How To Tie A Bikini Top: 9 Ways To Try

If you’re looking to make the most out of one bikini top, then it’s a good thing you’re here. If you have a favorite bikini top that you want to keep wearing and re-wearing without repeating outfits, we’ve got the perfect tips for you! 

We can all agree that finding a bikini top you love is an amazing feeling. Being able to wear it in multiple ways might be even better! Grab a bikini top with flexible ties, and learn about the many different styles you can explore this summer.

Front Cross

First, let’s talk about the front cross. This is one of the simplest ways to change up the look of your bikini. 

To achieve this look, all you have to do is cross the ties in the front of your neck. Then, tie them around your neck as you normally would. While this is just a simple extra step, it will instantly elevate your look.


The 90s were and still are a stylish source of fashion trends, including the choker. This accessory has made a strong comeback in the past few years, and you can easily recreate it with your bikini top. 

To create this style, tie your bottom straps together in the mid-center of your back, then bring the neckties up to the back of your neck. Instead of tying them with a knot, cross them and wrap one strap around your neck. Finally, just tie them together. Voila!

Strapless Bandeau

If you want to do some serious tanning without any interesting tan lines, this is a great style for you. Even if your bikini has straps, it’s easy to turn your tie bikini into a strapless bandeau version.

For this style, you simply have to tie the back tie as you would normally, leaving the top strings untied. Then, take the neck strings and tie them in the middle of your chest. Finally, wrap these strings to the back and also tie them there. 

This is an easily achievable look that will give your bikini a totally different silhouette in seconds. Don’t forget to make sure that each tie is securely fastened so that your new bandeau stays in place.

Neck Bandeau 

Another bandeau styling option is a neck bandeau look. This chic look is another easy-to-style adjustment. 

Start by tying your top in the back. Then, pull the neck straps together, cross them in the front, and make a triangle in the center of your bust. This will look like a cut-out in your bandeau. Finish by taking the neck straps and tying them to the back of your neck.


This one-shoulder style is sure to have you turning heads wherever you go. It’s the perfect look to draw attention to your upper body, and it’s quite simple to create. 

First, tie your bikini as normal in the back. After that, take both of the neck straps to one shoulder, cross them once, and loop one side around your neck. Secure this in place by tying them together in a bow or knot. Now, you’ve created an elegant style that highlights your neck, shoulders, and bust.


Tying your bathing suit in a T-back style will automatically give your bikini top an interesting and unique twist. For this version, you simply have to tie the neck straps and back ties as normal in a knot. 

With the remaining length of your back ties, pull them up, and tuck them under the neck strap. Next, knot and tie them together — and you’re done! Just like that, you have a new way to tie up your bikini without any major fuss. 

V Between Shoulders

You can also style your bikini top by adding a V detail on the back. 

For this look, tie your neck straps normally at your neck, then knot the bottom straps in the center of your back. Once you've got this setup, pull each strap up along one side of your neck and knot them to the top of the bikini triangle. Tuck in any excess strap under the triangle.

Back Cross

A simple-but-classic option is a cross-back look. Follow the same steps that you did to create the V back, but pull the knotted straps under your arms so that the V flattens into a cross.

Twisted Neck

Last (but definitely not least), try out the twisted neck look. 

This style can be created by tying the bottom straps in the middle center of your back. Once you’ve done this, take the neck straps together in the front of your chest and twist them around each other. You can create as many or as few twists as you wish, making it as big or as small of a line from your neck to your bust. 

When you have found your desired style, tie the straps to the back of your neck as normal. 


As you can see, there are plenty of options for how to tie up your bikini top for a new look. And these are only a couple of ways you can try: there are plenty of other styles you can come up with on your own, too. 

Inventive bikini tying is a great option if you’re traveling light this summer but want distinct looks for your trip. You can also always give this concept a try with bikini bottoms! You might be surprised at how you can create unique looks just by finding different ways to tie them up.

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