What To Wear on a Yacht: 8 Chic Ideas

Whether you are invited to an intimate get-together on a friend's yacht or plan on chartering a boat in the Bahamas for a week, the most important thing about being on the open seas is having the right outfit to meet your moment. 

It can be overwhelming to try to figure out what to wear on a yacht, especially with changing weather conditions and shifting trends. This concise guide offers 8 chic ideas to help you look and feel your best whether you’re on land or sea. 

The Perfect Outfit for Every Occasion

A yacht is always an adventure. However, the dress code for an event on the water can be challenging. Whether you’re preparing for a brunch or evening soiree aboard, you’ll need to consider what outfit the event is asking for.

Whether you’re looking for moderate coverage, or are more excited to sun in your bikini on the upper deck, selecting an outfit for the yacht is important. You want to feel as good as you look, so making sure that you take into consideration how much skin you’re comfortable showing, the weather conditions, and the event you’re attending is a must. 

1. Prioritize Comfort

How you feel in your clothing is just as important – if not more so – than wearing the hottest trends of the season. Whether you’re selecting a swimsuit, a beachy cover-up, or a matching patterned set, prioritize clothing that makes you feel as good as you look. If you’re comfortable, you’ll feel more confident to show up to any situation as your authentic self. 

3. Try a Romper for the Best of Both Worlds

A romper is an effortless and stylish way to look your best and prioritize comfort. Rompers come in many styles, with everything from form-fitting to flowy to flatter your figure. The best thing about a romper is its versatility; it can be dressed up with heels and earrings, or stay casual and cute with sandals and a canvas tote. Whatever the occasion on board, you can’t go wrong with a romper.  

4. Balance Comfort and Style With a One-Piece

A one-piece bathing suit can be the perfect outfit on its own, especially if you’re planning to yacht somewhere warmer or where swimming is the priority. Perhaps the yacht has a pool on deck, and you’d prefer to lounge while getting a tan.

Nothing beats a classic silhouette, so pairing a one-piece suit with some casual sandals, a tote with your essentials, and some delicate earrings are all you need to make a statement. Especially if you’re more comfortable wearing a bathing suit as your yacht attire, a one-piece successfully provides coverage in all the right places, while accentuating your figure naturally. 

5. Highlight All the Right Places With a Kimono

There’s nothing better than an outfit that highlights all the right places, defines your natural curves, and provides extra coverage where you want it. A kimono, particularly a colorful or  vibrantly patterned piece, allows flexibility in outfit choices, while still also making a statement.  

Take the Eclectic Shore Kimono from La Blanca, a perfectly colorful cover-up with tassels and an open front. A kimono can be worn over a swimsuit, effortlessly adding to a breezy aesthetic, or even paired with pants and a light top if you don’t want to commit to the heaviness of a sweater.

6. Show a Little More With a Bikini

If you’re feeling like showing a bit more skin, or the priority on the yacht is to soak in the sun, a bikini might be the perfect outfit for the yacht. Especially if you’re spending time on the water in a more casual setting, or snorkeling and watersports are the main attraction, why not look as stylish as possible? 

With so many bikini styles to choose from, the most important thing to consider is which will you feel most comfortable in. Whether you choose a tankini, one-shoulder, or strapless bathing suit, a two-piece will be sure to turn heads. And don’t forget the SPF! It’s important to pair your style with health, so prioritize hydration, adequate sun coverage, and sunscreen. 

5. Keep It Classic With a Sundress 

There’s a reason why a classic is a classic. You can’t go wrong with a sundress on the water, and, like the myriad options of bathing suits, there seem to be endless styles of dresses to choose from. It can be overwhelming to select a sundress, so keep it simple and classic, or commit to making a statement. 

Especially if you’ll be on the water during the middle of the day, a sundress might be the move. Too much sun can be draining, and you can’t get much better than relaxing in a shady spot on a yacht. Additionally, a sundress can be easily transitioned into a nighttime outfit by swapping sandals for heels, pairing it with some elegant jewelry, and including a wrap or sweater. 

6. Linen Pants Are a Breeze

One of the great things about linen is that it’s a flexible, breathable material. Whether you’re relaxing by the poolside bar or on a Mediterranean adventure, pairing pants with a cute top is a sophisticated, stylish way to bring comfort into an outfit. Prioritize pants made of breathable material, and are appropriate for the weather and type of yacht excursion you might be embarking on. 

The great thing about pants is that they can effortlessly be paired with a one-piece bathing suit for a complete outfit, coupled with a wrap, kimono, or sweater for when it gets chillier in the evening. If you opt for an outfit without a bathing suit, pants can be combined with a number of tops to create the perfect outfit. 

7. Try a Longer Skirt, Make a Statement 

If you’re not partial to pants, embracing a longer skirt could be the perfect move for an inspired outfit. Selecting a skirt length is key, as you don’t want it to be too long or short for comfort. A three-quarter-length skirt, especially when part of a matching set or paired with a bathing suit top, creates a seamless and high-impact look. 

Longer skirts are flattering in all the right places and can be dressed up or kept casual depending on whether you pair them with heels, flats, or a wide-brimmed sun hat. With a two-part set, a longer skirt can provide a sweet silhouette to a bathing suit top, and elevate its function, which is to provide coverage. Consider matching a patterned skirt with a neutral top, or complementing colors between top and bottom. 

8. Shorts and T-shirt: A Timeless Combination

You really can’t go wrong with shorts and a shirt when embarking on a yacht. We saved this go-to outfit for last because its simplicity is timeless; shorts offer flexibility in that they can be paired with a variety of stylish options. Consider pairing shorts with a simple t-shirt, patterned tankini, or off-the-shoulder top; three very different styles, all simple and effective ways to embrace style and comfort during a day at sea. 

If you’re keener on water sports, snorkeling, or generally are interested in a more active aesthetic, consider board shorts. These shorts from La Blanca are not only functional (they are quick-drying and equipped with pockets for storage), but are a stylish complement to your bathing suit. Stylish shorts can merge function and fashion, providing you with the best of both worlds. 

The Bottom Line 

Planning out an outfit for your day on a yacht can feel overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from. Do you choose a skirt or shorts? Do you opt for pants instead of a kimono, or combine both for a blended look? With these eight chic ideas, you can’t go wrong. Consider what your priorities are and plan from there; is comfort as important as style? Are you eager to get into the water and start snorkeling, or would you rather relax and suntan? 

Curating an outfit for a yacht can seem daunting, but really just involves some intentional curation. If you plan to tan or swim, select a bathing suit that’s classic and versatile and can be combined with a number of outfit options. If you prefer to hang out above deck, a beautiful matching set of pants can offer a fashion-forward option for relaxation. 

Whether you’re going for festive, fun, stylish, or comfortable, planning your outfit for a yacht doesn’t have to compromise style for comfort. Grab your SPF and sunglasses, and create an outfit that not only looks great but makes you feel even better. 


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