How Many Swimsuits for a 7 Day Vacation: A Guide

Nowadays, traveling is a hot commodity. It's easily available and considerably more affordable than what it once was. With all the availability today, you can easily find deals for both flights and hotel rooms. 

If you’re looking for a change of pace, even a weeklong getaway can be exactly what you need to turn things around. With summer on our doorstep, it's also the perfect time to start looking at some summer vacations you want to head out on.

How Much Luggage Do You Carry?

Each person will probably have a different number of how many swimsuits they need to take on vacation. To arrive at a valid response to this issue, we must first explore a couple of scenarios.

If you simply wish to bring a carry-on bag, you should be aware that the number of swimsuits you'll be able to pack will be significantly reduced. In this instance, we recommend bringing no more than three swimsuits. You're probably wondering how you'll enjoy a seven-day trip wearing three bikinis. 

No worries; this is an adequate number of swimsuits for your vacation. With this number of suits, you’ll still be prepared to deal with any unexpected event. With three options you always have a spare, so you don’t need to worry. Since this amount also doesn't take up much room in your suitcase, you'll have enough for other essentials.

However, if you travel with a checked suitcase and are on vacation longer, you can bring more bikinis. This way, you will be prepared for any eventuality and can flaunt all your different swimwear pieces. 

Mix and Matching Magic

Which resort comes to mind first when you think about summer vacation and lengthy beach walks? Whichever place first came to mind, I'm sure you envisioned yourself going down the sandy beach in a stunning bikini that fits amazingly while listening to the waves, or maybe you’re lounging in the sun relaxing with a light breeze.

In any case, it’s totally normal for us to want to look fashionable. Thanks to social media, it’s easy to feel like we always need to be fashion-forward, whether we're going to the grocery store or going to the beach to soak up some sun. This can sometimes make one feel like they need new pieces every single day, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! 

We still understand that wearing the same thing over and over during a week can lead to fatigue and lead you to hate the piece by the end of seven days. If you want to wear a variety of swimsuits, so you don't end up wearing the same look to the beach the whole week, we have a solution for how to successfully feel like you have different looks.

If you enjoy wearing bikinis, combining the tops and bottoms is a fun and practical way to make sure you're not overpacking but still get multiple looks. We’d recommend packing one print bikini and two solid bikinis that match each other and the patterned bikini. This way you get nine possible combos, making it feel as if you have a new suit every single day!

How To Make the Right Choice of Swimwear?

Customize Your Swimsuit With the Activities You Are Planning

This is one of the most valuable ways you can think about your outfits when it comes to packing. Ask yourself what type of activities you’ll be taking part in during your vacation so you can pack accordingly. Are you going surfing? Or heading on a diving expedition? Are you just looking to lay out in the sun and relax? Will you be playing games on the beach or chasing after your kids? Maybe it’ll be a mixture of these activities throughout the trip. 

Each of these activities will benefit from a different type of suit so knowing in advance what you’ll be doing most of is the best way to make sure you’re covered! Take surfing and diving, for example; a rashguard is the best option for these types of activities due to its sportier and more protective profile. 

For laying out in the sun, you’ll probably be looking for a suit that’ll help you avoid any inconvenient tan lines, but if you’re going to be active at the beach then you’re best opting for something that you’re sure won’t be moving around and will stay put the whole day. 

It’s Time for a New Swimsuit 

It's normal for many of us to want to switch out a swimsuit or two when going from season to season. Either we don't like the one we had last year or it might not fit all that well anymore, so revamping your suits is also a good option to help you pack. 

And now with shopping online trying on new suits has been highly simplified. If you’re looking for some fresh swimwear, check out our new styles on the La Blanca website for some stunning summer options! 

For example our Ocean Oasis Shirred One Shoulder One Piece features beautiful turquoise shades that color the ombre effect covering this one-piece suit, influenced by the depth of color in the deep blue sea. The asymmetrical lines of the shirred bodice create a visual equilibrium to the shoulders while beautifully accentuating your waist from all angles. Built-in cups and precisely the proper amount of back covering provide a secure fit.

If bikinis and florals are more your speed, then the Isla Del Sol Ruffle Sleeve Top and matching Isla Del Sol Shirred Band Hipster Bottom are the perfect option for you. The bright tropical print on this swim top fits your vibrant personality and is super flirty. The top has thick, over-the-shoulder straps with lovely ruffles for a feminine touch. 

The deep plunging v-neck is created by the wrap-style front that ties in the back. The bottoms cut a beautiful silhouette and feature a mid-rise fit that flatters your figure. Moderate back coverage keeps the style refined while still highlighting your contours.


At the end of the day, you’ll want to make sure you’re picking the swimwear that fits you best and makes you feel the most at ease. Obviously, you don’t want to overpack and take five swimsuits and only end up wearing two of them, so make sure you’re packing your absolute favorites. You'll know it's meant to go with you if it makes you feel confident when you look in the mirror!


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