8 Different Ways To Wear a Bikini Top: Style Guide

We can all agree that since the invention of the bikini the world hasn’t looked back. While there was some difficulty introducing it in the beginning, it has generally made its way in almost everyone's wardrobes nowadays. Although there are intended ways of wearing your bikini tops that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up and wear them another way. With the variety of styles nowadays, there are multiple different options to rock.

This versatility makes the bikini even more of a long-lasting basic piece in your wardrobe and adds to the benefit of investing in good-quality tops to guarantee the longevity of your pieces and the sustainability of your purchases. We’re going over your staple bikini tops you can’t go without and how you can spice things up by styling them in different ways. 

Triangle Bikinis

Starting off with a classic, the triangle bikini is a staple swimsuit top in anyone's wardrobe. Flattering to all body types and with multiple possible ways to wear it’s no surprise it is such a favorite. 

The adjustable straps allow it to be worn in its traditional form as a halter, as a bandeau, you can make it have shoulder straps by tying the neck strings to the back string, or you can make it crisscrossed in the front. Generally, it is also possible to customize the coverage it gives making it the perfect piece for those that are looking for a highly personalized option. 

Both the Eclectic Shore Halter Triangle Top and the Mediterranean Breeze Halter Triangle Top are great triangle bikini options. With different features and details, the former gives you the flexibility we mentioned of adjusting the level of coverage, and the latter features a supportive band under the bust that is sure to keep you comfy all day. 

Style these with their matching bottoms (the Eclectic Shore Side Tie Hipster Bottom and the Mediterranean Breeze High Waist Bottom) for coordinated looks. Throw on a cool shirt dress with some stylish beach sandals and you’ll be good to head out the door.

Upside Down Bikinis

A new fun way of wearing your bikinis is simply flipping them upside down. You can quickly reimagine your tried and true swimwear tops by using this trick! The string-style bikinis are some of the best for this style tip since they can be tied in the front, in the back, as a halter, or as a bandeau top. 

The Apulia Mix Reversible Halter Triangle Top and the Island Goddess Halter Triangle Top are two great options for trying out this trend! With an array of fun colors and prints, you’re sure to find a great option for you that you can experiment with and try out different ways of styling. 

Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau tops are another versatile option you can go for. Their minimal shape gives you a flirty and easy top that showcases your decollete nicely. With different styles on offer, such as a simple straight-across rectangular piece or an underwired style, this type of bikini top still allows you to opt for your favorite shape without the straps. 

This lack of straps is another positive aspect of bandeau bikini tops since they allow you to tan evenly without strap tan lines, but if you do enjoy having the added support at times there are a lot of options where the straps are removable.

Two bandeau bikini tops that feature removable straps are our Eclectic Shore Bandeau Bikini Top and our Island Goddess Knot Twist Bandeau Top. With the possibility of adding or removing straps on the bikini top, you have a versatile piece that can either be great for mark-free tanning or a simple bikini top with added strap support. It’s a classic top style that allows for carefree lounging. It's perfect to switch up how you wear it. 

Scoop Neck Bikinis

The scoop neck style is the perfect option for those that want to show a little bit of skin but keep enough coverage on the top. Fashionable straps and other additional details alter the functional structure of this cut. This is also a supportive option for any chest size and is ideal for active beach days.

Our Belle Fiore Shirred Strap Cross Back and our In The Tropics Reversible Bralette Top are two great examples of this flattering style! Their crossed straps back and the under the bust support are sure to have you feeling comfortable and secure the whole day. The fact that the latter is reversible also allows for another option for a different look. 

Pair them with Island Goddess Shirred Band Hipster Bottom or with Island Goddess Side Tie Hipster Bottom and you’re guaranteed to be feeling confident on your next beach day trip! 

Styling Your Bikinis

If you’re looking to extend the utility of your bikinis even further, try wearing them with your day-to-day clothes! While this might seem like a strange idea at first it can actually be a really cute and comfortable way of rocking your swimwear all year round. To get you started we’ve put together a couple of looks to get you through each season. 


Spring Look #1: For a warm spring day wear your Belle Fiore Shirred Strap Cross Back under a sheer white blouse. Pair that with a high-waisted skirt. Throw a jacket on top and go for some sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a cute spring outfit with a fun pop of print with your bikini top!

Spring Look #2: Another cute spring look is pairing your bikini top with some flowy shorts. Take our On The Spot Reversible Wrap Front Crop Top in either the solid or the printed version and style it as a crop top! Add a cute jean jacket on top and you’ve got a perfect spring day outfit.


Summer Look #1: For summer go with our colorful Island Goddess Halter Triangle Top with some fun colorful loose leg trousers. Wear a relaxed linen shirt on top and you have yourself a bright summer look. Add some sandals if you’re heading to the beach or some wedges if going out to dinner. 

Summer Look #2: A second way of styling your bikini top for summer is wearing it with a pareo wrap skirt. For example, our Moonlit Silhouette Pareo Wrap with a longer bikini top will give you a flirty summer look. The versatility of how you can style the pareo wrap lets you customize it to your liking. A great top to style this with would be the Island Goddess High Neck Midkini Top in black.


Fall Look #1: For a fall look, wear our In The Tropics Reversible Bralette Top in the reversed version. Pair it with a thin turtleneck and a pair of jeans. Finish the look with a cozy cardigan, your favorite pair of boots, and a crossbody bag.

Fall Look #2: Our Island Goddess High Neck Midkini Top in cinnamon would also work perfectly for a cute fall dinner outfit. Pair it with some brown high-waisted corduroy trousers and some heeled suede boots. Add a long-line chunky cardigan to keep you warm and some gold jewelry to give the look a pop! Finish it off with a clutch and you’re ready for your night out. 


Winter Look #1: For winter opt for our Island Goddess Knot Twist Bandeau Top with an oversized white shirt. Add a pair of leather trousers and a warm blazer on top and you’re ready. If it’s extra cold, layer another warm jacket on top and wear some warm boots as well. 

Winter Look #2: There’s nothing better than lounging at home during the winter, and wearing your bikini tip as a bralette can be a super comfy option. Take our Linea Costa Bandeau Midkini Top, for example. This midkini top is an easy sub for a tank top that will have you looking stylish at the beach and at home! Wear it with our Beach Cozy Palazzo Pant and throw on a cozy zip-up and you’re ready to lounge in all day. 

Bikini Tops All Year Long 

As you can see there are plenty of different ways you can rock your bikini tops. Take your swimsuit fashion up a level by trying some of these different ways to wear a bikini top, whether you're adopting a new trend like the upside-down bikini top or sticking to a tried-and-true favorite. You can create a variety of looks with a single swimsuit, making it feel unique and fresh each time you wear it. 


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