Why Quality Swimwear Is Worth the Investment

Has your bathing suit stitching ever ripped, or has the color in your bikini faded after a summer? There’s a reason for that. You’re probably not wearing items from a high-quality swimwear collectionThere’s a huge difference between high-quality and low-quality bathing suits, and if you’ve never purchased a high-quality bathing suit before, welcome to the club! Your bathing suit can now last a lifetime.

The Difference Between High and Low-Quality Swimwear

From one-piece suits and one-shoulder tops to bikini tops with swim shorts, high-quality swimwear is always worth the investment. Whether you’re in your beachwear 10 days out of the year or 365, having a quality bathing suit is important for relaxed days of salty hair and the smell of chlorine. There are several differences between high-quality and low-quality swimwear that you will notice. For starters, you won’t experience wear and tear with a high-quality suit. The chances that your bathing suit will ever rip or tear are low, which is important! 

You want a bathing suit that can last you years, not one that only stays stitched together for the first couple of months. Take this into consideration when picking out your next beach or cruise suits! 

How It Fits

Another way you can tell you’re wearing a high-quality bathing suit is the fit. You can feel a major difference in the way your swimwear fits when you shop for high-quality suits. How does your bikini bottom fit your lower half? How much coverage and sun protection do you get? 

Cheap suits are mass-produced and there is no sense of customization within sizes. There is a one-size-fits-all mentality here, no accommodations for pear-shaped bodies, long torsos, or larger busts. On the other hand, high-end suits are created for several body types, including curves, narrow hips, larger chests, and long and short torsos. 

If you’re aware that you need a specific suit because you don’t have a one-size-fits-all body, then a high-quality bathing suit is the right look for you. 

You want your bathing suit to fit and support your body. Whether it’s underwire support for your chest or band support on your hips, you want to make sure that your bathing suit fits your figure. 

With a low-quality suit, you’re not going to find a fit that feels as comfortable and catered to you. Have you ever tried on a bathing suit top – or even bras, for that matter – and the straps are too loose for your figure? Or maybe you’ve purchased bathing suit bottoms that are entirely too loose on your hips but tight on your butt? That’s a sign of a cheap bathing suit. With high-end swimwear, your figure is catered to and you don’t have to think twice about your bathing suit falling too low or not supporting your chest. 

It’s honestly annoying to order a bunch of bathing suits, have none of them fit you right, and then feel like your body is the reason they don’t fit. This isn’t true! 

If bathing suits don’t fit you, it’s most likely the company’s fault that they’re unable to cater to your figure. There should always be sizes available to all shapes and body types, especially when it comes to bathing suits. Your body is beautiful and you should never feel like you are the reason a bathing suit doesn’t fit. 

There are several other factors that set high-quality bathing suits apart from cheap swimwear, and you need to know them before you purchase your next one-piece or tankini. 


You’re not going to find support from cheap swimwear. The materials and stitching that are used to make high-end swimwear are made to hold your figure in place, with no worry of slips or sagging. 

You want to feel supported as you jump into a pool, walk by the ocean, or go to a pool party with your colleagues. The truth is, you’ll feel a sense of freedom in a supportive bathing suit, especially if you’re around work friends or family members. 

You want to make sure that you’re wearing a suit that is appropriate and comfortable for these kinds of outings. 

When you’re wearing cheap swimwear, a strap may pop off on your top, you could experience rips in your bathing suit bottoms, and you can even find that your swimwear won’t hold its shape. Why purchase a bathing suit that you’re stressing in? 

You’re supposed to relax and enjoy your time when you’re at the beach- not worry about your bathing suit losing its shape or threading out from a seam. You deserve a bathing suit that is supportive of your body and of your playful nature! 

If you want to kick a soccer ball with your kid or run along the beach with your dog, your bathing suit should support that. 


Don’t you want to own a bathing suit that lasts you years that you can call your favorite? 

Depending on how you take care of your swimwear, you can keep a bathing suit in your collection for summer after summer after summer. 

High-quality bathing suits are made of high-end materials which allow you to be active in your bathing suit, wear it for years, and travel across the world swimming from sea to sea without worry. 

Heading on a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise? You can bring your bathing suit along without any thought of it fading in the hot Italian sun. In a high-quality bathing suit, you no longer have to be concerned about your top or bottom getting salt spots and fading for good. 

Sometimes, the oils from sunscreens can stain your swimwear too; however, high-quality pieces are made to deflect the oils from sunscreens and keep your bathing suit squeaky clean!


In terms of style, a high-quality bathing suit will always be made in a style that is relevant and supportive of your figure. Cheap swimwear tends to be styled in a very standard fashion that doesn’t flatter everyone's body. High-end swimwear companies are aware of fashion trends and how bathing suits are supposed to fit, and therefore their bathing suits are created in styles that are flattering and form-fitting. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from, including solid color suits and tops with graphic prints.

The one-pieces, tankinis, and bikinis at La Blanca are incredibly stylish and up to date with fashion trends. This is the difference that you’re going to find with high-quality swimwear: styles that matter and fits that are flattering for your figure. 

Looks Designed for You

If you feel like the bathing suit you’re wearing was designed for someone else's body, then you’re shopping at the wrong store. There are plenty of companies that still don’t understand that saying one-size-fits-all is not acceptable. There are so many reasons why that is not okay, but mainly, the ‘one size fits all’ rule creates a standard for what bodies are allowed to be seen in their bathing suits. 

Hey, guess what — this standard is actually impossible to fill. One size never fits all. Everyone has a different body type

High-Quality With No Confusion

At La Blanca, we create bathing suits that are meant to compliment any figure. For longevity and a fit that is designed for you, our bathing suits are worry-free, guaranteed. No more, “Is my bathing suit top going to fall down when I swim in the ocean?” or “Why can’t my hips fit into these bottoms?” 

Just make sure that you aren’t paying too much for a high-quality swimsuit. Sometimes high-quality swimwear can be priced beyond $300 for a top and bottom and at that point, you’re spending too much. There is a middle ground where you can find what you need for less than $200.   

When you purchase high-quality swimwear, you’re shopping for your figure but also for the right headspace. High-quality swimwear means a worry-free beach day and poolside memories that don’t consist of loose stitching and sunscreen staining. Don’t fall into the ‘10 bathing suits for $20 deal’ with other companies. 

Sales like this usually indicate fast fashion that is terrible for the environment and entirely cheap material that will fall apart. Help preserve your summer happiness and the earth, with bathing suits that last longer and are made for you. 


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