Beach Capsule Wardrobe: 6 Must-Have Pieces

No matter the season, it’s always a wise idea to think about your vacation outfits ahead of time. While it might be the middle of the winter where you are now, the beach will be sunny and warm — hopefully. (Always remember to check the weather before you get started!)

Whether you’re jetting off on a moment’s notice or taking a long-planned dream vacation, getting ready for your vacation might be daunting. If you're going on vacation for a week, you'll want to have a rotation of ready-to-wear clothes on hand without overburdening your suitcase.

For your next beach getaway, invest in a capsule wardrobe to look stylish with no effort. You'll be able to focus your efforts on relaxing and having fun throughout your break. Once you learn these simple hacks for curating a capsule wardrobe, you’ll be packing like a pro in no time.

Intrigued? Continue reading to find out how to make the beach capsule wardrobe of your dreams.

What Is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small wardrobe that has been thoughtfully picked to create complementary outfits without requiring much work. It's a useful approach when planning ahead for events with numerous outfit changes, such as vacations, seasonal changes, and even business trips.

A well-kept compact wardrobe has everything you need to look stylish wherever the night takes you. Since the pieces can be combined and coordinated easily, it’s also an easy way to pack light for trips of any length.

For example, you could go shopping for denim jeans, neutral-colored tees, and other basic pieces to complete your capsule wardrobe for a more general occasion. Of course, there are specific needs to consider when your vacation includes ample time by the beach.

Here are some style suggestions to consider for a more beach-ready look.

What Key Pieces Do You Need for a Beach Capsule Wardrobe?

There are a few necessities that can guarantee a chic, put-together wardrobe ready for any beach activity. With a couple of classic swimsuits to wear over and over, a quintessential straw hat to keep you cool, and some stylish accessories, you’ll be all set. 

Below, we’ve listed the six must-have pieces to include in your bag:

How Do You Curate a Capsule Wardrobe for a Beach Vacation?

A capsule wardrobe is a fashionista’s secret weapon for complementary, chic, and comfortable outfits that she can throw on (or throw into a suitcase) at a moment’s notice. Once you see just how simple a capsule wardrobe is, you’ll want to use these packing techniques for every trip you take.

Of course, you can’t just throw any old thing in your suitcase and call it a capsule — check out our tips and tricks on how to curate the beach-ready capsule wardrobe of your dreams.

Check Out What’s on Trend

While timeless classics are always a smart choice, it doesn't hurt to add some seasonally-appropriate pieces to your wardrobe.

Consider these up-to-date beachy trends:

  • Bold colors for bikinis, belted swimsuits, hardware accents, and underwire pieces;
  • Long, flowing skirts worn with crop tops;
  • Knitted bucket hats.

While your tops and bottoms can be darker shades, stick to lighter footwear. Shoes in cream or beige will complement your outfit's color scheme and create a calm, collected appearance.

You might not need closed-toe shoes as you're heading to the beach. Instead, opt for sandals or other open footwear.

Look at the Weather Forecast

As we mentioned before, another wise idea before you pack your bags is to check the weather forecast. This will help you plan for rain or shine and allow you to pack crucial pieces ahead of time.

If it appears that the weather will be largely sunny, bring at least one pair of decent sunglasses and some sunscreen.

Colder weather, on the other hand, requires a light jacket to provide additional warmth (and layers!) to your outfit. If rain is in the forecast, bring an umbrella that is both functional and fashionable.

Pick Your Color Palette Wisely

Let's get this ball rolling. What are your clothing needs for a beach vacation?

Start with a cool or muted color palette as your foundation. This will go well with any bright accessories or clothing you're planning on bringing along.

Navy blue or black tees with white slacks and sandals are some other tried-and-true combinations.

The idea is to appear relaxed without blending into the background. This means sticking to simple components and letting the accessories do the talking when packing your essentials.

Choose Versatile, Easy-to-Style Clothes

Since you won't be carrying a lot of clothes with you, you'll have to rely on your ability to mix and match good outfits as you rotate specific adaptable pieces.

To ensure that you always look put together, we have a classic capsule trick: Bring clothes that can be styled in a variety of ways. 

This will provide unexpected new flavors to your style every time you wear your capsule pieces, and it won't take much work. It's a fantastic method to put your fashion sense to the test.

For example, you could use a light coverup that allows you to wrap around your arms and shoulders, tie a belt around your waist, or simply drape over your body while you walk around the beach. 

Wearing this adaptable wrap in three or more different ways will give you a completely different look each time you take it out on the town.

Accessories Matter

You can't bring everything in your closet with you on vacation while you're putting together a capsule wardrobe. Several reasons — such as luggage space, bulkiness, or simply not wanting to carry that much with you — make over-packing a big No.

As a result, you'll need to be selective about the accessories you choose to match your outfit.

In this situation, select a minimal number of accessories that can be worn with any ensemble. For example, dainty gold necklaces can be worn with a casual top and shorts as well as an evening dress.

To help your accessories match as many of your outfits as possible, go for a few multipurpose pieces, just like you would with shirts and bottoms. This way, you'll make sure you're not going overboard. 

Pack Some Important Extras

You may always include some essential pieces to go with your outfit or to match certain circumstances, no matter how small your capsule wardrobe is.

You could, for example, bring:

  • Extra swimwear (you'll be at the beach, after all!);
  • A dress for a nighttime outing;
  • A summer dress;
  • Accessories with bright colors to add a splash of brightness every now and again;
  • If you're heading out to dinner or visiting somewhere other than the beach, you might want to pack a small but useful leather purse to hold your cash, cards, and other valuables.

These items are more of a part of your essentials for those "just in case" moments, rather than additional luggage. You can manage to bring a few exceptional pieces if you've scaled back your wardrobe to the fundamentals.

Final Thoughts for Your Capsule Wardrobe

Now that you have a better idea of what your beach vacation capsule wardrobe will have, it's time to consider these final tips:

  • Unless it's a dress or a flowing skirt, avoid lengthier clothing;
  • Stick to short, breathable pieces like cotton shorts, which are fantastic for moving around and pair well with any top:
  • Always choose the most comfortable footwear, such as espadrille sandals that are ideal for walking. We know you want to look fashionable, but you're still on vacation — remember, comfort is key.

You'll discover that putting together the perfect beach look isn't difficult, but it does require a little advance planning. What’s important is how you prioritize your preferences, optimize your options, and make the most of your capsule wardrobe at the end of the day.


With all this in mind, you’re probably ready to go shopping for some fresh looks to add to your capsule wardrobe. Pop on over to our website to explore all the stylish and trendy pieces we have available to help find your perfect beachy capsule collection. 

Try your new bikinis, dresses, and more on at home without risk thanks to our complimentary shipping and free returns on orders over $79. 


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