White Swimsuits: 4 Common Myths

If you're looking for a fresh, new beach look this summer, you're in the right place. Why not update your swimsuit collection with some stunning white swimwear?

We're here to inform you that you can wear a white swimming suit without feeling self-conscious about it. Choose your white swimsuit carefully, and it could be the best suit you've ever worn! Whether you like a white bikini or a white one-piece swimsuit, a white swimsuit is flattering on everyone.

Would you like to go shopping for a new white beach suit? Let us clear up some common misconceptions regarding white swimwear. If you’re not fully convinced, keep reading; we promise it'll be worth it!

White Swimsuits Are See-through

A popular misconception is that white bikinis display too much skin, resulting in a significant fashion faux pas. The truth is that not all swimsuits are made equal, and many white swimsuits are equally as durable as their black counterparts.

You won't have to worry about your bathing suit being see-through while wet if you choose a strong white or off-white one. Make sure the cloth is of good quality and not too thin before making a purchase.

Stretching the white bikini over your hand at the store to examine the thinness of the fabric is highly suggested. Check to see if the suit is correctly lined, as this ensures that a white bathing suit provides complete coverage.

You'll be confidently jumping in the pool or swimming in the ocean knowing that your white bikini or one-piece will not be see-through. A white swim cover-up offers an aura of modesty and style to anyone who desires more coverage.

woman on the beach in a white swimsuit

White Suits Stain Easily

It's understandable to anticipate that a completely white swimming suit will discolor quickly. After all, white fabric displays every smear and spill, and some bodies of water are dirtier than others.

A white swimsuit does not discolor or fade when made from high-quality fabrics. Your white bikini set or white one-piece can be securely exposed to the elements of the beach or chlorinated pool water.

You should always clean your suit according to our cleaning guidelines. If you follow these guidelines, you'll be able to wear your swimsuit for numerous summers or trips without issue.

White Swimsuits Don't Flatter the Figure

While some may not think so, wearing white can actually be a flattering color. The idea that it doesn't compliment your shape is a popular misconception.

It's more important to consider how the suit is made and how it complements your curves. A white swimsuit will exude elegance and grace.

White swimwear is available in a variety of styles. It's designed for women of various shapes and sizes. If you do try this white suit trend out, choose a white swimsuit in a style that emphasizes the portions of your body that you are most proud of.

Make sure the suit isn't too tight or too loose by paying close attention to the size chart. A too-tight outfit will make you appear larger (no matter what color the suit is).

Pay attention to aspects that may draw attention to your favorite body parts, as well as details that may draw attention to portions you want to hide.

Some swimsuits, for example, feature ruching, which is a fabric layering that helps cover certain portions of the body, particularly the tummy. However, it can also draw too much attention to itself, so you should experiment to determine what works best for you.

For example, our Island Goddess Multi-Strap Cross-Back One Piece is a super flattering piece that will definitely make you re-think how you look at a white bathing suit. The v-neckline adds a sensuous touch, and the multi-strap cross-back is a real show-stopper.

While it has fixed straps it has removable cups that provide coverage and support as needed, and shape-enhancing tummy control creates a sleek, toned appearance. Finally, the coverage in the back is moderate.

White Swimsuits Don't Complement My Complexion

It's natural that you'd like your swimwear to match your skin tone. The common assumption is that white swimming suits make all skin tones appear pale, which just isn't true.

Whether you're dark-skinned or fair-skinned, white swimsuits can complement your skin tone. A pure white bikini will contrast brilliantly against your skin if you have a dark complexion and can enhance the beauty of your skin if you have a fair complexion.

Woman in a white swimsuit

White Swimsuit Suggestions

Besides our showstopping Island Goddess Multi-Strap Cross-Back One Piece, we have other white bathing suits you’ll probably want to check out!

First on the list is the Linea Costa Lace Back One Shoulder One Piece. With built-in tummy control and asymmetrical panels, this eye-catching one-piece suit quickly slims and smooths. The crisscrossing adjustable straps that link through grommets tie in the back of the flirtatious one-shoulder style.

Another great but minimal option is our Island Goddess Lingerie One Piece. This lingerie one-piece swimsuit is perfect for a day at the beach. Featuring a delicate and elegant shape, and exuding a simple, feminine elegance. The piece may also be customized to fit you thanks to adjustable straps and removable cups. Its smooth, delicate look is completed with slimming fabric and moderate coverage in the back.

For a more romantic and flirty option, you can go with our Island Goddess Off Shoulder Ruffle One Piece. This suit will help you forget all about your concerns with its off-the-shoulder ruffle. Lounge in the sun knowing that it not only flatters your neckline, but the ruffle trim also adds a cute and playful element to this outfit. It has removable cups that provide for a more personalized fit while slimming fabric smooths out your figure. Coverage in the back is moderate.

For a two-piece option that looks like a one-piece, opt for our Island Goddess One Shoulder Keyhole Tankini Top paired with the Island Goddess Shirred Band Hipster Bottom. The one-shoulder tankini swim top has a shirred shaping fit that hugs your curves and showcases your figure while keeping you comfortable.

It also features a flirtatious off-shoulder keyhole design which is supported by adjustable straps and replaceable cups. The hipster bottom has an eye-catching ruched band that adds to your comfort and instantly smooth and trims. The hipster cut flatters your body in front while providing subtle back coverage that doesn't hide your curves.

White Swimsuit Goes With Everything

A white one-piece is also the ideal canvas for putting together an outfit and accessorizing. The neutrality that the white provides gives you a lot of directions to head in when adding extra touches. You can either keep it simple with a hefty gold bracelet or wear a fun charm necklace and let your gems sparkle against your swimsuit when you take a swim. If you really want some glitz, try a pair of easy gold hoops, or boldly colored lucite hoops for a pop. You'll see that anything you add will match your suit with no issues!

If that isn't enough to persuade you, think about the flexibility of a two-for-one item. When you need it, the one-piece swimming suit can also be used as a bodysuit. You can make an ensemble simply by throwing on some cutoffs and a chambray top, or, if you're going right to cocktail hour, you'll have a great outfit with the addition of a breezy midi skirt and sandals. Consider this the key to looking stylish throughout the periods when the temperature rises above 80 degrees.


As you can see, we've addressed all these myths and hopefully, now you're ready to give white bikinis a try. We know it can be a little out of the normal comfort zone, especially if you’re partial to dark colors, but we promise you won’t regret it!

Shop our amazing white one-pieces and bikini tops and bottoms on the La Blanca website for amazing quality suits that will keep you stylish and confident all summer long!


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