Bandeau Swimsuits: Why We Love Them

Most of us have multiple classic styles of bikini tops and one-pieces in our swimwear collection. Even though these can be super flattering and give you the perfect summer look, there are plenty of reasons you should think about adding a bandeau swimsuit to your summer closet. 

As always, there are tons of bandeau colors, shapes, patterns, and fabrics to flatter any body type and make you feel fabulous. Some pieces even have thin removable straps that you can choose to wear for extra support.

While you’ve probably come across this style before — and maybe even owned one — you can never have too many of this popular bathing suit top. So, if you’re still doubting whether or not to add one to your collection, here are a few reasons why you should consider bandeaus for your next beach day.

It Prevents Upper Body Tan Lines

Bandeaus are strapless, so you can get a tan without any unwanted lines on your shoulders. This means you’ll be able to wear tank tops and different strap styles throughout the summer, sans tan lines. You’ll be drawing all the attention to your summer glow! 

It’s true that this style might not offer all the support you need for a more vigorous swimming trip, but it is perfect for a relaxing day enjoying the sun. Even if your summers are super active, there are certainly bound to be a couple of chilly days during the hotter seasons. 

If your strapless piece has optional straps, these can generally be taken off when relaxing and added back on for any activity, giving you flexibility while still minimizing your tan lines. 

It Doubles as a Strapless Bra

Plenty of people love the laid-back nature of the warmer months, where you can start your morning at the beach or pool and just enjoy wherever your day may take you. 

The spontaneous nature of summer can definitely lead you on some adventures you weren’t expecting. This means you can easily find yourself in a situation you’re not prepared for if there’s a sudden change in plans. Having a bandeau bikini top is perfect for these moments since it can easily be used as a strapless bra, allowing you to follow wherever the day takes you simply by throwing something over it. 

The bandeau’s many uses also mean you can smoothly go from beachwear to eveningwear in a matter of seconds. Even if you spend the whole day at the beach, this bikini style will have you ready to party the night away with no stress at all. 

It Can Accentuate Your Bust

The bandeau bathing suit style is available both in bikini form and as a one-piece, so there’s really something for everyone. 

While people with larger chests may want to look for styles with some added support and comfort, there’s a flattering bandeau out there for all body types and styles.

Those of us that don’t have as much in the bust area will love this piece, too, since it draws attention to the chest and provides a super flattering look.

At the end of the day, the right swimsuit for you can offer you the comfort and confidence boost you deserve. These stylish pieces can help you give off the confidence you need to make your summer the best it can be! 

It’s Fashion-Forward and Fun

The bandeau style has been around for multiple years and has always been in fashion because it’s so flattering on so many body types. That being said, they generally haven’t had the same popularity as other classic bikini tops and one-pieces.

If you go to a crowded beach or pool, you'll notice a lot of ladies in one-piece suits and bikinis, but considerably fewer in bandeau suits. They are a popular option that isn't overly popular, making them an excellent choice if you want your style to stand out.

Strapless bathing suits are fun and bold and are available in a wide variety of styles. This means you'll be able to pick one that looks stunning and gives ultimate comfort during the day, and as an extra benefit, it'll capture everyone's attention.

The bandeau bathing suit is essential in the swimwear collection of women who desire a particular fashion-forward style.

It’s Perfect for Clever Packing

The versatility of the bandeau is also great when it comes to packing. Since it can be worn under a strapless dress or as a strapless bra, you’ll have fewer things to pack! You can also wear it as part of a relaxed beachy look by pairing it with a flowy skirt and an open beach shirt on top for an easy and comfortable look. 


Hopefully, by now we’ve managed to convince you that getting a bandeau swimsuit can only add to your collection and to your life. A bandeau bikini will 100% add a breath of fresh air to your swimwear collection and give you so many new swimsuit combo options. 

From the beach to a night out on the town, or simply to the beach bar for a snack, a bandeau-style swimsuit will be your best friend this summer and carry you through any of these moments! 

All you need to do now is find the perfect style for you. From cut, color, and pattern there’s an array of options out there for you to check out! 

Of course, on the La Blanca website, you can explore all the bandeau pieces we have available. Order them and try them on at home without any risk when you enjoy complimentary shipping and returns on all orders over $79. 


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