5 Reasons To Rock a White Bathing Suit

Black swimsuits are a classic favorite for plenty of reasons: they’re slimming, they won’t show a trace of that sangria you accidentally spilled, and they don’t go out of style. But just because black is a tried-and-true favorite doesn’t mean it’s the only classic solid you need in your swimsuit wardrobe! White swimsuits have just as much to offer—yes, even after Labor Day. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

1. White Swimsuits Can Go With Anything

When you’re putting together your beachside look, you can’t go wrong with a white bathing suit. It’s a timeless neutral, and pairs well with any color you can imagine for accessories. A solid white swimsuit like our Island Goddess Lingerie One Piece is chic and sophisticated, but still simple enough to pair effortlessly with bold accessories like patterned coverups, colorful jewelry, or sparkly sandals. With a classic white swimsuit as your starting point, your fabulous fashion sense has every chance to shine.

2. White Bathing Suits Are This Year’s Hottest Trend

Speaking of your fabulous fashion sense, you’re never one to fall behind when it comes to style. White swimsuits are everywhere right now, from celebrity parties on the beach to high-profile runway shows. Lucky for you, La Blanca’s selection of white swimsuits makes it easy to get in on the latest look. We’ve all seen those celeb pictures that show a bit too much, but don’t worry—La Blanca’s fit and quality standards ensure that your white bathing suit is flattering in all the right ways.

3. A White Bikini Really Shows Off Your Tan

You want to maintain your summer glow long after the hottest days of summer, so why not give it a visual boost? It’s no secret that wearing white clothing can complement a sun-kissed complexion, and it’s even truer when you wear a gorgeous white bikini. Go for the Island Goddess Knot Twist Bandeau Top to banish tan lines for good. Rock that white bathing suit like the sun goddess you are, sister!  

4. White Swimsuits Keep You Cool in the Sun

If you live in a locale that has hot weather well into September and beyond, you know what it’s like to sit in the late summer sun in a black swimsuit—scorching! “Sweaty” isn’t precisely the poolside look you’re going for, so stay cool in a feminine, sassy suit like our Linea Costa Lace Back One Shoulder One Piece.

5. You’re Sure To Make a Statement

You follow the rules most of the time, but the one that says, “no white after Labor Day”? That one is meant to be broken! White swimsuits are totally versatile, and the calendar can’t dictate your style! Tap into your rebellious streak with our Island Goddess Multi-Strap Cross-Back One Piece, or take the plunge with our Island Goddess Off Shoulder Ruffle One Piece. You’ll turn every head for miles!  

How To Pick a White Swimsuit 

The key to having a good white swimsuit experience is choosing the right one! We’re going over all our tips and tricks for you to get the best option for you.

Avoid See-Through Fabrics 

One of the pitfalls of white bathing suits is that they can be quite see-through if you’re not careful. To tackle this problem you’ll need to take into account the fabric of your suit and what you’ll be doing in it. When wet, some materials become see-through or lose their structure due to excessive movement in and around the water.

Knowing what to look for when buying a bikini means being confident when heading into the waves, and then sitting on the beach. Because not all white swimsuits are sheer, picking the proper one can help you prevent any unwanted skin exposure at the beach or pool.

Nylon and spandex are the most widely used fabrics for swimwear, as a combination of the two produces a lightweight, flexible cloth that has a figure-hugging fit and dries quickly. Ideal for active days at the pool.

Shopping Tips

When you go shopping for your new white bathing suit there are definitely a couple of things you can keep in mind to get the best results! Since you already know the color you’re looking for it’s mostly about the suits’ cut and style.

If you have some areas you’d like to minimize or highlight, there are certain styles that will be better for each purpose. If you’re looking to make your hips look smaller go for a bikini bottom with side ties. This is a flattering style that because of the ruching effect will make your hip area look smaller.

If you’re concerned with your mid-section, contrary to other colors, with white it’s best to seer clear from extra layers of fabric on your suits. Opt instead for a regular fitting swimsuit that shows off your shape. 

Quality Check

As we mentioned before, when wet, flimsy, or thin materials are likely to become transparent, as previously stated. To ensure you acquire thick, tightly woven materials, familiarize yourself with various fabrics and brands. 

Stretch the fabric slightly before putting it on to check its integrity. Place your hand beneath the fabric and stretch it out a little. There may be a transparency issue with the piece if you can see your fingers through it.

Look to see whether there is a lining. A textured fabric with a thick nude lining is enough to keep any white cloth from showing through. Double-layer pieces are also effective.

It’s always a good idea to try to invest in your swimwear since fabrics that are thicker and of higher quality generally cost more. Quality fabric is definitely worth investing in to avoid any potential embarrassing sags and slips.

How To Style a White Swimsuit 

Styling and accessorizing your suit is a great way to go about finding multiple ways to wear it! We’re covering different ways to spice up your white bathing suit look! 


Start off by adding a wide-brimmed straw hat to your look! These and bikinis look really chic together, and especially with white.

Hats are also an effective technique to shield your face from the sun. They are ideal for laying on the beach, poolside, or on a boat on a sunny day and looking fantastic.

If you're dressed entirely in white, play around with the color of your hat. Striped designs and traditional straw hats are safe bets. Add some fun color to it! 


Sunglasses are another classic accessory that is protective, comfortable, and fashionable.

White bikinis look great with oversized sunglasses, these add depth and complexity to your image. They also provide the best possible eye protection.

Choose a pair that complements your features and gives your outfit an instant edge. For a delicate and flirtatious look, try frames with a little glitter. If glitter isn't your thing, try a bright, playful look with colored or patterned sunnies!


You can't go wrong with a big tote styled along with your bikini.

When you need to transport clothes and makeup to a pool party or a day at the beach that requires a quick costume change, totes are the way to go.

Carry a bag with colorful designs, dramatic stripes, or even a solid color to add a pop of color. Choose one with navy and white lines for a nautical vibe if you’re looking for a sporty look.

If you're going to a pool party or a cocktail party, bling up your bag with sequins or other embellishments. 


The beauty (and advantage) of wearing white in swimwear is that it's a fashionista's canvas. A trendy gold necklace works nicely, as does a wacky bracelet which just proves how a white swimsuit is a great versatile piece that lets you tell a story with your accessories.

Try going for pendants, chain or charm bracelets, bangles, and even tiny earrings made using vivid gemstones for a different style of pop of color. A body chain is a perfect item that gives a trendy and sensual touch to a pure white appearance.

There's a good chance you already have something beautiful in your clothes drawer. So take a close look and put a few to the test.


White bathing suits can 100% seem like a crazy beast to tackle at first but in reality, they give you a lot of freedom, will keep you cool, and are a super beautiful and flattering option you’d otherwise be missing out on! Take these tips and get shopping for your next, or first, white bathing suit and all the cute accessories you can style it with! Make the most of it by wearing it multiple different ways! 



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