Underwire Swimsuits: 5 Great Benefits

Pinpointing the perfect bathing suit for you is a must. Whether you have a tropical vacation coming up, are preparing for a summer of lounging by the pool, or just want to sit outside and get your tan on, you’ll need a stylish swimsuit. 

This year, switch it up and go for an underwire swimsuit. 

They come in styles ranging from one-piece swimsuits to tankinis to bikinis. Bathing suits with underwires are an underrated, stylish summer staple. It is a style and shape that compliments everyone, regardless of your body type. 

There are countless reasons why you should check out underwire swimsuits this year. It’s a style that compliments your bust, regardless of size, and offers extra support, and those are only two reasons why! 

Keep reading to go in-depth about all things underwire and learn all the great benefits of that particular cut of swimsuit. 

1. Extra Support

We all have those Baywatch fantasies of ourselves on the beach: running in slow motion with the wind blowing through our hair, looking flawless in our bombshell bathing suits as we crash into the ocean waves. Tragically, this dream is so often crushed by the realities of loose, non-supportive swimwear in the chest region. 

Underwire swimsuits are here to fix that dilemma and provide much more support on the beach! 

All cup sizes will benefit from underwire swimsuits, but if you are someone who has a larger bust, you know better than anyone how frustrating and difficult it can be to find a swimsuit top that provides support. Regular padding simply isn’t enough for individuals with a larger chest, but underwire swimsuits can provide the support you have been searching for. 

Much like underwire bras, swimsuits with underwires outline your breasts and lift them, holding them in place. If you face a gnarly wave, you don’t have to worry about flashing the entire beach because your underwire swimsuit will ensure that your goods stay contained inside the garment. 

2. Enhances Your Appearance

On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you have a smaller bust and want to be able to rock some sexy cleavage in your swimsuit, look no further! 

You won’t need to revert to the silly tactics we used back in middle school (cough, cough, stuffing bras…). Now you just need to find your favorite underwire bikini or one piece and watch as your bust appears even fuller when you hit the pool. Whether you want a little modesty with a one-piece or choose to bare it all in a sexy bikini top, you can’t go wrong with this style. 

The metal or plastic of the underwire will work to push your breasts together and give them a fuller appearance. Certain styles will enhance them even more, depending on the cut. For instance, demi cups or push cups will increase the volume. 

Even if you naturally have a larger bust, you can rock underwire swimsuits to show off your goods and enhance your appearance even more if you so choose!

3. Flattering on All Body Types

Unfortunately, the rhetoric surrounding different types of swimwear is often fraught with shoulds and should nots. For instance, which body types should and should not rock a certain cut of swimsuit? That language is tiring and untrue for all swimsuit cuts — especially underwire swimsuits. 

Underwire swimsuits truly look fabulous on everyone, regardless of body type, bust size, age, or any other factor. 

Are you a new (or not so new) mom looking for the perfect swimsuit cut for you? Give an underwire suit a try! Your bust will look defined and flawless, and whether you go the one-piece or bikini route, your mom bod is going to look incredible on the beach. 

Thinner bodies and plus sizes alike will rock underwire swimwear too! No body type looks bad in a sexy bra, and when it comes to underwire swimsuits the same rules apply. 

4. Provides Definition

Sometimes after a couple of hours, certain bathing suits can shift and rest in a way that makes your bust look a little less than flattering. 

Much like how underwire swimsuits can give your bust a fuller appearance, they can also work to provide some definition to your chest and keep everything perfectly in place as the day progresses. 

Certain cup shapes work to contour the shape of your breasts and give them a rounder appearance. That, plus the combination of the underwire providing support will give your breasts a little lift that will make them look killer on the beach. 

You should be proud of your body, and you can highlight some of your greatest features and give some added definition when you rock an underwire suit. 

5. Perfect for All Activities

Whether you are water skiing, playing some beach volleyball, perfecting your cannonball, or planning on lounging on a pool float all day, you need a swimsuit that will be suitable for that activity. What if we told you that underwire swimsuits are perfect for just about any activity you plan on engaging in? 

It’s the truth! Underwire suits come in so many different cuts, it will be the perfect garment for you. 

Of course, if you know you will be playing some beach sports and running around a bit, demi cup underwire suits might not be your best choice, as your breasts will be pushed upwards more. However, a full-coverage underwire swimsuit will be the perfect companion for a day of volleyball on the beach!

Any underwire swimsuit will look fab and be appropriate for a day of lounging by the pool, practicing your different dives and jumps, or even swimming recreationally

If the activity you plan on engaging in calls for a swimsuit, you can count on an underwire bathing suit to be the perfect style for the day. 

Endless Benefits

Underwire swimsuits are endlessly versatile. They flatter every body type, make your goods look extra good, and are appropriate for countless beachy activities. 

You don’t need to fit any particular “mold” for an underwire swimsuit to look incredible on you. It is the swimwear that is perfect for everyone and every occasion. Grab a sexy underwire bikini or one piece, and look flawless and feel supported by the pool this summer. 



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