How To Rock a One-Piece Swimsuit: A Style Guide

Heading to the beach can come with a lot of questions, just like “How do I wear a one-piece bathing suit?” If you’re finding yourself wanting to go with a one-piece on this next trip but you’re wondering exactly this, worry not! We’re here to help you out! We’re giving you our best tips and tricks on how you can become the queen of rocking your one-piece swimsuits. From building your confidence to tips for finding the perfect swimsuit for you and making it an amazing experience we’re covering it all.  

Love Your One Piece

Rocking your one-piece bathing suit is all about how you feel about it. Starting out with a swimsuit you love is a great way to have a killer look! There are so many options with different colors, patterns, and styles that you are bound to find the one you like the most and feel best in. 

For example, what better than our Tropea Breeze Multi-Strap Cross-Back One Piece to match a fun-filled day at the beach! Don’t be afraid to explore and try out multiple different options, maybe our Moonlit Silhouette Bandeau Mio is more your style, with its subdued color palette you’ll surely be feeling amazing! Trying pieces with different details, textures, and cuts is a great way to find the perfect bathing suit for you. 

Besides, it is an opportunity to have fun with what you wear and try something new. You might even find out you actually like those ruffles you always thought you couldn’t wear. With all the different lace-up and tie details you can find nowadays, there is a suit out there for everyone. It might take a bit of trial and error but it’s totally worth it to find the bathing suits you absolutely love and feel amazing in. 

A great bonus is that if you invest in good quality pieces, with quality materials, and take care of them properly they can last you a good couple of seasons, reducing the work of having to find new pieces every couple of years. At the same time, once you know what you like it’ll all become a lot easier. 

Make It an Outfit

Once you have your one-piece that you love take the time to create an outfit around it! Putting in a little extra effort into thinking about what you’ll be wearing with your swimsuit will make you feel more put together which can give you an extra confidence boost! Simply making your cover-up match your swimsuit is a great way to feel more confident if you don’t want to go for a full-fledged outfit. You can also have fun working your swimsuit into your outfit and wearing it as a top when coming and going from the beach! 

One-Piece Styling Ideas

To help you along with this process we’re giving your a couple of outfit ideas to get you started and provide some inspiration for the combos you can make! Add some accessories, like some waterproof jewelry, some cool sunnies, and a fun hat to tie everything together and you’ll be beach ready!  

Make Your Inner Dialogue Nicer 

A big part of wearing your one-piece with confidence, and being confident in general, comes from your inner dialogue and how you treat yourself. There are many things we tell ourselves that we would never tell our friends and family, so we really shouldn’t be saying them to ourselves either! 

Practicing having a nicer inner dialogue requires shifting your thinking every time you catch yourself thinking something that makes you feel self-confident, be it a reason not to wear a specific swimsuit or something else. Next time you realize that your first thought isn’t a great one go ahead and correct it with a positive one that makes you feel strong and confident in yourself! 

Build Up Your Self-Confidence

Building up your self-confidence is a great help in rocking a swimsuit. While it won’t happen overnight, taking the time to practice it and work on building it up is a way to get there. Take time to feel and work through the blocks you encounter while on your journey to building solid self-confidence. 

There are some things you can do that will help you instantly. Try standing up straight and smiling—just think about how good you look—and take a deep breath and drop your shoulders. Even though these are simple little things you’re doing they can already make an impact on how you carry yourself.

Shift Your Focus

Now that you’ve done everything else all that’s left is to enjoy your day at the beach! Remember to be present with those you are spending time with and to take in your surroundings. Order your favorite drink ( alcoholic or not) and have fun and laugh with your friends and family or simply enjoy your own company. Relaxing at the beach is also a great time to listen to podcasts or read books if you like, or take part in some beach sports like volleyball. Focus on having fun and enjoying your trip! 

What Else?

There are a couple of other tips and tricks you can implement to make the process of getting your one-piece easier, more fun, and lead you to find a suit you’re sure to rock.

Know Your Body Type

A great way to find a one-piece you’ll automatically rock is by choosing one that compliments your body type. Dressing for your body type is mostly about proportions so figuring out the shape you’re looking for is a good place to start. 

There are four body types that are common. These are named the apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle body shapes. Each type has specific characteristics that will help inform how you can dress to highlight and minimize any particular area you’d like to. Some general details that flatter most bodies are deep Vs and ruching in the torso area. You can also check out our guides for finding the best fit for your body type.

Make One-Piece Shopping Fun

There is this general idea that shopping for swimwear is a torturous experience, but it’s only what you make it! There are a lot of ways you can make it more fun. 

  • Order your swimsuits online! This will allow you to try them out in the comfort of your own home and give you more time to decide if you like them or not. You can shop our one-piece collection a get it delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Get a friend involved! Tell a friend to order at the same time and make it a fun try-on date. This way you’ll also get an external opinion on how things are looking.
  • Look for natural light! Trying your bathing suits in natural light is actually preferable since this will be the type of lighting you’ll mostly be in when wearing it. 
  • Try it out in the morning! We all become a little bloated during the day so try your suits on during the morning part of the day to get a more realistic idea of how your new one-pieces will fit.


Rocking your swimsuit really is all about the small details. From making sure it fits you well to feeling comfortable and confident in it those are basically the secrets to looking amazing on your trip. As cliché as it might be, it’s all already inside of you and you’ve got everything you need, )except maybe a new swimsuit)! 

Start preparing for your next swim trip now and you’ll be turning heads in no time. Remember to make the process a fun experience as well! It’s just as important that you enjoy the experience of getting your swimsuit and that you love it when you put it on. We’re sure that with these tips and a little practice you’ll have the best time and enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family, being present and having fun.


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