade preferences, you can wear the perfect polka-dot suit to your tastes. 

Abstract Patterns

A swimsuit with an abstract pattern is the best option for anyone with a wacky, obscure sense of style. This includes patterns and shapes that really break the mold in terms of swimwear. Though some of the prints mentioned already are not necessarily mainstream, abstract patterns are typically unique prints that can’t be found as easily. 

This might take the form of tie-dye, contrasting shapes and colors, or even paint splatters. 

Abstract and uncommon patterns like this are the perfect print for outgoing people who want their fashion to stand out, even at the beach. This is also a great option for more artsy, creative folks who want to rock swimwear that represents their artistic talents. 

You will look cool and feel confident when you try out unique, abstract patterns on for size. 

Pick Your Print

When it comes to choosing swimsuit prints, there is no wrong answer. Whether you want to rock a zebra print or prefer to go retro with a polka-dot bikini, you will look fashionable and feel sexy and confident. 

There are countless prints to choose from and plenty of opportunities to express your sense of fashion at this beach this summer. So, stock up on some cool swimsuit prints and get ready to flex your swimwear style!


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