What Size Bathing Suit Should I Get?

Women’s clothing sizes often seem to follow no rhyme or reason, which can cause major shopping frustration. You may be a size six at one store, a four at another, and still a Small/Medium at yet another.

We’re here to simplify swimsuit sizing for you. If you're wondering what size La Blanca swimsuit you should get, keep reading. We'll explain how to measure your bust, waist, hips, and torso to find the best bathing suit size for you, as well as share some special sizing considerations you may want to take into account with various swimsuit types. We also have the handy La Blanca size guide for reference. 

Steps to Determine What Size La Blanca Bathing Suit You Should Get

Step 1: Prepare to Measure

Grab a cloth tape measure, notepad, and pen. Stand in front of a full-length mirror, if possible. Make sure you’re standing up straight and place your feet hip-width apart. Maintaining proper posture will help ensure the measurements you take next are accurate. As you measure, you'll want to jot down your numbers, then refer to La Blanca’s easy swimsuit size chart at the end of our post to figure out what size bathing suit you should get.

Step 2: Measure Your Bust

To measure your bust, wrap your tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Do not wrap it below your breasts, but right across them. Make sure your tape measure is in a straight line all the way around your chest and that it’s laying flat and snug against your body. Look in the mirror to ensure your tape measure is positioned correctly and that you are standing up straight. Record your bust measurement. It will likely be between 34 and 49.5 inches.

Step 3: Measure Your Waist

Looking at yourself in the mirror, find the smallest part of your torso. This is your natural waist. Just like you did while measuring your bust, wrap the tape measure around your waist, ensuring that it is straight, flat against your body, and snug. Once you’ve wrapped the tape measure, double check your posture to make sure your measurements are accurate. Record your waist measurement. Your waist will probably measure between 26 and 42.5 inches.

Step 4: Measure Your Hips

To measure your hips, you’ll need to move your tape measure about seven inches below your waist. You’ll be measuring the fullest part of your hips, bringing the tape measure around your rear. Again, make sure your tape measure is untwisted and wrapped around your body in a straight line – double check in the mirror! (You’ve probably figured out the routine by now.) Stand up straight and record your hip measurement. It will be between 36 and 54 inches.

Step 5: Measure Your Torso

Measuring your torso can be a bit trickier, but it’s particularly important for one piece swimsuits. To measure the entire length of your torso, you’ll want to bring the tape measure between your legs and up your torso, going over your shoulder. Look in the mirror to ensure the tape measure is positioned straight up and down. Again, straighten your back and make sure you’re standing up tall. Record your torso measurement. Your torso will probably measure between 61 and 74.5 inches.

Step 5: Measure Your Torso

More Swimsuit Sizing Tips to Consider

When it comes to finding your best swimsuit, a size chart is the perfect place to start… but there are other factors you may want to take into consideration as well.

  • If you have a larger bust, swim tops with thicker straps, underwire, and molded cups will provide the most support. La Blanca’s plus size suits and DElux D/DD/E tops are perfect for women with larger chests.

  • If you want a one piece but the chart puts you between sizes, buy for the widest part of your body. In other words, go with the bigger size. Keep in mind that you can mix and match top and bottom sizes when you’re buying a two-piece, so a bikini or tankini combo may be a better choice if you're in-between sizes. Plus, returns are free for orders over $75, making it easy for you to exchange a suit for a different size or style.

  • If you are in-between sizes, adjustable straps and removable cups are your new best friends. They will allow you to customize the suit to fit you properly, which is especially important if your measurements put you in a gray area.

Finding the proper bathing suit size shouldn’t be a guessing game. Cool off in the pool or sun yourself on the beach in a swimsuit that fits you flawlessly. Take your measurements today and find the perfect La Blanca swimsuit for tomorrow’s travels.